Laurene Powell Jobs Carries On After Death of Husband

When Steve Jobs passed away in October 2011, he left a huge void in the IT industry as well as in the lives of his family. He was the founder and former-CEO of Apple, and under his guidance, Apple effectively transformed the technology and personal computing industry for the last few decades. From the evolution of the personal computer to innovations in laptops, tablets, smartphones and other technological devices, Apple is among the leading technology companies in the world. Without the innovations it provided, lives would simply not be the same as they are today. A considerable amount of Apple’s success can be attributed to Steve Jobs himself. While Steve Jobs left behind a huge legacy at Apple, he also left a wife and three children.

During his living years, Steve Jobs was notably one of the richest men in the world. He regularly ranked in the Forbes top 400 richest men. In addition to his ownership in Apple, he also was a leading shareholder in Disney. He set up trusts for his assets, and the assets passed on to his wife, Laurene, upon his passing. Today, Laurene is a leading individual shareholder in Disney, retains shares in Apple and is ranked as the 13th wealthiest woman in the world.

Before her husband passed away, Laurene Powell Jobs was focused on working for political and social causes that she was passionate about. She established College Track, which is an organization that is dedicated to helping less privileged high school students prepare for their college years. She also established the Emerson Collective, which is an advocacy group that focuses on immigration reform, environmental causes, educational issues and other issues. The Emerson Collective was established as an LLC so that her own financial contributions to the company would remain anonymous. In this way, she is focused on publicly giving her time and energy toward these causes while also making anonymous cash donations.

While the Jobs family has actively worked toward to promote a better world in their own highly publicized ways, this is nonetheless a family that is mourning the loss of the patriarch. In her first interview after her husband’s passing, Laurene Powell Jobs stated that she and her children continue to miss Steve Jobs on a daily basis. While he may have grown to be among the most famous CEOs and IT professionals in recent times, to Laurene and her children, he will be remembered as a husband and a father.

It is always a newsworthy event when a CEO of a top company passes away, but Steve Jobs’ passing was felt far and wide. News of his passing was mentioned at dinner tables across the country, and this is a testament to the profound impact he had on society for many decades of his career. While he will continue to be missed at Apple and by fans of Apple products, he also will continue to be missed by those who were nearest and dearest to him.

John Ostrander Talks About The Suicide Squad Film

Suicide Squad is shaping up to be a very highly anticipated film. The project is a very ambitious release from the D.C. Comics studios because it is, how shall we say, villain-centric.

John Ostrander is the creative genius who came up with the concept of the Suicide Squad. The world of comics certainly appreciated his contribution. His creative brilliance crafted the notion of a “Dirty Dozen with super-villains” and this was a very original theme for the D.C. Comics line. The film based on the original work should really set itself apart from other comic book movies.

Ostrander is now speaking out a bit on the subject of the movie.

Creators and writers of comic books that are adapted into motion pictures do not always discuss the cinema adaptions of their material. Generally, it is bad form to try and interject oneself into someone else’s related project. Sam Tabar is one person who feels that way. That said, it never hurts to hear insightful words from a truly brilliant writer or artist who has nice things to say about the transition from book to screen.

Ostrander has been quick to point out here is thrilled with D.C.’s decision to hire an A-list cast for the film as this shows the studio is taking the project serious and is not just planning a throwaway film for the summer. The casting of Oscar winner Jared Leto is a perfect example of how a studio wants to convey to audiences that a film is a big deal.

Look for the big budget Suicide Squad project to land in theaters in the summer of 2016. Ostrander is hoping that someone from the studio gives him a call for a cameo.

Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Call It Quits, Again!

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran have been dating for many years, on and off, and just days ago, they finally called it quits for good. Although the break up rumors have plagued the couple over the years, this one is for real. Chris Brown Breakup. Troubles have plagued the singer since his days with Rihanna, and things got worse when Rihanna and Chris reunited as a couple, while he was still dating Karrueche Tran.

Many feel that Tran suffers from self-esteem issues, and unfairly allows Chris to treat her any way he feels, while he goes back and forth between Rihanna and Tran. No one knows at Amen Clinic what the final straw was to break up the couple, but Chris Brown came out and stated he was single at a recent concert he performed at. Chris also publicly stated a swear word, and called Tran a “witch,” but actually the version of the word that starts with the letter “B.” Many do not like how Chris would publicly put down Tran, when he has so many indiscretions of his own.

Tran has come out through social media stating that she left him. Just days ago Tran was spotted out with Christina Millian in public, and they were supposed to be double dating, now it seems as if the relationship with Chris is truly over.

007 To fight Spectre in Latest Movie

The success of Skyfall has led to director Sam Mendes returning to the latest movie based on the iconic character created by Ian Fleming, James Bond 24 has been given the official title of Spectre. After recently ending a legal battle over the Spectre name, the underworld organization headed by Bond’s nemesis Blofeld will return in the movie to be released in 2015, the BBC reports.

A series of characters will return from the successful Skyfall movie that was seen as something of a relaunch of the Bond franchise. Sam Tabar is one fan happy to hear this news. Daniel Craig will play the iconic spy for the fourth time and will be joined by two new actresses, Lea Seydoux and Monica Bellucci, who at 50 will become the oldest Bond girl to date. The biggest draw for Bond fans and greatest mystery of Spectre revolves around double Oscar winner Christopher Waltz.  However, many fans and Internet rumor Sites have reported the Django Unchained actor will actually be playing the role of Bond’s white cat holding nemesis, Blofeld.


Madonna is one of the most famous women in the world. Love her or hate her, you can’t not ignore her. Well now she has done it again. She is doing it with Versace. Madonna is no stranger to the house of Versace. She has been a family friend for a very long time. even going back to Johnny. Your text to link…

Lady Gaga was the new face, up until now. Exit Lady Gaga, enter Madonna. Madonna is back as being the face for Spring 2015. Which is good, because no one does it better than her. Madonna worked recently with a photographer and the pictures are great.

With Madonna though, there is always controversy. With some of the new pictures, they are causing an uproar.  Anyone who knows Madonna’s history knows that she has done this before. Madonna is all about controversy. Madonna has been controversial sense day one. That has been her stock and trade, aside from her talent. The Society of Fine Arts at Occidental College argue that with controversy often comes a powerful message and nothing could be more true of this music icon.

Versace is the exact same way. Controversial, but with a message. Which is why Madonna is the only one who can represent them in the right fashion.

Tom Rothman: Fate Delivered Him to Hollywood, He Built the Legacy

Hollywood is famous for making all things marketed through Tinsel Town appear magical and hopeful, destined to be spotlighted on the big screen, just as stars are said to be “born.” But, anyone involved in filmmaking knows how cutthroat the business behind film can be and just how difficult it is to make it to the “big time” in the highly competitive field of movie production. Very few individuals become known as superstars behind the scenes, as revolving doors tend to keep executives coming and going. A few – such as Cecil B. DeMille and Darryl Zanuck – make it to the top and endure there, while others are shifted from studio to studio and eventually off the lots, altogether.

One business superstar trailing not far behind the legends of DeMille and Zanuck, but perhaps lesser known outside of Los Angeles, is Tom Rothman. Called “The Blockbuster” by Columbia Law School Magazine, Rothman did not set off on a charted course for Hollywood heroism. His proverbial career ship just kind of landed there.  Perhaps it is not intent and sheer determination that keep Rothman on top in this very challenging place. Maybe it is luck and waves of Fate that help the former schoolteacher, lacrosse player, varsity soccer coach, law clerk and attorney maintain his status as “power player” for major movie brands. Yes, maybe he was born to be a star.

For the first ten years of his career post-graduation from Brown University, Thomas held varied positions on his path from teacher to attorney. Six years after graduating from Columbia Law School and while a partner at a law firm in New York in 1986, he was offered a role as producer at Columbia Pictures. The 32 year old lawyer decided he should seize the moment and give Hollywood a try.

Only a year after hitting Tinsel Town, Rothman was Executive Vice President of Columbia Pictures. In 1989, he became President of Worldwide Production for Samuel Goldwyn Company. In 1994, Thomas landed at Fox Filmed Entertainment, where he remained and climbed the corporate ladder to the top for the next 18 years. From 2000 to 2012, he was at the very pinnacle of that ladder, as Chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment, which includes 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Blue Sky Animation, and Twentieth Century Fox Television. Far from being finished with the dazzling lights and sound stages of the world’s moving picture capitol, Tom Rothman was named Chairman of TriStar Productions in a joint venture with Sony Pictures in early 2013.

What the future holds for Tom Rothman at TriStar remains to be seen. What can be derived from his story of success is that, while some plan their careers from childhood, others are just destined to be on a certain path. It seems, that no matter which direction Rothman pursued earlier in his career, Hollywood was his eventual fate. What he has done to ensure success within that fate is almost unprecedented. He has seized opportunities as they have arisen, achieved accolades for his performance and continues to build his behind-the-scenes legacy, to this day.

According to IndieWire, one of Rothman’s next projects is a film with Meryl Streep and Robert Zemeckis behind the camera. This will be an interesting project and will help to us know what’s in store.

Drake May Be Adding to OVO Roster

As tension heats up with the Lil Wayne departure from Cash Money, there appears to be another cash money artist that is making moves. It is rumored that King Louie may be signed by Drake’s OVO label.

Right now there are only some tattoos that King Louie showed off that may lead to signs of this possible connection. The “6 God” tattoo – that is also a Drake song – is now permanently embedded in King Louie’s skin so this may be one sign. There is also an OVO tattoo that may be another. If he is not part of the label he is at least a very die hard Drake fan. Brian Torchin believes that something is definitely up.

It has been tweeted by both Tyga and Lil Wayne that there albums have been pushed back. Right now Drake is a major breadwinner for the Cash Money label, but he is slowing building his own roster. King Louie may be a part of it, but no one knows right now. At the moment Drake is trying to promote his cousin P.Reign. Drake directed the “DNF” video for P. Reign and he is also featured on this song. King Louie is best known for his work with Kanye West on “Yeezus.”

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