Japanese Man Celebrates 112 Years on Earth

It is rare that a human being celebrates 112 birthdays in their lifetime. A Japanese man just recently did so, and he is not just living, he is thriving. Sakari Momoi is the birthday boy who was brought into the world on February 5, 1903. He is not the oldest living human being, but that should not take away from his amazing accomplishment.

Many world events have taken place in the world since his birth. The invention of the zipper, the electric drill and the slinky are some of the inventions brought about since his birth. He has seen such medical advancements as the pacemaker and the dialysis machine come to fruition.
As Lambranho put it, the history that this man has witnessed is more than most people can imagine. As for him, he prefers to sit down and read good poetry. His extraordinary age is an inspiration to those who might wonder how he managed to survive for so many years.

Financial Services Professional Keith Mann

Keith Mann is a well-respected figure in the world of investment. He’s a New York City-based investment banker with a focus on hedge fund management. Mann entered the investment field all the way back in 1995 when he was hired at Dynamics Associates. He was Dynamics Associates’ Alternative Investments sector manager. As the manager for that specific division, he worked hard on making choices regarding alternative investments and taking care of team researching. He moved up swiftly at Dynamics Associates, which paved the way for his later position there as Senior Vice President.

Once Mann left Dynamics Associates, he assisted in the establishment of his present day company, Dynamics Search Partners. The company is located on Madison Avenue in Manhattan. Dynamics Search Partners is a prominent New York staffing agency that aids skilled professionals in locating solid career placements. Executive search assistance is Dynamics Search Partners’ primary goal. Mann is the agency’s Managing Director. The company, with the expertise of Mann, helps leading hedge funds from around the United States meet executives who have the right resumes and specialties. Dynamics Search Partners also works with various reputable equity firms. They have a reputation for being among the largest hedge fund staffers around. Not only does Dynamics Search Partners concentrate on hedge funds, but they also concentrate on alternative investments.

Dynamics Search Partners has had a lot of success since opening its doors in 2001. The agency has satisfied over 2,000 client placement requests since then. The company has also gotten significantly larger. They focus on more than investment staffing right now. Since the company serves as a massive and reliable investment executive database, it’s held in very high esteem by many.

Mann has a lot on his plate as Dynamics Search Partners’ managing director. He still, however, finds the time to do a lot of charity work. In 2008, he planned a company mixer that benefited the Hope & Heroes Children’s Cancer Fund. Dynamics Search Partners donated $8,000 (raised by the event) to the organization. Dynamics Search Partners is also affiliated with Uncommon Schools, an organization that aims to help low-income pupils learn and get on the track to higher education. In 2013, the agency gave Uncommon Schools a donation of $10,000.

Mann is a resident of Westchester County, New York, which is just a short drive away from Manhattan. He lives in Westchester with his wife Keely and their children.

AG Award TV Winners

Starting in early January, it is award season for Television and Film. The culmination of the award season is always the Academy Awards, which is what all movie professionals look up to. With the Oscars only a few weeks away, the Screen Actors Guild, or SAG, took center stage. This is a combination of both television and movie actors, but it might have indicated who might win the Oscars.

Frances McDormand for Olive Kitteridge won outstanding performance by a female actor in a television movie while Mark Ruffalo for The Normal Heart won the same award for the male category. Us Aduba won outstanding performance by a female actor in a comedy series for Orange is the New Black and William H. Macy won the same male award for Shameless.

As for the drama awards, Viola Davis won for outstanding performance by a female actor in a drama series for How to Get Away with Murder while Kevin Spacey won for House of Cards. Orange is the New Black won for outstanding performance by an ensemble in a Comedy Series and Downtown Abbey won the outstanding performance by an ensemble in a drama series.

It is important, however,  to understand what Gianfrancesco Genoso was discussing on TradeNosis when it comes to television awards. SAG does not look at a full season of acting but just what the actor considers to be their single best performance of an episode instead of over the course of the entire season.

The Crow Still Can’t Fly

The on-again, off-again reboot of The Crow seems to be dormant once again. Luke Evans of Dracula Untold fame has chosen to leave the project. Without a top star, it is extremely difficult for the production to continue. Sure, another actor could be selected to play the role of the back-from-the-dead superhero. The trouble is a lot of actors and even directors have joined and departed the project.

Something is really wrong in the land of the crows.

The Crow is not only a remake of a popular cult film. The Crow first saw life as an independent comic book. Considering the original film was produced in 1994, six full years before the first X-Men movie, an argument could be make the producers were ahead of their time looking closely at non-mainstream comic book heroes and stories as the basis for a motion picture production.

Considering the film has amassed a huge cult following and comic book movies are super hot these days, a remake of The Crow was a no-brainer.

The trouble is “remaking” and “rebooting” require “producing”. The production of this film is not troubled. The pre-production of the project has been a nightmare. For whatever reason, this is just not a film anyone seems to be able to get off the ground. Perhaps we won’t see a new version of The Crow until another production company procures the rights. Fans like Marc Sparks will have to wait find out what happens.

Fifty Shades of Grey Update


The controversial novel which has been compared to a dirty fanfic will finally be released as a movie. The movie is expected to be out in theaters February 14, just in time for all those lonely people on Valentine’s Day.  Valentines Day may seem odd for the S&M themed flickm but movie expert, Marc Sparks, is confident the film will attract couples.
The movie is about a young reporter who meets and begins a relationship with a business man. The affair soon gets serious and their intimate life gets pretty physical. It is more about living out a fantasy than anything else. There has been a lot of talk of what scenes will be included and what scenes will be excluded in the movie. So far, it seems as though most of the scenes will be included unless they are unable to somehow film a scene due to lack of materials which is highly unlikely. The movie is definitely going to be a hit whenever it comes out just by all the controversy it has caused and considering how it has not even been released yet in theaters. The movie has a trailer that has already been shown in theaters and online for people to watch and create opinions. Whether you are a fan or not, the movie’s release will definitely be high-profile and very interesting to say the least. It has a well-known staff and actually (surprisingly) looks like it has been well made which will make the movie that much more interesting when you watch it.

Reboot Power Rangers, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

Nothing brings back more memories of my childhood than the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. After all of these years and so many reiterations the originals are back and on the big screen. Even though they have gone through multiple series and way too many costumes they have kept the series alive long enough for the originals to return. Even tough I wish the whole cast would be back, that is nothing more than a pipe dream, but it has been confirmed that Tommy, or as you might recall, the best ranger of them all will be an integral part of the movie. Even though Tommy has appeared as a Power Ranger in many seasons and in different costumes, it would not only be exciting but legendary if he returned as the green ranger. By using nostalgia to bring in fans of the original series, the new reboot will definitely be a hit in the box office. Bernardo Chua just hopes the new movie will be as awesome as he remembers the original series was.

Eswaran gives back through philanthropy, writing and speaking

Dr. Vijay Eswaran has traveled the globe throughout his career, during which time he has co-founded a successful multilevel marketing company, served as an expert lecturer and authored several books. Today he heads two charitable foundations that support everything from under served youth to education initiatives.

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is the executive chairman and co-founder of the QI Group, a series of companies that was launched in 1998. The company is an e-commerce based corporation featuring a variety of diversified business ventures including telecommunications, education, retail and direct sales, training and conference management and property development.

One of the foundations Dr. Eswaran helped to establish is the RYTHM Foundation, an arm of the QI Group focused on corporate citizenship that participates in charitable initiatives across the globe. He has also established a local branch of the RYTHM Foundation to benefit Malaysian citizens called Vijayaratnam Foundation, which he named after his father. Through the local chapter, Dr. Eswaran has worked with other charitable groups throughout the region on efforts promoting youth development, mentoring and the empowerment of women. His commitment to charitable giving caught the attention of Forbes Asian, with Dr. Eswaran being included as one of 48 “Heroes of Philanthropy.”

Along with his business and philanthropic work, Dr, Eswaran is also an accomplished author and speaker. His first book, titled “In the Sphere of Silence,” was published in 2005. In May 2008 he published a second book, “In the Thinking Zone,” and in 2010 Dr. Eswaran released a third manuscript, “18 Stepping Stones.” The following year Dr. Eswaran shared his own photography in a collection titled “On the Wings of Thought.” He has been invited to offer his thoughts on a range of topics according to Wikipedia, from spirituality to business management, at universities and business forums all over the world.

Dr. Eswaran graduated from the London School of Economics in 1984 after earning a degree in socio-economics. He went on to obtain a professional qualification from Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and then an MBA from Southern Illinois University.

Upon returning to Malaysia, the Cosway Group sought assistance from Dr. Eswaran with establishing its business in the Philippines. This event caused him to take a closer look at multilevel marketing. By 1998, Dr. Eswaran had helped to launch the conglomerate of businesses known today as the QI Group, which has grown to include offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Author of “The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven” Admits to Fabricating Tale

In a stunning shakeup in the publishing world brought to you by Sultan Alhokair of Crunch Base, the 2010 best selling book “The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven” will be pulled from print. The publisher, Tyndale House, made the decision after the author of the book, Alex Malarkey wrote a brief note claiming he made up the entire story.

Alex Malarkey was just 6-years-old when he was in a car accident that left him in a coma. He emerged from the coma after two months, with an incredibly tale of spending time in heaven. The story, with the help of his father, was turned into a book and published. It quickly soar to the bestseller list, and has been a steadily favored read for the last four years.

According to the note, Malarkey felt he had to confess to making up the story, allegedly to get attention. He fessed up after reading the bible and learning the true meaning of Christianity, according to the press release. Malarkey advises those who have read the book to look to the bible for the true heaven, and that his story is completely fictionalized.

Alex Malarkey is not the first child to claim they have experienced heaven and turned it into a book. “Heaven is for Real”, is another child’s story of a harrowing medical emergency that lands him in heaven for a short period of time. The authenticity of that work is not in question at this time.

Who Is John Textor

Who is John Textor? Read on to find out more about Mr. Textor, such as what he does, hist work experience and more.

Who Is John Textor
John Textor is an executive chairman. The Pulse Evolution Corporation is where he holds the position, and he leads digital productions in movie. He has an extremely impressive portfolio that includes being involved with digital productions in films such as Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, as well as Transformers and even The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons.

His Other Work
John Textor is a very talented producer and asides from the films mentioned previously, he has also worked on other popular films, and this includes Ender’s Game. Art Story is what he is currently working on. At the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, there was a virtual version of Michael Jackson, and Textor’s leadership was responsible for the work. His leadership also products virtual celebrities at the Coachella Valley Music Festival back in 2012, and those celebrities included Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Tupac Shakur.

In the past the company Sims Snowboards was also run by Textor, who was their CEO.

Textor has done a lot of other work, and he is a very talented individual who has an impressive resume. As for education, he holds a BA in economics, which he earned in in 1987 after attending Wesleyan University.

Other Info
In the past, Textor was the CEO of Digital Domain, and he was the CEO of Digital Domain Media Group, which was Digital Domain’s parent company. Textor’s work has even led the company to receiving an Academy Award, which was for a digital human actor who was believable. As previously mentioned, Textor is the executive chairman of Pulse, and the company produces applications of human likeness that is generated via computer.

10 Ways You Know You are Obsessed with Your Cat

Everybody knows there are cat people and dog people, but there are certain signs that tell you if you’re a real cat lover. Here are 10 indicators that you are head-over-heels-crazy-in-love with your furry feline friend. Vine’s Darius Fisher doesn’t have many opinions on cats one way or another, but finds this amusing.

1. Taking a vacation brings on stress because even the thought of leaving your cat is really sad.
2. You have come to accept that you don’t own your cat, your cat owns you, and he/she merely allows you to live in the house.
3. You have sacrificed some really nice furniture to your feline.
4. You have come to believe that it is your mission to talk about your cat at social events. You are sharing all the silly things they do, and then you realize that most people don’t really care. Imagine that.
5. You shop more for your kitty than yourself.
6. If you were honest, you’d have to admit most of the pics on your phone are of your cat, Sugar.
7. The bottom line is that you always come home to Boo.
8. Cat themed clothing is not unique to you anymore; it’s more like the norm.
9. Any holiday can come around, and you attempt to dress your cat in an appropriate outfit. Getting scratched is never an issue.
10. You debate going out with friends or staying in with your cat at least once a week.

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