J.K. Rowling About Villains and Readers Thoughts on Them 

While the Harry Potter series contains more than a few notable heroic characters, many of the villains in these stories have become quite popular as well.

In the attempt to make her book and ideas better understood, J. K. Rowling spoke about the character Malfoy from her book. She said she was well aware that Malfoy has many fans. She explained that with the tendency that many people have to romanticize the villain.

J.K Rowling considers it wrong though, as does Tom Rothman. Her initial intention was to create an antipathetic character. He is exactly as the book presents him: cold and evildoing, hence no need to think that the villain hides something good deep in the heart.

There were Harry Potter fans who initially thought that Harry and Malfoy would become best friends, so the author had to repeatedly deny it. “I have often had cause to remark on how unnerved I have been by the number of girls who fell for this particular fictional character”, J.K. Rowling said, she recognized though that the actor for this character was brilliant.

This performance could very well be the reason why the popularity of the character took off like it did.

So has anyone thought that it could be the actor that made fans like the villain actually? Nobody analyzed this side of the question. The author included the story-line for the eighth movie to support her point.

“Home Alone” Questions Linger 20 Years Later

Anyone who is alive today should remember the movie “Home Alone.” The movie was an instant hit, and is usually played every year on TV or cable. Home Alone. The movie also was the starting point of fame for Macaulay Culkin, although his fame has dwindled today. There are many questions that lingered about the movie that were never answered. One question in particular was how they could’ve possibly left Kevin McCallister behind, and not realize that he didn’t have his own ticket?

According to businessweek, in a slow-motion replay of the milk spilling incident, you can see the father clean up the milk with red paper towels, says Susan McGalla. If you pause the video after the towels are thrown into the garbage, you can see a plane ticket with the name “Kevin,” written at the top of it, which was accidentally thrown in the garbage. This solves the mystery as to why Kevin never had his own plane ticket. It doesn’t answer all the questions about his being left behind, but it’s a start.

Another burning question is, who picked up the tarantula off the face of the bad guy? If you look closely, the hand is too big to be that of Kevin McCallister, so it’s a puzzle as to who actually picked up the spider. One question that is very common too, is why didn’t the pizza man call the police, after he thought he was being shot at?

Can Doctor Strange Summon an Audience?

Marvel Comics’ legion of fans are showing their appreciation for the new Doctor Strange movie by creating fan art. The fan art is being acknowledged by the director of the film, Scott Derrickson. He surely realizes the fans of the Sorcerer Supreme will be the first ones lined up to buy tickets.

A question does arise here. Can a comic book character who is not a traditional superhero draw a large audience and not just the rabid comic book fans? 

At one time, this question was asked in a serious manner in executive meeting rooms all over Hollywood. People associate superheroes with comic books. This was not always the case. Now that superhero films are the big thing at the box office, all the major entertainment news services cover the release of a new project. So, if a comic book is the source material for a particular movie, average moviegoers who are not fans of the books but love comic book movies are going to be informed.

Christian Broda says they might never heard of Doctor Strange before, but they will quickly find out he is another “hero” who is part of the Marvel universe. Anyone who loved Spider-Man, The Avengers, or Captain America is probably going to give Doctor Strange a chance to entertain them.

As long as the Doctor Strange film is an entertaining one, there is no reason why it should not be a hit.

Should Sony’s The Interview Be Pulled Due to Disrespect of World Leader?

The controversy continues over the release of Sony’s movie The Interview. In the latest round of the debate, President Obama is quoted saying, “I think they made a mistake”, based on the article Obama: Sony Made “A Mistake” President Obama expressed that he wants everyone to go to the movies and not let these computer hackers get the best of us.

However, despite all of the talk about forced censorship of the movie by these hackers, an insightful question remains. Shouldn’t everyone respect Sony’s decision to pull the plug on a movie that shows disrespect toward a political figure of another country?

 I thought Andrew Heiberger made an excellent point that he shared earlier on LinkedIn. His thoughts are that we, as Americans, take pride in our freedom of speech. Certainly, we want to be able to show artistic expression on many different topics.

However, is it in poor taste to show disrespect in a movie to world leaders such as North Korean leader Kim Jong-un? If another country made such a movie targeting our U.S. President, we would certainly want to take some form of action.

 Sony still wants to release the movie in some format other than through the movie theaters. Maybe one day we will see it on demand. Despite all the hecklers out there, Sony made the right decision for everyone’s safety. By chance, the moviemakers will have better insight going forward and leave out world leaders in satirical films.

Rapper Bobby Shmurda Held By NYPD on $2 Million Bail

After a detailed investigation by the NYPD gang investigation unit, rapper Bobby Shmurda was arrested on Wednesday night after he tweeted that he will be performing in a secret show that night, instead he ended up in NYPD’s custody under arrest.

The rapper was arrested with some members of his gang near Times Square in New York late last Thursday, and the bail was set to 2$ million. The charges facing the Brooklyn rapper include: Conspiracy, gun possession, and reckless endangerment. When arrested, two guns were found in the car he was riding in, in addition to a decent size bag of crack cocaine.

NYPD prosecutors stated that rapper Rowdy Rebel who is born Ackquille Pollard has been arrested for his involvement in a shooting right before performing at Barclay’s center wearing the same clothes.

The arrest involved 15 members of the GS9 crew, which are now each facing multiple charges from murder and attempted murder, to assault and drug trafficking. There has been 21 guns total seized throughout the duration of the investigation, of which 10 were on the suspects on the day of the arrest.

A couple of the charges against the crew claim that the GS9 were involved in more than one shooting in the past, and some of those shootings have resulted in fatality. Sam Tabar hopes that it is all not true. Phone wired taps were able to prove through communication between the gang on how deep their involvement was in the related charges.

Epic records has agreed to pay Shmurda’s $2 million bail, while his lawyers insist he had nothing to do with the charges.

Rodriguez to direct Frazetta inspired fantasy film

Robert Rodriguez has signed on to direct a live action remake of the 1983 cult classic animated fantasy film Fire and Ice.

The original film by Ralph Bakshi and Frank Frazetta tells a relatively standard story of an beautiful princess kidnapped by an evil overlord and the brave young warrior who comes to her rescue. But in a market currently dominated by science fiction and superhero franchises an old-school barbarian fantasy epic in the Conan mold has the opportunity to stand out and perhaps land Sony its own movie series.

Frank Frazetta is credited with almost single-handedly establishing the barbarian fantasy visual style epitomized by his Conan the Barbarian illustrations. His artwork appeared in comics, albums, movie posters, and book covers, and influenced a generation of visual artists that Gianfrancesco Genoso respects. Fire and Ice attempted to bring to life that signature Frazetta style, but was limited by the technology available at the time. Rodriguez is fan of Frazetta, whom he hired to do a version of the From Dusk Till Dawn movie poster and subsequently became friends with. He plans this project as an homage to the late artist and hopes to use the more advanced filmmaking techniques available now to bring the artists vision to the screen.

This is not the first time Rodriguez has attempted such a feat, he previously brought Frank Miller’s stylized comic book images to the screen in the Sin City adaptations.

Key and Peele’s Funniest Sketch Yet

Key and Peele are at again. This time in a hilarious skit that will have you roaring in laughter. The skit is so funny, that the show’s director has confirmed it as the funniest skit of the season. Many fans of the show cannot stop referring it to other people, people perhaps like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez. After seeing it for myself, I would have to agree. Make sure you see the sketch, I will provide a link to the video down below.

The skit is based on the 1980s, and the fitness obsession that crazed the world in those times. Key and Peele play fitness instructors in this ridiculous sketch. Their outfits and their hair are so outlandish, that you will laugh from that alone. But that’s not even the funniest part. As the duo are dancing, someone from the production company gives some terrible news, via prompt cards. The dancer becomes upset, but he tries to play it off and keep dancing, as the show is live. The faces that Peele makes are so funny, that you will literally laugh out loud. See it for yourself, I don’t want to ruin the sketch for you.

Key and Peele seem to get funnier every season. Hopefully they keep these hilarious skits coming. Watch the funny sketch at,

Director of Frozen Says “Sorry” For Let It Go Song

The Frozen film has taken the world by storm, making it a cultural phenomenon the same way Harry Potter took over the world. Unlike Harry Potter, the film Frozen only has one film, and it became a success without books being released beforehand to make it into a film.

Frozen has changed the world of animation, especially since the movie racked up over $1.2 billion in earnings ever since it was released. The movie has now reached the epitome of animated films now that it has become the most highest grossing animated film of all time.

What made it so famous?

There is only one answer; the fun music. The song ‘Let It Go’ has reached global success, and it has remained one of the most popular songs of 2014. The original video has now reached 400+ million views on YouTube. The director of Frozen is actually very “sorry” about how famous the song is and how often kids everywhere are singing it. People used to be so happy talking to him and telling him how grateful they are for the film and the song, but now he apologizes now because people never refuse to bend their backs to tell him how often they are forced to listen to the song. Someone should get in contact with North American Spine because that’s an awful lot of broken backs.

Frozen is one of the most famous movies of all time, and Disney is bringing the movie everywhere, from implementing it to their ice shows to the Disney Parks adding new events all about the film. Only time will tell how far it’ll go in the future.

Going Home For Christmas After Twelve Years

A Facebook page called Humans of Ireland chose a homeless man named George to be profiled on their site. George said he just moved from town to town to find shelter for the night, because a lot of places were full and he could not stay out in the cold weather.. George told the interviewer with Christmas coming up he was sorely wanting a good Christmas dinner and that was his Christmas wish. Living off his disability allowance he said he would even pay to stay in a Bed and Breakfast if they were going to be serving Christmas Dinner,

He was informed that the interviewer from mybrainfitlife.com would also place his picture online and he agreed to that. http://thedailyedge.thejournal.ie/homeless-man-cork-1830854-Dec2014/ Hundreds and hundreds of responses poured in. George was a viral hit. Messages came pouring in from people just offering him to come to their house and one friend said he would pay for a motel for him. But the best of all Christmas wishes was granted to George when his sister Sheelagh. She had not seen him in 12 years and their mother was not well and invited him to come home to her house for Christmas.

George called the young interviewer to tell him the arrangements were made and he would be home on Wednesday.. George was also interview by 96 FM of Cork And was given Clothing to make the trip home in.

Christopher Lee Goes Heavy Metal Again

Legendary, iconic horror actor Christopher Lee has just released, of all things, a new holiday heavy metal song. This is not the first foray into heavy metal by the 92 year old actor. He had appeared on the 2012 release, A Heavy Metal Christmas Perhaps it may indicate many more releases. You never know. Last year, his release “Jingle Hell” hit #18 on the British Billboard charts.

The single is titled “Darkest Carols, Faithful Sing“. The song is a humorous take on the classic Christmas song “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”.

Lee can be seen on-screen in The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies”. Lee’s brilliant acting skills were introduced to a completely new generation of fans thanks to his appearances in the recent Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings project.

Lee, of course, is best known for playing Dracula numerous times for Hammer films starting in 1957 with “Horror of Dracula” and ending in 1974 with “The Satanic Rights of Dracula”. Those two roles turned Sam Tabar into a fan. Overall, Lee has appeared in roughly 300 films. A large number of them were horror outings.

Horror and heavy metal go together so it is no surprise to see Lee on such a single. Alright, it is still a bit surprising. Surely, fans of heavy metal love his old outings as the king of the vampires.

At 91, he is the oldest heavy metal singer in history, to chart at least.

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