Dr. Rod Rohrich- Top Plastic Surgeon

Internationally known as one of the top plastic surgeons, Dr. Rod Rohrich, M.D., is a leading innovator and educator in the field of plastic surgery. He has contributed to reducing the risks of plastic surgery and increasing positive results due to his professional experience and in-depth research.

Dr. Rod Rohrich became board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery in 1987. Dr Rod Rohrich has received degrees and certifications from numerous universities. These include an Undergraduate degree, Medical school, General Surgery Residency, Plastic Surgery Residency, Pediatric Plastic Surgery Fellowship, and Hand/Microsurgery Fellowship. Dr Rod Rohrich is a founding member and a previous co-chair of the Dallas for Children Foundation. Dr Rod Rohrich has also served on the Board of Directors of Save the Children, March of Dimes, and the American Cancer Society foundations located in Dallas, Texas. His certifications in plastic surgery for children has given him the opportunity to educate and perform plastic surgery in Third World countries, helping change physically deformed children’s lives.

Dr Rod Rohrich is editor in chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, one of the most acknowledged journals appealing to plastic surgeons. He has published more than 1.500 papers on plastic surgery. Along with these publications, he has produced 600 peer review articles, 50 chapters, and 5 textbooks. Dr Rod Rohrich has served as president in numerous organizations such as American Society of Plastic Surgery, Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Dr Rod Rohrich specializes in many areas of plastic surgery. These specialties include: arm, brow, neck, and face lift, facial rejuvenation, cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty, face rejuvenation, fillers, botox, breast augmentation, body contouring, and liposuction.

Due to his popularity in the world of plastic surgery, Dr Rod Rohrich has been mentioned on many popular media outlets such as Oprah, CNN, and the Today Show. His constant research and years of experience has benefited the thousands of people requiring plastic surgery every year.

Wine Buying Guide For Consumers

Although Antique Wine Company sells a variety of vintage wines, the process of selecting the proper wines for certain meals can be challenging for some people. To make shopping easier, several things must be considered during the selection process.

The Favors

Each wine that Antique Wine Company manufacturers has unique characteristics. For example, merlots typically have fruity favors; some wines taste like plum, cherry, or raspberry. A few merlots can also have spicy or herby notes. However, if certain procedures are implemented during the wine making process, the flavor of the wine can be affected. A wine can gain a smoky or woody flavor if it is aged in a toasted oak barrel.

The Taste

When Antique Wine Company experts talk about the structure of a wine, they address the combination of acid, sweetness, and alcohol, which are the basic taste components of wine. The most expensive wines will have a more established taste profile.

A wine’s finish is determined by the length of time that the texture and taste lingers. Since every wine is made with alcohol, there will be a heated sensation in the mouth after the wine is swallowed. If a wine has too much alcohol, the heat level will be unpleasant.

The Food

Merlot and cabernets should be served with rich dishes. Pinot grigios and sauvignon blancs, however, are better with lighter meals, such as grilled salmon. Basically, wines that have complex flavors can complement or enhance the taste of numerous types of food.

Some wines are best served with certain kinds of food. White wine is often paired with a delicious piece of fish during a classy dinner. Dry wines go well with dishes that are seasoned with a lot of spice. The AWC manufacturers a number of delicious white and dry wines for wine enthusiasts around the world.

Best Shows so Far in 2015 – Is TV Becoming Better than Movies?

This year’s movies have been decent so far but the TV shows available to viewers have really turned things around. From Broadchurch to How to Get Away with Murder (HTGAWM), every show has opened with a bang and some new additions have just opened everyone’s eyes to new possibilities of TV shows. Here are the best TV shows of 2015 so far –

• HTGAWM – Viola Davis’ performance has been the best thing on television since this began and you only need to watch the first episode to understand why. Shonda Rhimes has created something that lovers of law and crime shows will cherish for the years to come.

• Broadchurch (Season 2) – The first season was a roller coaster for everyone and while the critics may have been disappointed in the second season, you would be lying if you say that you are not enjoying the slow build-up of the drama. Fans like Susan McGalla know that Eve Myles has been another revelation this season.

• Agent Carter – You can never stop praising this show too much because it has single handedly silenced every critic who dared to question it. Hayley Atwell is amazing as Agent Carter and this show is set after the events of the first movie – when Captain America supposedly dies (but is later found by Iron Man). The writing of the show is so good that everyone is glad to finally have a great female character.

‘Elementary’ deserves an honorable mention for introducing the wonderful character that was ‘Kitty’ in all our lives.

Daredevil to Travel Down A Violent Road

Netflix most certainly wants to take the Daredevil streaming series in a direction that is far different from anything comic book movie or TV fans have seen before. As more and more promotional material is revealed about the series, fans are learning the violence level is going to be really ratcheted up several notches. The producers are promising a fairly “bloody” series and such a decision might prove to be a risky one.

Is the new Daredevil series going to be a hyper-violent program in the vein of A Game of Thrones? Will the episodes explore an atypical gritty grindhouse approach to a heroic soap opera? The common denominator among any description of the program is “violent” and this seems to be what Netflix is looking for.

A stronger level of violence likely is intended to draw in the 18 – 54 male demographic. Haidar Barbouti knows that this could be a lucrative audience for Netflix, but at what cost? Turning the beloved character of Daredevil into a vehicle for violent mayhem seems a little disappointing. Frank Miller’s take on The Man Without Fear certainly was gritty, but the comics were never gratuitous.

Perhaps it is a bit premature to criticize the series before the episodes have made a proper debut. The BBFC of the United Kingdom has noted the series is a very violent one and, while this may be true, the quality of the series might be outstanding. We’ll learn all there is to know about the series once it debuts in April of 2015.

Taylor Swift’s Sultry New “Style” Clip

Global pop star Taylor Swift’s music videos are often fun and spirited displays. Take the video for the lead single from her latest album “1989,” “Shake It Off.” “Shake It Off” had a jovial and cheerful clip that perfectly matched the tone of the classic pop anthem.

The album’s third and newest video “Style” is a different story, however, according to RollingStone.com. Reportedly influenced by Swift’s past relationship with famed One Direction vocalist Harry Styles, “Style” is markedly more sultry and melancholy in feel. The same goes for the video, as fans like Ricardo Guimaraes BMG are aware. More on Guimaraes is available on Epocanegocios.globo.com. The clip depicts Swift’s “up and down” interactions with a lover. The video shows Taylor and her love frustrated by their positive earlier associations with one another. In the end, the twosome get back together.

“Style” isn’t the sole 1989 tune that’s a reference to singer Styles. The name of the song, however, is a very clear hint at the pair’s prior romantic involvement. The airplane necklace the blonde chanteuse wears in the clip is believed to be a present Styles gave Swift while they were still dating. British actor Dominic Sherwood plays Swift’s boyfriend in “Style.” Kyle Newman served as the video’s director. Newman has directed films such as “Fanboys” and “Chewie.”

Swift, in a wise move, made the “Style” video public as New York Fashion Week was going on. The clip leaked on the internet right before it was supposed to premiere on the popular morning program “Good Morning America.” Swift responded to the leak by rapidly putting the official clip on her Vevo channel.

An Interview with an Interviewer


Rolling Stone Magazine recently published an online interview with writer David Ritz who is the ghost writer of a number of celebrity autobiographies as will as biographies. This is a very good interview and quite interesting for anyone who is a writer or journalist themselves.

In the interview, Ritz discusses how he got into ghost writing. He originally wanted to write an important biography about Ray Charles. An agent told him that it would be more interesting if Charles was telling the story himself. So, Ritz approached Charles and asked permission to do an autobiography together. Charles agreed, and the book did very well.

In the article, Ritz explains his technique for working with celebrities to get their stories. Basically, he hangs out with them and lets a dialogue develop naturally over time. He said that this is a better approach than bringing in a laundry list of questions.

Ritz actually helped Marvin Gaye write the song “Sexual Healing”. He explains in the interview how this happened spontaneously through him hanging out with Gaye when he was writing about him.

Overall, this Rolling Stone article is a fascinating piece for anyone interested in how successful autobiographies and biographies are written and has tips for budding writers like Paul Matheison.

Sir Michael Gambon to Retire from Stage Acting


A recent article in the online edition of The Guardian reports that the noted English actor, Sir Michael Gambon, will be retiring from stage acting. He is doing so since, at the age of 74, is having difficulty remembering his lines. For a time, he was receiving his lines through an earpiece, but he says this doesn’t really work, especially in a play where there is a lot of movement and action.

Gambon will continue to act in film and television roles where he can recite lines a little at a time in separately filmed segments.

In my opinion, Gambon is handling this career transition very well. Chron.com said he’s being candid with the public as to why he’s leaving the stage. He’s also leaving before he does damage to a production and his reputation by making mistakes on stage. In short, he’s courageous. While Gambon’s time on stage may be over, he leaves behind a tremendous legacy of achievement and fans like Haidar Barbouti.

Tom Rothman: Successor For Pascal?

Amy Pascal is one of the most well known women in Hollywood. Pascal has presided over many famous films, and she is respected by everyone who knows the movie business. When word of Pascal’s future departure in May got out, immediately everyone wondered who would be able to replace her. After all, she has grown to become great friends with people such as Will Smith, and has produced many great films including Spider Man. One name that keeps popping up to replace Pascal is Tom Rothman.

Rothman was let go from Fox studios after working with the company for nearly 20 years. In that time, he worked with director James Cameron on classic movies such as Titanic. Tom Rothman is also well liked by many people in Hollywood, has a vast network of supporters, and has great work experience in the television industry. Rothman’s vast experience makes him the heavy favorite to replace Pascal who was very successful in her own right.

Whenever a giant in an industry gets fired, moves, or retires, there is always a legitimate worry that they are going to leave a void that cannot be replaced. Amy Pascal has had a great career in Hollywood, has made great connections, and has been extremely successful in the industry. Pascal is considered a role model for many women, as she has continued to have success in a male dominated industry. However, Tom Rothman is among the leading candidates to replace Amy Pascal, according to an LA Times article, and some consider him the favorite. Rothman will have a great challenge in front of him to replace Pascal, but many feel like he is up to the challenge and will continue the success that Pascal started.

-See the whole story over at the LA Times

How to Train Your Dragon 3

The How to Train Your Dragon series has been a very successful series so far. There is already a third film in the works. The film might take on an arc that is very similar to Toy Story 3. Given that years have passed between the events of How To Train Your Dragon 1 and 2, there are possibly some concerns of a middle aged version of the main character. One main focus of the stori is going to be what happened to the dragons.

Fans like Sultan Alhokair have heard that there have been announcements that there will not be a fourth film in the series. So this film will likely be the conclusion to the Dragon’s story. Which means we will see all of the dragons disappear for good. Toy Story 3 was a really sad tearjerker and a perfectly timed one at that. How to Train Your Dragon 3 will take a similar approach for their finale.

Skout Shows Importance of Online Friendships

PR Newswire released a piece in honor of the first ever International Online Friendship Day about how Skout released a very interesting article showing exactly how big of an impact online friends make in the average person’s life. Skout is a global app reaching millions of people in nearly 200 countries. Last year alone over 500 million connections were made through the app, revolutionizing the way people are able to meet and connect with strangers, internationally or in their own community.

The story, originally reported by PR Newswire, showed the incredible impact that apps like Skout, that promoted engagement with others in a digital space, have made on how we interact with others. For instance, the survey showed that the majority of the world prefer to discuss intimate details such as their sex life online, rather than with friends they see face to face. Statistics show this statement applies to 60% of Brazilians and Germans, and about 50% of Americans, Brits, French, Filipinos and Australians. The study also showed that women were more likely to have online friends, with a whopping 56% of women having one of more “close friend” whom they never met in real life. Men weren’t far behind, however, and the survey also pointed out that about 44% of men shared the sentiment. Speaking to the importance of online friendship, Skout’s survey stated that 60% of the respondents in the U.S. claimed to be more honest with their online friends than with the friends they interacted with in real life. Technology has truly helped break down geographical barriers and among the many results, are new friendships.

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