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Wengie Ranks Among The YouTube Elite

Looking for something to pass some time? Why not watch some videos on YouTube? This venue offers a wide variety of videos from horror to cute and adorable. These videos are made by some very inventive and creative minds. Some of the more famous people on youtube can offer new videos every day.

If looking for really experience and favored people who make videos on YouTube, why not try some of these:

These are just five of the ore famous youtube video makers. They rack up millions of views and even make money off of their craft.

Wengie has many different venues that she offers other than youtube. Although youtube and her blog appear to be the most followed venues. She offers a lot of fun videos that range in variety from makeup tips, dealing with school, holidays, cooking, and even slumber parties. She loves to travel and lives in Australia.

Wengie offers more of a real world, real life type of video. Other youtubers like Markiplier offer videos that review games and movies more. Markiplier uses his sharp wit and from the hip editorial style to review a wide range of games, offer tips to cheat codes, and generally has a ton of fun with what he is doing. So much fun that he is practically infectious.

Smosh is a comedy team that produces videos skits and even has some games based on those skits. They welcome feedback to help them develop new plot lines and keep the laughs coming. ERB is Epic Rap Battles. This youtube celebrity does just that. He shows the biggest and best rap battles throughout the history of the art.

SkyDoesMinecraft reviews and shows a number of different videos that surround the popular game Minecraft. They offer products like t-shirts and game memorabilia as well as producing a number of don’t laugh videos. They are out of the state of Washington in the USA. Wengie holds her own among these and many other video makers on youtube. Her unique style and presentation has earned her a permanent niche.