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Cassio Audi’s Outstanding Musical Life

A look at Cassio Audi’s early music career leaves a lot to desire especially in comparison to his 23-year financial careers as a business consultant. He is a man who started his music career as a teenager in the company of four other gentlemen who together they formed a rock band called the Viper in 1985. As a member of this band, he served as the lead drummer: a role that he played more actively with the passion and dedication required of a musician that is on a mission to stardom.
As a Drummer
To his fans, he was only known as one skillful drummer, but to his band members he was more than this. Cassio was just a gem to them. If he was not doing the drums, he was silently composing hit after hit. Additionally, he was the vocalist behind some of the group’s notable tracks such as the Killera, Princess from Hell and many other tracks that rocked the Brazilian airwaves. It should also be evident that from the success of these tracks, the group was able to consolidate and bring forth an album entitled the Soldiers of Sunrise.
Breakthrough for the Band
It is through the huge success of this album that acted as the final breakthrough for the band. They made major strides in international tours, staging performances in all corners of the world and this made their reputation more pronounced as a Brazilian rock band that sings in English, despite it existing as a second language. Instead of such an issue tearing the group apart, it even built them much stronger. It is through this time that Cassio went ahead to compose more songs that leant towards neo-classical styles. These songs were used in their 1989 second album called the Theatre of Fate. After its release, Cassio quit the group to advance his interest in business study.

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Ricardo Tosto: Brazil’s Highly Reputable Lawyer

There are around 600,000 lawyers to day in Brazil, and around 200,000 of them are working or living in the city of Sao Paolo. One of these lawyers is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is known to be one of Brazil’s most trusted lawyers, and he has been specializing in the field of finance, commerce and electoral laws. He is very passionate about his profession, and he has been serving the Brazilian Bar Association for some time now, as he held different positions within the organization. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is also serving private firms, offering his services regarding laws about finance, commerce and the corporate world. Aside from this, he is also traveling the world attending a huge number of seminars and conventions annually that is being hosted by other lawyers. He is also an active member of lawyer groups and organizations locally and internationally, and has been working with them to improve the services that they give to the public.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is seen as an icon in the field of law. Youths have looked up to him as a role model, and his colleagues in the profession have also expressed their thoughts about him being a great friend and a good influence. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is also one of the reasons why the younger Brazilian generation wanted to pursue law, as he showed them how it feels like being a lawyer who expresses his opinions vocally. However, he also added that the younger generation should pursue law not just because of him, but it should be because of their passion. He stated that if law students are not passionate enough, they would never succeed.

There are about 200,000 law students in Brazil today, and that number is seen to increase as being a lawyer becomes an in demand job for a nation of more than a hundred million people. However, studying Brazilian law is not an easy task. The law of Brazil is derived from the European law systems, so the students must understand how laws are made an imposed in Europe. They also have to study its history, and when they graduate after five years, they have to pass the examination before being called a lawyer.

Hello Honey! Honey Birdette Will Expand!

Honey Birdette, Australia’s first and favorite boutique lingerie store, is primed to expand throughout Europe and into the United States. They made an exciting recent announcement that after the success of their first three retail locations in the United Kingdom they will open an additional 40 locations in the next year and a half. This announcement (full article here: was greeting with delight by the huge United Kingdom following that currently travels to the company’s current locations or frequently makes online purchases.

The first three stores were opened in London’s Covent Garden, Westfield White City and Leed’s Victoria Gate and the next stores are primed to open in Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool, Stratford and Westfield with the rest of the locations to be completed by the end of 2018. Honey Birdette is also looking to expand its reach into select additional European countries within the next few years.

United States fans of Honey Birdette are also in for a treat at they have launched a new website to cater to the needs of its US shoppers with a new site tailored just to them. This site comes on the heels of a 300%+ increase in online sales in 2016. Additional they are currently looking to open physical locations in the United States.

Honey Birdette was founded in 2006 after its founder Eloise Monaghan and girlfriends shared champagne and discussed how there was virtually no stores that offered quality lingerie products and toys in Australia. They quickly grew and now have 55 locations in Australia.

They are known for their stores’ fun and sexy atmosphere, offering customers champagne and tailored advice on lingerie and high end bedroom toys from the staff of elite Honeys. It is clear that huge things are on the move for Honey Birdette as they grow and expand into a new continent.

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Cancer Treatments Centers Of America Goes Real Time

The perfect storm of the latest cancer treatments and patient information has hit the (CTCA) Cancer Treatments Centers of America. The collaborative efforts of NantHealth and Allscripts with CTCA now allows doctors at the center to access data about what is happening in the world of oncology in real time.

This centralized access contains information about the most current procedures, treatments, and treatment outcomes gives both the physician and patient the best information on how to develop a plan of care. The resource allows the latest input data to the physician so the plan of care can be realized sooner and more efficiently.

The real-time network of data provides:

*Customized treatment regimens for each patient, including their current health and specific type of cancer.
*Comparisons of many treatment options, and the average market cost.
*Touch screen computer order entry
*Recommended by Eviti, each treatment is mapped within the EHR to care plan CTCA order sets. This includes a unique approach for each individual based on their history and needs.
*Reports in real time up-to-date adverse drug reactions, toxicity, response rates, and current guidelines plus shows supporting clinical data.

Cancer Treatments Centers Of America was founded in 1988 to provide hospitals that solely focus on cancer treatment. There are five CTCA hospitals are located in:

Atlanta Ga.
Chicago, Il.
Phoenix, Az.
Tulsa, Ok.

CTCA specializes in these types of cancers including lung, melanoma, cervical breast, prostate, colorectal, throat, lymphomas, ovarian, pancreatic, and more. A personalized care team is assembled for each patient that includes a medical or radiation oncologist, pain management physician, and dietitian to assure the highest quality of care and recovery. CTCA is aware that that cancer can vary with each individual. Each plan is created to best match each patient individual needs and concerns. Their staff of specialists is focused on cancer treatment and recovery.

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The Philosophy of Bruce Bent II

A respected entrepreneur and businessman, Bruce Bent II has been impacting the business world for many years. Bent has been credited as creating some of the most innovative solutions in the financial world. His inventions have helped make the FDIC-Insured cash landscape into a more than trillion dollar industry. Today Bent serves as the Vice Chairman and President Double Rock Corporation, a leading financial services company.

Starting a business began in the early 1970’s for Bent. The invention of first money market mutual fund was central for his business. After growing to a trillion dollar industry, Bent expanded the company to include other types of cash management products, growing it even more. He continued to invent new things along the way, and today he holds well over sixty patents.

A typical day for Bent is spent communicating. He is focused very little on being at his desk, and more and more on delivering to his partners and clients what they need. He is not concerned with who comes with a great idea, but more on how well the entire team works together to make the idea come to life. He furthermore believes that stubbornness is a reason that many entrepreneurs fail. Bent credits his work ethic for much of his success.

As an entrepreneur Bruce Bent is convinced you must have faith in our own ideas in order to be successful. It’s okay to be a little flexible to overcome adversity, but entrepreneurs need to be willing to stick with their vision even sometimes when other don’t see it. Bruce Bent credits his father for helping to shape much of his vision and outlook. He continues to draw on those early life lesson to shape his outlook and planning today. With such an incredible track record it seems reasonable to say he will continue to have success for many more years to come.


Taking Cancer Treatment to the Next Level

The recent partnership of Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) with Allscripts and Nanthealth will create powerhouse treatment options. This collaboration will bring a new face to cancer treatment and the technology utilized to help patients. Their program will be called Clinical Pathways and there are some major benefits to its implementation.

The first is that oncologists can customize treatment options and plans. The technology will help doctors consider the type of disease they have and the state they are in. It will also allow for comparing treatments on multiple levels, including cost. The program works in real time and stays up to date with all guidelines, toxicity ratings, and other findings.

This program at the doctor’s’ fingertips will help streamline treatment for cancers and allow doctors to focus on the best treatment options for the patients. The efficiency of Clinical Pathways will keep patients, their treatments, and all risks and costs updated. Clinical Pathways also keeps doctors up to date on the latest findings in cancer care so they can provide the very best and most updated treatment options.

The Clinical Pathways integration is a huge step in cancer treatment for CTCA. And the partnership of CTCA with Nantech and Allscripts means big things in the cancer treatment community.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of five hospitals that specialize in cancer treatment of adult patients. CTCA utilizes the most up to date and effective cancer treatment practices including chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, genomic testing, among others.

The CTCA hospitals are located in Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Tulsa, and Atlanta. The doctors and staff at CTCA pride themselves in helping you, as an individual, conquer your unique fight against cancer. This makes them the name to trust in patient centered approaches to treatment.

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Honey Birdette-Adds Something More

Honey Birdette just opened its US e-commerce site and has revealed its plans to expand its UK retail stores to 40 in total by the end of 2018. Honey Birdette was originally founded in Brisbane by Eloise Monaghan in 2006 and decided to launch its US site after seeing a 374% increase in US sales alone in just 12 months. The new site is going to offer faster shipping, easier returns, and have a wider range of products available to US customers. It will also offer free shipping on orders over $50.

Honey Birdette is wanting to expand its retail stores into the US and has opened its first store outside of Australia last year in London’s Covent Garden. It has also opened two additional stores with one located in Leeds’ Victoria Gate and the other located in Westfield White City.

Honey Birdette has 10 more stores planned in the UK including at Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds, and Westfield Stratford. It is targeting 40 additional stores by the end of the next year. Within Australia, Honey Birdette already has 55 retail stores and plans to expand into Europe.

Honey Birdette got its start in 2006 when two friends were talking about how lingerie and bedroom accessories were really lacking and needed sprucing up. They decided that they needed to come up with something better. And they did. Honey Birdette was born and the rest is history. When you walk through the doors of a Honey Birdette boutique, you will find that it is not your average intimate store, but instead a sensual experience. You will have champagne on call, stroll through the lush décor and browse the collections of intimate apparel like no other. you will also find many other items that will bring the spark back into your love life.

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Magnises, McFarland and the Genesis of the New Millennial Model

Millennial’s share a couple of traits in common, most of the love to party and all carry credit cards to do so. It was this simple but quite noteworthy realization that catapulted Billy McFarland, the creator of the extremely popular tech firm, Spling, into the world of the black card social club market and from their to the creation of Magnises. Magnises might sound like a intergalactic space station but in all actuality it is a networking club for young and busy millennials who love to play as much as they work.

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Magnises works like this: once you sign up you will be given a Maginses membership card, a little black square of metal which can be swiped at any Magnises affiliated business. Once the card is accepted the card holder will be given a sizable financial discount as well as instant VIP access. So, if for instance, you were to go to a concert venue that was affiliated with the Magnises network and displayed your black card, not only would you get a price cut on the concert itself, you would also be allowed into otherwise inaccessible areas, such as the backstage rooms and would be able to meet with the musicians, DJ’s and stage managers.   For added info read 


The tech entrepreneur behind it all, Billy McFarland, has explained in various public interviews that one of the main reasons that he believes Magnises has been so successful is the fact that many other similar businesses, like credit card companies such as American Express, really do not offer any benefits to millennials (especially those 22 to around 35 years of age), and those that are offered are pretty unappealing. However,based on,  Magnises is completely different, as it’s affiliated companies and venues are specifically tailored to appeal to the previously mentioned age range. So not only will Magnises help young millennials save money and have fun, it will also help them network at little to no cost. Thus far the company has been a smash hit success and things look as if they are only going to get better moving forward.  This according to

Talk Fusion Wins Prestigious Technology Award

Talk Fusion is a company that has experienced a lot of growth. It has become an international success, and it is still a fairly new company. No one expects this type of high praise from a company that was started by a criminal justice major. It has become a very exciting company though. There are so many people that are talking about Talk Fusion and the way that this company is making communication easier. It didn’t happen overnight, but it is has quickly risen to the top with awards like the Communications Solutions Product of the year.


This is a huge honor for Bob Reina, the Talk Fusion CEO that simply wanted to send a video email to someone. He was told that he could not do this by his Internet service provider and that started a mission to get the Talk Fusion brand off and running. He has never looked back from that starting point. He knew that he didn’t have the same type of technology background that other leaders of technology companies had, but Reina knew that he was on to something. He knew that there were other people in the world that needed this type of technology. Bob also knew that people would come and patronize this type of application if he could get this off the ground and running. This is just an early example of the dedication that was in place to bring Talk Fusion into the light. All of this hard work would pay off. It is like there was all of this dedication to getting a single application to work properly, and Bob and his team did an excellent job of getting to this place.


What he would do is create teams that would be responsible for bringing video email and a host of other products for the mainstream. What appears to be the common thread between all of the products is the dedication that is put into making quality applications. That is why Talk Fusion has been able to win an abundant number of awards since the time of inception.

Kyle Bass Has Some Fishy Predictions

There is more fishy about financier Kyle Bass than a mispronunciation of his last name. The man has been vacillating strongly about China over the last month or two. He came out guns blazing in October of 2015, when he predicted by the end of 2016, China would experience financial collapse so terrible, it would diminish America’s own economy by something like twenty percent. In April, Bass was saying there was a “forty to fifty percent” likelihood China’s debt bubble would deflate by the end of 2016, further emphasizing that he fully expected a financial crisis of small variety–not a “Lehman Brothers Moment”–within the next two to three years. Then, a recent Bloomberg article reported Bass saying that it wouldn’t be “Armageddon”, and that if China could “materially” apply devaluation to her currency, it might be a historically exciting time to invest in Asia.

When taken in aggregate, Bass’ noises over the last nine to ten months amount to: “I think China might do bad, but they might not.” This is nothing worth saying, but the way Bass has said this nothing invites the perceiver to have a negative outlook toward China’s future, and thus curtail their own financial investments.

It seems there are three reasons Bass could be doing this. Firstly, he could have his own investments, and be discouraging competition. Secondly, he could be legitimately concerned about fallout from a market poised to implode. Thirdly, he could have an imperative to discourage Chinese investment in order that the collapse may be artificially facilitated, validating whatever investments he’s made prompting such media rhetoric as unstable as Bass’s.

The third alternative is the most likely in light of Bass’ career choices, which include a “front” organization posing as humanitarian that only acts as a means of dropping stock value so Bass can short-sell (CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs), and close involvement with a socialist despot. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is either terrible with money, or trying to destroy Argentina’s economy. She’s defaulted the country twice in only thirteen years, and Bass has never criticized her economic choices, suggesting complicity. These points were originally reported by UsefulStooges, who have written extensively about Kyle Bass.