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Ways to Watch Movies and Television With Little Money

There is a company that seems to be overtaking the satellite and cable companies as a way for households to watch movies and television shows. Netflix is not something that’s new, but with the rising costs of buying television services, it seems like a way to go as one in three households currently use the service. There is a monthly fee, but it’s a fraction of the cost of cable and satellite. There are new shows and movies being introduced all the time, and you can watch your favorites at any time instead of worrying about missing the latest episode. Netflix also gives viewers a way to see older movies and television shows that they might miss from when they were younger. Shows can also be watched on almost any format as long as there is internet access. Consumerist Ricardo Tosto thinks perhaps the company will overtake the larger businesses, forcing a hand that would lower prices across the board.

BBC fires Jeremy Clarkson after a fight with a Top Gear producer

After almost two weeks of silence on the part of the BBC, the BBC’s director general Tony Hall has announced today Jeremy Clarkson, popular host of the TV show Top Gear has been fired.

The termination came as a result of an attack Clarkson made on a Top Gear producer a couple of weeks ago, over a late night meal he was not able to have. He was suspended while the BBC investigated. Today he was notified he had been fired.

While many people feel sorry for the producer attacked by Clarkson, who it seems not only had to go to a hospital emergency room after the incident, but also felt he may have lost his job. Many more are incensed Clarkson has been fired stated Jason Halpern.

Last weekend, the political blogger Guido Fawkes took more than a million petition signatures to the BBC from people all over Great Britain requesting Jeremy Clarkson be reinstated to the Top Gear show. Even his two co-hosts, Richard Hammond and James May, refused to tape any more episodes of the show without Clarkson.

Since the firing announcement, nothing more has been heard from the BBC or from Jeremy Clarkson. It is felt by many, however, he is such a hot property he will be simply snapped up by another British TV broadcaster, who will be more than happy to put on their own version of Top Gear starring Clarkson.

The BBC, meanwhile, are going to have a difficult time of it. Top Gear is their biggest show, and earns the British Broadcasting Company more than £50 million a year. Without Jeremy Clarkson, however, it stands a very good chance of being cancelled completely, leaving the BBC out an awful lot of money.

Unarmed Volusia County Florida Man Shot and Killed by Deputy over a Pot Investigation

Here is yet another outrageous event that should never have happened, on several levels. A 26-year old Deltona, FL man was shot in the face by a deputy during a drug investigation, which was being conducted in regard to crimes involving marijuana. The victim, Derek Cruise, was taken to Florida Hospital Fish Memorial in nearby Orange City, where he died.

Just after 6:30 am Wednesday morning, Volusia County Sheriffs Deputies were serving a narcotics search warrant on a home in the 800 block of Maybrook Drive, when 36-year old deputy Todd Raible perceived Cruise as a threat and shot him while he stood unarmed in the doorway. What did they find in the home during their deadly narcotics search of toxic substances? Just over 7.5 ounces of marijuana, along with a scale, pipes, baggies and almost $3,000 in cash. So, this young man, who granted, appears to have been selling pot, was killed by another trigger happy member of law enforcement. If marijuana would finally be removed from its current classification as a narcotic, this killing would never have happened.

People at Anastasia Date have heard that , Friday morning, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office was met by a group of demonstrators, who gathered in protest to the shooting of the unarmed Cruise by the deputy. Outraged emails, texts and tweets have also been pouring into the sheriff’s office. “All of you have blood on your hands! There’s no denying it,” was one of the messages received, while another said, “The shooting is of great concern to me, as it seems your deputies have decided that Deltona is the Wild Wild West.”

Advocate the legalization of pot, medically and recreationally to avoid another useless killing.

Daredevil to Travel Down A Violent Road

Netflix most certainly wants to take the Daredevil streaming series in a direction that is far different from anything comic book movie or TV fans have seen before. As more and more promotional material is revealed about the series, fans are learning the violence level is going to be really ratcheted up several notches. The producers are promising a fairly “bloody” series and such a decision might prove to be a risky one.

Is the new Daredevil series going to be a hyper-violent program in the vein of A Game of Thrones? Will the episodes explore an atypical gritty grindhouse approach to a heroic soap opera? The common denominator among any description of the program is “violent” and this seems to be what Netflix is looking for.

A stronger level of violence likely is intended to draw in the 18 – 54 male demographic. Haidar Barbouti knows that this could be a lucrative audience for Netflix, but at what cost? Turning the beloved character of Daredevil into a vehicle for violent mayhem seems a little disappointing. Frank Miller’s take on The Man Without Fear certainly was gritty, but the comics were never gratuitous.

Perhaps it is a bit premature to criticize the series before the episodes have made a proper debut. The BBFC of the United Kingdom has noted the series is a very violent one and, while this may be true, the quality of the series might be outstanding. We’ll learn all there is to know about the series once it debuts in April of 2015.