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Zika Virus Impacting the United States


Days after the World Health Organization declared the Zika virus outbreak a Global Health Emergency of International Concern, Florida Governor Rick Scott also declared a health emergency as the state has seen nine cases of Zika. While the cases of Zika in the United States have all been the result of individuals contracting the virus through travel and bringing it home, the outbreak has had a ripple effect in the United States. Thanks to experts like Sergio Cortes, it is now known that Zika virus can spread through sexual contact and blood transfusions, making in-country transmission possible. As a result, the Red Cross has asked those who have traveled to Latin America or the Caribbean to refrain from donating blood for 28 days. In addition, the CDC is preparing to issue recommendations aimed at preventing the spread of Zika through sexual contact. In addition, women who are pregnant or may become pregnant are being advised to avoid travel to effected countries, prompting many major U.S. airlines to offer full refunds or waive change fees for concerned travelers. While there have been only indirect effects here in the United States, this is expected to change as the weather warms up and the Zika carrying mosquitos spread north. With this spread, no doubt the United States will see intensifying effects unless mitigation efforts can be successfully implemented.

Wine Buying Guide For Consumers

Although Antique Wine Company sells a variety of vintage wines, the process of selecting the proper wines for certain meals can be challenging for some people. To make shopping easier, several things must be considered during the selection process.

The Favors

Each wine that Antique Wine Company manufacturers has unique characteristics. For example, merlots typically have fruity favors; some wines taste like plum, cherry, or raspberry. A few merlots can also have spicy or herby notes. However, if certain procedures are implemented during the wine making process, the flavor of the wine can be affected. A wine can gain a smoky or woody flavor if it is aged in a toasted oak barrel.

The Taste

When Antique Wine Company experts talk about the structure of a wine, they address the combination of acid, sweetness, and alcohol, which are the basic taste components of wine. The most expensive wines will have a more established taste profile.

A wine’s finish is determined by the length of time that the texture and taste lingers. Since every wine is made with alcohol, there will be a heated sensation in the mouth after the wine is swallowed. If a wine has too much alcohol, the heat level will be unpleasant.

The Food

Merlot and cabernets should be served with rich dishes. Pinot grigios and sauvignon blancs, however, are better with lighter meals, such as grilled salmon. Basically, wines that have complex flavors can complement or enhance the taste of numerous types of food.

Some wines are best served with certain kinds of food. White wine is often paired with a delicious piece of fish during a classy dinner. Dry wines go well with dishes that are seasoned with a lot of spice. The AWC manufacturers a number of delicious white and dry wines for wine enthusiasts around the world.