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E-Governe: A Modern And Digital Solution

E-governe system is the most up-to-date system that is assisting a huge number of multinational companies in whole Brazil. As you are already aware of a game “Rubik’s Cube”; for those of you who don’t know what Rubik Cube is, its square shape playable box that same amount of square in each directly and in a traditional Rubik cube there are millions of options are there but only one is perfect.

That is what we called e-governe; a combination of three globally acclaimed companies in whole Brazil that has formed this firm. With data security, modern technologies and algorithms, easy to user GUI along with the modular system, E-Govern has best of the best for you for your state or municipality.

Due of many municipalities and state opting for this solution with the centralized command center, e-governe is becoming a rising centralized database of whole Brazil. Another significant municipality Brazil is integrated with the portfolio of ICI on And this month, another municipality from Osasco, signed an official contract with the Educação school management system through e-governe. ICI will also supply different type of workstation equipment, installation, and inputs of an electrical and logical network and will also implement a call center for MED of São Paulo.

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This e-governe system will now cover each and every school in the whole city, including the Continuing Education Center and head office of the Municipal Education Department. Few of the crucial benefits are but not limited to Security and uniqueness of information; make sure the integrity of data is intact to lessen the chances of data loss. It is also helping in the issuance of reports in real time; grant access through the web; create, share and then make available all the reports for the quick referee. E-Governe also helps in minimizing or eliminating rework and controls access rights according to needed security levels as defined by the company.

E-Govern also makes sure the agility in the opening and then meeting every rising demand of different school units. The State of Osasco, fifth largest city is with the top index of the development of the state. A development promoted by retail, industries and wholesale companies and different service providers that involved to the city Associations, Federations and many other significant bodies of representation and support of productive activity.

This system will soon apply in ICI, and it will be the very first tool to manage HR system of whole ICI. Now the City Hall intends to develop the system to improve service for the common public as well. The advantages of e-governe are more than you can even imagine, such as increasing the response to the demands of the population, identifying problems, analyzing suggestions and monitoring the services being an offer to the municipality.

The goal of e-governe is to efficiently manage the State and Municipal Health Secretariats because it’s the most difficult task in term of Public Administration. This e-governe system also helps in regionalizes the attendance system so that HR module can work efficiently. However, with the help of e-governe Health things becomes functional, simpler and more economical.

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