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Joseph Bismark: The Spiritual Entrepreneur


Joseph Bismark is a dynamic businessman with a unique philosophy that involves integrating business and spirituality in ways most would think impossible. Harmonizing the ruthless world of business with the the spiritual virtues he learned as a monk in the Philippines in his youth. A recent article posted on the word press blog Bring On The Random gave incite into how this unique business leader is not only changing the way business is done at his company Qi Group, but how he is spreading the word everywhere.

He accomplishes this integration through a combination of teamwork and realizing that the spiritual welfare of his employees is important, not only for the employee, but the company as a whole. Mr. Bismark understands that an unhappy stressed out employee will not provide the level of service needed to customers or be very productive. His philosophy of treating everyone with respect and encouraging a sense calm peacefulness is a refreshing change in the usually cutthroat world of business and his employees love him for it.

Mr. Bismark’s time as a monk has clearly left a lasting impression on him and he utilizes the philosophy he learned there to develop ways to resolve performance issues that have developed in business. Can one man change the way business is done and make the work place better for everyone? If that man is Joseph Bismark he just might.