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Improving the state of National Steel Car by Gregory James Aziz

The initial state of the National Steel Car

Before Gregory James Aziz contributed to the purchase of the National Steel Car, the company was very low in production. The number of vehicles produced could not even supply the country as a whole. The company only focused on the Canadian market as they faced a lot of competition from within and without the country. By 1994, the National Steel car could only produce about 3500 vehicles in a year. The number of production was very low as compared to the required threshold to meet the market demands. The production could only be sufficient for the consumers who could order in advance. Because of this low production, the number of employees in the company greatly reduced as well. Since the production of this number of vehicles was not a challenging task, the company only could manage about 600 employees.

How Gregory James changed the company

After taking over from the company in 1994, a lot of changes were seen in the company. Leadership skills were required to improve the production and performance of the National Steel Car. As the CEO, James Aziz made a lot of changes that improved the overall performance of the company. His leadership style provided a way in which production can be increased. He engaged the employees and the management, and the result became very positive.

The focus on production

Greg Aziz understood that production of more cars was possible since there were resources. One of the most surprising facts is that Gregory Aziz did not change the equipment of production. He did not add the number of removed anything. He only ensured that they could perform properly for the benefits of the company. With the focus of increasing the rates of production, James Aziz saw the need for more employees. The production rate was very high to be handled by the 600 employees who were initially in the company. In improving the state of production, Greg Aziz did not fire anyone.

He used the existing team to improve the state of the company. Since most of those employees understood the nature of production, Gregory Aziz only promoted them to different ranks to help with the production process. With these changes, the rate and level of production changed from 3500 per year to over 12000 cars in a single year. The increase in production consequently increased the need for more employees and the population increased from 600 to almost 4000 employees in five years.