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Kabbalah International Centre

The Kabbalah International Centre is a non-profitable organization in Los Angeles, California, providing online Zohar courses, and Kabbalistic wisdom.

Kabbalah is an old perception that discloses how life and the universe exist. The sole rationale for Kabbalah is enlightening people and eliminate turmoil from the world.

Kabbalah wisdom was once refuted by Traditional Judaism, which initially misunderstood the complexity of the Kabbalah, and often discouraged beginners without Jewish law background and Mishnah wisdom. Consequently, many traditionalists perceive the Kabbalah Centre as a falsification of Judaism and Judaism ancient, as well as mysterious spiritual custom. However, the knowledge experience at the Kabbalah Centre is based on the Zohar. It is also based on the sacred text of kabbalistic knowledge and the symbols of the grand international kabbalists. The Zohar translates the general spiritual systems and mysteries illustrated in the Bible or Torah.

The center was developed in 1922, by Rav Yehuda Ashlag, and is the leading global organization committed to spreading Kabbalah wisdom. Since its initial development in Jerusalem by Rav Yehuda Ashlag, the center has witnessed succession heritages and is recently directed by Rav Berg and his family. The Kabbalah Centre Volunteer plan is the underpinning upon which the Centre is built. The Kabbalah Centre has a means to start teaching learners sensible systems that do not create preceding Jewish and Hebrew knowledge texts, a must qualification for understanding. In harmony with the conviction, does not offer itself as a religion alternative, it rather complements faith. The Centre believes that the internationally recognized religious belief systems should be directly explicit, universal, wisdom branches. The Kabbalah Centre supplies online learning and physical locations that offer prayer services, DVD’s, CD’s, downloads, books, and lectures.

Kabbalah Centre is compassionate to the community and provides learners with the backgrounds for exchanging ideas, develop relationships with concurring people, and develop the spiritual intellect. The Kabbalah International Centre has international multi-ethnic teaching staffs, who present guidance and training to its global learner population. The Kabbalah Centre also has other city-based and regional study groups and centers worldwide, with 50 global spots, and new beginners learning each week.