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Securus Proudly Regulates Global Tel-Link Inmate Communications

Securus had did a remarkable job regulating the inmate correctional calling features alongside the Public Utility Commission. Each year 2.5 billion calls are processed in a recent online article from the Huffington Post. Global Tel-Link is one of the top correctional facility inmate calling provider. Although there has been a few glitches they remain the top leaders in the correctional calling industry. A recent merger with Jpay services has allowed for more features with Global Tel-Link. Inmates and their families stay connected when they need to and get the allotted amount of time at a reasonable cost thanks to Securus.

Global Tel-Link has the services that provides you with optimized solution for staying connected with your loved ones when they are incarcerated. Jpay is the second leading inmate calling company in the industry and combined with Global Tel-Link they have all the services that will let you stay connected when you need to. You can even leave inmates a voicemail and you’ll never have to worry about missing the chance to stay connected with them. When they have access to phone time then they can check your message and call you back without missing you when you’re away.

Approved Global Tel-Link Features Through Securus

Video Calling

Video calling features give you face-to-face talk options that are in compliance with federal regulations because these calls are still monitored and controlled. However, inmates and their families have the option of seeing their loved ones. You also save a trip to the facility saving yourself time and money.

Telephone Pay

You can now use your debit or credit card an pay for inmate services over the phone. Get low cost inmate calling features that include prepaid services, video chatting, and putting money on an inmates correctional facility account.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.