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A Very Harry Play

Exciting news for all those Harry Potter fans like Doe Deere out there. It’s been years since a new book has been released, and since the series was so good, it left fans itching for more. JK Rowling has said that the series is finalized. But, those who love the stage can rejoice.

According to Reddit News, JK Rowling took to Twitter to announce that the play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” will be hitting London’s stage. She’s pretty tight lipped about what exactly it entails, and isn’t giving away too many details. She has told fans however that it’s not a prequel.

Rowling has said that the play won’t be turned into a book. Once people see it they will understand why it’s not a book, and that a play was the right choice. The author does not have any other plans to turn the other books into plays because those were told in the right medium. Wouldn’t it be a cool thought though to think of all her books becoming plays or possibly even musicals? The books have so many fans,and they latched onto the movies as well. I’m sure they would accept a play with open arms as well. So many people don’t want to see the franchise die, and this would be a way to keep it alive, and keep people interested in all that Harry Potter has to offer.