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Visual Search Company Slyce Is Growing Strong

Visual Search Companies Gain Interest

The newest counterpart of online shopping is visual search recognition. There are several start up companies that have shown interest in this industry. In fact, according to an article from Live Mint, the industry is on an upswing in India, and there are start ups in visual search throughout the world. This industry has gained a great deal of interest from online retailers and offline retailers. All the suppliers in fashion, lifestyle products and home improvement products (and others) are showing interest in this industry because it seems like it is giving a new type of feedback about customer needs that have never been expressed this rapidly.

According to the article from Live Mint, the retailers and other suppliers don’t even know how to read these trends just yet. This is because they are used to taking trends into account for their supply driven models within a few months after they are generated. Now, the visual search industry is generating such a fast paced stream of high quality data feedback on the trends that they are seeing that retailers, especially fashion suppliers are having trouble keeping up with this new tool for data analysis.

Consumers Benefit From Visual Search Companies

It is only the beginning, but consumers are clearly seeing how they can easily benefit from using visual search like Slyce, make it easy for any consumer to log in to their application on their smart phone or other device in order to do their shopping. This is much easier than going through the typical methods of online shopping because visual search uses images instead of keywords. With Slyce, users can take a picture of anything in their environment, 2D images, TV screens, real objects, QR codes or bar codes. They can also use an image that they have already taken to conduct the search.

Slyce is growing rapidly, and it is helping retailers grow quickly as well. They are making it easier for consumers to find the products they want without unwanted recommendations. The recommendations must be generated accurately or else consumers will be turned off. Slyce has special features that are in place in order to generate recommendations. They also have an app called Snip Snap that helps consumers keep track of coupons.