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White Shark Media Doesn’t Just Listen They Take Action

People and companies learn from their mistakes or errors they make along their growth journey. It is also a common understanding that not all errors will be identified through self-evaluation and that in some instances; it takes third party interference through corrections for an individual or company to realize the mistakes and faults within them or their systems. White shark media understands these two theorems. The company doesn’t, therefore, ignore client complaints or recommendations and neither are two treated similarly.
Just like in any other company, client complaints just like compliments are not uncommon. What makes white shark media different is the approach it takes in handling them. With white shark, they are first of all accepted and appreciated as an indicator of the company’s impact on the society. The company then embarks on addressing them not just to solve the current situation but to ensure they don’t recur in future to the same or another party. Here are two key complaints received by White shark media in the past that serve as an example of how the company deals with its customer complaint.
I am no longer in touch with my marketing campaign reports.
This has been common with new clients or those with less experienced in online marketing strategies. This mainly includes the small business owners who either aren’t able to review their marketing campaign or just those that don’t know how to interpret it. Initially, some felt that the reporting system adopted by the company was somehow complicated.
To solve this, the company resulted to first orienting each and every client before launching the campaign. This implies that the client gets an idea of what they are to expect with their campaign before it even starts. Going forward, they are better equipped with the report as it grows.
Inadequate communication between clients and content managers
Some other clients felt like white shark media’s communication process was bureaucratic. They weren’t in direct touch with their marketing campaign experts. They felt the process of linking with their campaign managers was long or tedious.
In response, the company adopted a raft of measures to ease communication between clients and their content management experts. Firstly, the company initiated the monthly status calls between clients and managers where they get to link up and review the campaign reports for the last 30 days. To further make the communication easy, the company came up with direct lines forms of communications where clients can directly contact their content managers whenever need be.