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Has Zayn Been Preparing To Leave 1D All Along

The fact that Zayn decided to leave One Direction still seems so unreal that most fans don’t even want to believe it. After 5 long years with the most successful boy band in the world, Zayn just calls quits and stops being a part of the group. Even though Zayn left for his personal reasons, the most famous band of our time is never going to be the same again.

History has a way however of repeating itself and boy bands have a thing with uniting back together so this may just be a break of Zayn and not a full good bye.

Anastasia Date employees know that such a big split doesn’t just come out of no where, and there must have been a huge discussion that went on for a long time over what Zayn’s split from the band would do to it. I’m sure he wouldn’t just ruin all his friends success just based on his own ego. Let’s just say that if their next album isn’t good, it’s all Zayn’s fault.

The only hint that suggested that Zayn may not join the band on their tour was when they sent out their tour sheet requirements for each stadium, stating that most of their needs will be for a minimum of 4 people and not 5. Also there will only be 4 electric adapters and 4 of everything else which just didn’t make sense at the time. Now it finally makes sense.