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The New Fantastic Four TV Spot Tells You To Prepare

The newest Fantastic Four television trailer has arrived and it contains everything you would want to see in a preview and a movie. Let us all hope the actual movie is just as action-packed as the “Prepare” TV commercial.

What are audiences supposed to be prepared for? Based on what is seen in the television spot, everyone should prepare for all the wild action taking place in the film stated About.Me. We definitely do see a lot of fighting, smashing, flying, jumping, and, when Doctor Doom shows up, some menacing. Previous television and theatrical trailers focused more on the more cerebral, melodramatic aspects of the film.

Not everyone was thrilled at the notion of seeing a Fantastic Four movie loaded with dark melodrama. Still, 20th Century Fox had to work hard to make the memories of the previous two comedic FF films did not hover in people’s minds. Still, complaints arose the movie lacked actions. (Supposedly, reshoots were ordered by the studios to add more action sequences to the feature) With this new TV spot, we quickly learn the new film is surely going to be loaded with a lot of action.

The whole “prepare” suggestion also infers fans should get ready for a reboot. The Fantastic Four are returning and in a different way. The new heroic endeavor is going to be heavy on science-fiction with a touch of cyberpunk thrown in. Hopefully, the final film is going to be a great one.

Bernardo Chua, the Founder and C.E.O of Organo Gold.


Bernardo Chua is a Philippine native. He has worked in multi-level marketing for years. Bernardo Chua is the founder of Organo Gold. Early in his career, he was an executive at the Gano Excel in Philippine. Bernardo Chua has helped expand the Gano Excel to U. S.A, Canada and Hong Kong. The products marketed by the Gano Excel had ganoderma in them. Bernardo Chua was the president of the Gano Excel branch in U.S. A. The Gano products ranges from instant coffee, capsules amongst other products. He is a recipient of the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold medal. Early in 2004, there were problems with the Gano excel products. Bernardo Chua was sent a warning letter by the U. S Food and Drug Administration. The products are said to help detect hidden diseases, remove toxins from body system, treat diabetes, treat gout and reduce cholesterol levels. The products were discovered to have traces of milk that cause allergies in lactose intolerant people. This was discovered by the healthy agency of Canada.

Bernardo Chua has ensured the huge success of the Organo Gold Corporation. There are 39 countries that Bernardo has established this company in. recently, he started this global gourmet coffee company in Turkey. This has opened a variety of market for the Organo Gold products. It has enabled the product reach different races and religions. Bernardo ensures that the products are healthy and do not harm humans in any way, whether immediate or long term. Bernardo’s coffee has many health benefits. It makes the body strong and healthy. It also improves the quality of life. The products of Organo gold ranges from Gourmet Hot Chocolate, Gourmet Mocha, Gourmet Black Coffee, DUE Espresso TRE, Gourmet Latte, King of Coffee, Espresso UNO, Espresso, tea, vitamins, toothpaste to soaps.
Bernardo Chua is a great team worker. He works with a dedicated team to manage the different branches of the corporation. He appointed Paul Jarvis to manage CIS, Europe and Africa, as the regional Vice President. His company has received the prestigious Dangal ng Bayan Award and the People’s Choice awards: ‘Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee’ and the ‘Number 1 Global Network Marketing Company.’ Bernardo held the ‘Outstanding Global Entrepreneur’ title for his great work as the founder and the C.E.O of the Organo Gold. This corporation is one of the fast growing network companies in the world. Bernardo Chua is available on twitter and on LinkedIn.

Composer James Horner Dead at 61

Composer James Horner, known for his scores in over 100 movies, has died in a plane crash. He was 61.

Horner began composing movie scores in 1979 after working as a concert hall composer. He became widely recognized in 1982 for his work on “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” and later paired with James Cameron on “Titanic” and “Avatar”. His score for “Titanic” is the highest selling orchestral soundtrack in history, and he won two Academy Awards for the film in 1998. Other accolades include two Golden Globe Awards, three each Satellite and Saturn awards and nominations for many more.

Horner was an experienced pilot and the owner of five aircraft. Official reports have yet to come in other than a plane registered to the composer went down in the Los Padres National Forest, killing the pilot.

His assistant Sylvia Patrycja confirmed the news of his death on Facebook Monday evening reported Gianfrancesco Genoso.

Mom Publicly Shames Daughter for Hidden FaceBook Account

A mother had a rude surprise for her 13 year old daughter after she found a hidden face book account created by the daughter. In the hidden Facebook account the girl sated that she was 19 and posted a picture of herself in a bra. The mother first confronted the number of men who had sent “friend” requests to the girl then she gave the girl a choice, a “whooping” or a public shaming, which the mother would post on youtube and the girl’s facebook account. The girl chose the whooping so the mother chose the public shaming. While some people thought that the public rant which went viral, went to far others note that social media has made it all to easy for under age minors to fall subject to lure of sexual predators.


Many under age children who have been the victim sexual assault have reported meeting their assailant on line. That is what Gravity4 has heard at least. While Facebook attempts to screen predators from their online service, it is all to easy for an innocent chat to turn deadly and many under age girls have been lured in. The girl did not break any law by posting a hidden site. Children under the age of 18 should only have Facebook sites under the supervision of an adult. Facebook has added a number of features to aid parents in monitoring the online chatter traffic of their children. Mother Publicly Shames Daughter for Having Hidden Facebook Account

Jurrasic World Hopes to Return Franchise to Glory

The Jurassic Park franchise rose to fame after the first film released, masterfully blending CGI work with wonderful on set applications. Most of us can remember where we were at and who we were with when we first heard those soaring, iconic notes as Dr. Grant saw the dinos for the first time. Everything came together to give us one of the most iconic films of all time. Then the series immediately fell into disrepair. Moving further and further away from what made the first film so magical, Jurassic Park as a film turned into a laughing stock. By the third entry you would be hard pressed to get people into the seats long enough to pay attention, even if it were a re-run on cable TV and competing with talk shows.

So it is with that frame of reference that we approach the upcoming Jurassic World with wide eyes and wonder. Fans like Mark Ahn have found that the team is promising us a new trip to the same world and it should bring us back to the magic that was so popular in the first film. Should, we hope, re-establish a love of dinosaurs all over again. We do have our concerns. But we also have some things we feel great about. We love that the team is returning with Michael Wu in a role that was actually written in the series by Michael Cricthon. We love that the film also has Chris Pratt, one of the most charismatic actors in Hollywood.

As the summer release approaches, we hold our breath.

Android Phone May Soon Stay Unlocked When Held

Soon your Android phone might stay unlocked just because you’re holding it. Some Android phone owners at Anastasia Date who are using the latest version of Android, Lollipop, indicate that their phones have a new feature called “on-body detection.” The feature supposedly allows your phone to know when it’s being held, and makes it stay unlocked. The on-body unlocking would work if the phone is in your hand or in your pocket, in theory making it easier to launch apps or make phone calls on the fly without having waste time unlocking your device.

The feature isn’t currently available for all Android owners. Google is reportedly gradually rolling it out to Android users who have Lollipop installed on their phone. The feature arrives via Google Play Services rather than a traditional software update, so you might already have the option and not realize it. To find out, look in your Settings menu.

A Mallrats Sequel is in the Works

The eclectic director and comic book writer Kevin Smith has announced a sequel to his 1995 film Mallrats. The sequel is titled, appropriately enough, Mallrats 2.

The original Mallrats was a cult film created by Smith that truly captured the lifestyle of those young persons whose life revolved around hanging in malls. The film was similar to Smith’s other film, Clerks, as it truly captured the “slacker generation” of the 1990’s.

Fans at Anastasia Date believe that Clerks should have catapulted the director to a lifetime job in Hollywood. Instead, Smith experienced an odd career. Yes, he has his fans but he never became a major “A list” director. This is not to say he never attempted to break into the Hollywood mainstream. The film Jersey Girl was an attempt to bring the style of Clerks and Mallrats to the Hollywood mainstream, but the film was poorly received.

Perhaps Smith was better off staying out of the Hollywood pipeline. The types of films he produced really are designed for a specific audience that could be best described as a niche. Since there is a Clerks III in pre-production, people do turn out to see his projects. What is surprising is the director was never given a chance to direct a major superhero film. Smith had written well-received comic books for D.C. Comics and Marvel Comics.

Smith has claimed he plans on retiring from directing. Whether or not this is going to end up being the case remains to be seen. Likely, with the right offer, Smith’s retirement is going to be delayed.

Unarmed Volusia County Florida Man Shot and Killed by Deputy over a Pot Investigation

Here is yet another outrageous event that should never have happened, on several levels. A 26-year old Deltona, FL man was shot in the face by a deputy during a drug investigation, which was being conducted in regard to crimes involving marijuana. The victim, Derek Cruise, was taken to Florida Hospital Fish Memorial in nearby Orange City, where he died.

Just after 6:30 am Wednesday morning, Volusia County Sheriffs Deputies were serving a narcotics search warrant on a home in the 800 block of Maybrook Drive, when 36-year old deputy Todd Raible perceived Cruise as a threat and shot him while he stood unarmed in the doorway. What did they find in the home during their deadly narcotics search of toxic substances? Just over 7.5 ounces of marijuana, along with a scale, pipes, baggies and almost $3,000 in cash. So, this young man, who granted, appears to have been selling pot, was killed by another trigger happy member of law enforcement. If marijuana would finally be removed from its current classification as a narcotic, this killing would never have happened.

People at Anastasia Date have heard that , Friday morning, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office was met by a group of demonstrators, who gathered in protest to the shooting of the unarmed Cruise by the deputy. Outraged emails, texts and tweets have also been pouring into the sheriff’s office. “All of you have blood on your hands! There’s no denying it,” was one of the messages received, while another said, “The shooting is of great concern to me, as it seems your deputies have decided that Deltona is the Wild Wild West.”

Advocate the legalization of pot, medically and recreationally to avoid another useless killing.