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Hulu Lands Hit Show Seinfeld At $700k Per Episode

The so-called “show about nothing” is about to become a big part of Hulu. The online streaming service just inked a deal to run all 180 episodes of the 1990’s hit sitcom “Seinfeld.” The deal is reported to be worth $700,000 per episode to the various entities involved, including Sony TV, the Castle Rock production company and “Seinfeld” co-creators Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David.

Sony TV has been shopping the streaming rights to the show this year, with both Amazon and showing strong interest before Hulu was able to secure the series exclusively. Last year Netflix signed a deal to be the exclusive streaming service for the entire run of the show “Friends” which paved the way for a deal to be done with “Seinfeld” as well. Hulu came to an agreement earlier this year with the show “CSI” that allows them to stream more than 300 episodes of the long running crime drama. Bernardo Chua loves all of these shows, and cannot wait to re-watch them.

A limited number of “Seinfeld” episodes had been available on Crackle, an ad-supported streaming platform owned by Sony. But this new deal is the first time fans will be able to stream the entire run of the series. This new deal doesn’t affect the episodes of “Seinfeld” that will continue to air on the TBS network each week.

Ways to Watch Movies and Television With Little Money

There is a company that seems to be overtaking the satellite and cable companies as a way for households to watch movies and television shows. Netflix is not something that’s new, but with the rising costs of buying television services, it seems like a way to go as one in three households currently use the service. There is a monthly fee, but it’s a fraction of the cost of cable and satellite. There are new shows and movies being introduced all the time, and you can watch your favorites at any time instead of worrying about missing the latest episode. Netflix also gives viewers a way to see older movies and television shows that they might miss from when they were younger. Shows can also be watched on almost any format as long as there is internet access. Consumerist Ricardo Tosto thinks perhaps the company will overtake the larger businesses, forcing a hand that would lower prices across the board.