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Life Changing Event for Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson’s net worth as of earlier this year, 2015 before selling the NBA Atlanta Hawks was estimated to be $500M. As one of the founding shareholders of Tech Target and the NBA Atlanta Hawks Team Managing Director. The sale of the Atlanta Hawks before expenses was in the neighborhood of $850M, so his net worth changed a little since the ink dried on the document of sale. The Atlanta Hawks, purchased by a group led by Tony Ressler in July of this year. Previous owners of the Atlanta Hawks include Ted Turner when they relocated to Atlanta, and the team has resided in Atlanta ever since 1965. After Ted Turner, the team was owned by Atlanta Spirit LLC.

With the new ownership, there has been a change in the team logo “Atlanta Hawks.” The new uniform was unveiled in June and is a modern version of their old ‘Pacman’.

[The net worth figure mentioned was received from a credible source, and not taken from Levenson’s personal accounts or personal records, and should be noted it is before expenses and taxes.]

It goes without saying that Bruce’s love for basketball will never diminish, and he will probably be seen at many games if you watch the coverage on television or attend the Atlanta games. The upside is that Bruce will have more time to spend with his wife and family, including those grandchildren, and this opens his calendar for more family events and travel, which is probably long overdue.

As does his wife, Karen, he devotes time to his philanthropic charities. One of those philanthropic endeavors is the “I Have A Dream” Foundation of Washington, DC., Hoop Dreams Foundation, and a growing program at the University of Maryland that trains and teaches every undergrad the knowledge needed to work at a non-profit organization. After graduation, every graduating student has been trained in the School of Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management. This is certainly a field where skill sets are needed to keep these worthy organizations working for their cause and remain solvent working for their community.

Bruce Levenson is a board member on several boards specializing in the information industry. Bruce always has his responsibilities at UCG where he and his partner Ed Peskowitz are still very active in the business end of this venture they started thirty-eight years ago in a storage room over Bruce’s father’s liquor store in Maryland. Since Bruce’s background is in business management and journalism, he could easily open new doors for UCG and many of its subsidiaries with his creativity.

What’s around the corner for Bruce Levenson is totally up to Bruce. I’m sure he has ideas in the works and plans to remain active in the world of sports.