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FreedomPop Entices Mobile Freebie Seekers

To compete with TalkTalk and Tesco Mobile, Stephen Stokols has obtained great advice and venture capital to set up FreedomPop in the United Kingdom. FreedomPop is located and founded in the United States since 2011. That territory is not big enough for Mr. Stokols’ liking, so he will pursue the market of free stuff seekers in Great Britain with the help of his former boss at BT, Gavin Patterson. Initially, this venture was proposed and then rejected by chief executive, Patterson when it was put on the table at a BT board of directors meeting.

Stokols would not be discouraged by this but instead with the help of Patterson as an adviser, he decided to head up the launch when the timing was right. Once the stars aligned, Gavin Patterson stepped aside as an adviser due to conflict of interest as BT is a competitor in the mobile markets in the UK. BT has an MVNO agreement with EE. FreedomPop will also be an MVNO or a Mobile Virtual Network Operator that leases masts and other infrastructure services to power its mobile customer subscribers. In fact, FreedomPop is going to rely on alternative connectivity to reduce early start up costs. The traffic on its network will be mainly on WiFi networks instead of mobile networks that use microwave towers networks.

Stokols will be traveling to the UK to complete the negotiations for this new access by meeting with BT over the details for their WiFi networks. They can service the new group of WiFi based subscriptions as there are more than five million hotspots available for such a service. The sign up process will take place online. There is a gathering wave of initial users to the sum of 250,000 in England. They have become intrigued with the free subscription details of a one time sign on fee of 7 pounds with no monthly fee at first with 200 minutes, 200 texts and 200 MB of data offer. Once users run out of these initial free products they will be offered a range of monthly plans from 4.99 Pounds to 16.00 Pounds per month.

It will be possible for subscribers to earn free stuff again by participating in various marketing surveys from third-parties. The target mobile consumer is of the low price product market. The idea was born when Stokols noticed that the users in the United States only habitually used up half of their ‘buy extra capcity.’