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Madonna is one of the most famous women in the world. Love her or hate her, you can’t not ignore her. Well now she has done it again. She is doing it with Versace. Madonna is no stranger to the house of Versace. She has been a family friend for a very long time. even going back to Johnny. Your text to link…

Lady Gaga was the new face, up until now. Exit Lady Gaga, enter Madonna. Madonna is back as being the face for Spring 2015. Which is good, because no one does it better than her. Madonna worked recently with a photographer and the pictures are great.

With Madonna though, there is always controversy. With some of the new pictures, they are causing an uproar.  Anyone who knows Madonna’s history knows that she has done this before. Madonna is all about controversy. Madonna has been controversial sense day one. That has been her stock and trade, aside from her talent. The Society of Fine Arts at Occidental College argue that with controversy often comes a powerful message and nothing could be more true of this music icon.

Versace is the exact same way. Controversial, but with a message. Which is why Madonna is the only one who can represent them in the right fashion.

Drake May Be Adding to OVO Roster

As tension heats up with the Lil Wayne departure from Cash Money, there appears to be another cash money artist that is making moves. It is rumored that King Louie may be signed by Drake’s OVO label.

Right now there are only some tattoos that King Louie showed off that may lead to signs of this possible connection. The “6 God” tattoo – that is also a Drake song – is now permanently embedded in King Louie’s skin so this may be one sign. There is also an OVO tattoo that may be another. If he is not part of the label he is at least a very die hard Drake fan. Brian Torchin believes that something is definitely up.

It has been tweeted by both Tyga and Lil Wayne that there albums have been pushed back. Right now Drake is a major breadwinner for the Cash Money label, but he is slowing building his own roster. King Louie may be a part of it, but no one knows right now. At the moment Drake is trying to promote his cousin P.Reign. Drake directed the “DNF” video for P. Reign and he is also featured on this song. King Louie is best known for his work with Kanye West on “Yeezus.”