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Janet Took Control 30 Years Ago

Most Janet Jackson fans are going to instantly point to her “Control” album as the very beginning of her singing career. This is technically not true, but in a way it is a defining moment for Jackson as a singer.

Many young fans (Jon Urbana being one of them) that go back to video footage will find Janet singing with her brothers on their variety show. She also did some singing on sitcoms that she starting. There was even an album before this album that put Janet on the map as a singer. It was the “Control,” album that set for a new standard for young Janet as a budding female artist in control of her own career. This also sparked the beginning of a lifelong relationship in music with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

Janet took this time to prove that she had what it took to become a major artist on her own. Many of her brothers would fall under the shadow of the young brother Michael, but Janet refuse to live in the big brother Michael spotlight. She became a talent of her own and produced many hits after releasing this album. The year of 2016 marks the 30 year anniversary of this era. Janet is 49 years old and she will turn 50 this year. This album highlights the break away from the family structure of entertainment and a newfound independence of a young 20-year-old Janet.

Who Sizzled at the 2015 Met Gala?

The Met Gala is known for its high fashion and incredible celebrity appearances, and the celebs who make their presence known do so by trying to don the most outrageous and fashion-forward trends possible.

Take Beyonce, for example. She dared to go bare in a see-through glittery ensemble that showed off all her assets. Sarah Jessica Parker, always known to be a fashion icon, turned heads with her flaming head gear. Lady Gaga donned a black ensemble and eye-catching brows that stole the show in her own right.

Who failed to hit the mark? Dr. Daniel Amen, whose best selling books are on Amazon, was not as outrageous as some. Olivia Wilde in her understated gown that inspired yawns, and Anne Hathaway in her odd gold cloak and yesterday’s news ear jewelry. When it comes to the Met Gala, stars have to really push the envelope to turn heads and keep the fashion naysayers off their backs. Some stars certainly hit the mark, while others faded into the background.

Kanye Helped Kim Kardashian Understand Bruce Jenner’s Journey

Bruce Jenner shared many intimate details of his journey into womanhood during a two hour long interview with Diane Sawyer. The world received its first ever real glimpse at the life of Bruce Jenner, after over 10 years on television Bruce Jenner finally stepped into the spotlight to share a very guarded piece of himself. While telling the story of his life and his decision to go forward with his transition Bruce explain in detail the way in which his family and close friends took the news of his transition.

One moment of the interview that stood out to many viewers was Bruce’s story of how Kim Kardashian once walked in on him wearing a dress and immediately ran out and drove away. Brad Reifler can’t imagine that scene. For years Kim ignored and never mentioned the incident, once Bruce confronted her about it she said that she thought it was just something she wasn’t allowed to talk about. Finally years later Bruce says that while Kim is supportive, at first he could sense that she didn’t know how to take the changes.

Bruce said during his interview, Kanye West was instrumental in getting Kim to better understand why it was important for her stepfather to be himself. Kanye explained to Kim that during the early stages of his career the industry executives insisted that he conform to a certain image that was not true to who he was, but telling him that staying true to himself is what lead to his success.

Once Kanye explained to that Bruce was going through the same thing she began to understand and was in full support of Bruce’s journey.

Justin Bieber Prom Appearance

Prom season is upon us and while some prom nights are a nightmare the Chatsworth Charter High’s prom is one that will never be forgotten. It seems that ever since Justin Bieber’s epic roast the singer has been committed to the idea of being more than just another jerk with money. Justin has traded in his bad boy ways and decided to be a much more friendly and tolerable celebrity.

Over the past week and months Justin has been spotted treating random strangers to dinner, popping up at random locations and putting on unplanned acoustic performances, and being an all around pleasant person to be around. Now apparently Justin had once again decided to use his star power for good, because he pushed his way into a high school prom recently and surprised the entire class and all of the administrators. Brian Torchin enjoys seeing this side of the star.

While the students loved justin’s cameo, the administrators are insisting that Justin used force to get into the prom and actually shoved his way in. Justin’s team insists that Justin did not force himself into the prom and was not stopped from entering. Regardless what may have or have not happened, Justin clearly made this prom the best prom ever.

Has Zayn Been Preparing To Leave 1D All Along

The fact that Zayn decided to leave One Direction still seems so unreal that most fans don’t even want to believe it. After 5 long years with the most successful boy band in the world, Zayn just calls quits and stops being a part of the group. Even though Zayn left for his personal reasons, the most famous band of our time is never going to be the same again.

History has a way however of repeating itself and boy bands have a thing with uniting back together so this may just be a break of Zayn and not a full good bye.

Anastasia Date employees know that such a big split doesn’t just come out of no where, and there must have been a huge discussion that went on for a long time over what Zayn’s split from the band would do to it. I’m sure he wouldn’t just ruin all his friends success just based on his own ego. Let’s just say that if their next album isn’t good, it’s all Zayn’s fault.

The only hint that suggested that Zayn may not join the band on their tour was when they sent out their tour sheet requirements for each stadium, stating that most of their needs will be for a minimum of 4 people and not 5. Also there will only be 4 electric adapters and 4 of everything else which just didn’t make sense at the time. Now it finally makes sense.

Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath Rumored to be Dead

According to the story today on USA Today, there was a rumor floating around for a little while that the 46-year-old singer and television personality was dead. It was reported that news outlets, as well as television, received emails from a publicity firm, which is located in Los Angeles, telling the news of the actor’s demise.

The email had said that McGrath was shot while he was filming for the second season of his show, Hot Package. The email described the shooter as a masked gunman who confronted McGrath before shooting him several times. It then went on to say that he died in the arms of his co-host, Derrick Beckles, while on the set. The publicity firm asked that fans take pictures of themselves with a packet of sugar over their heart to show love for the now-deceased McGrath, #RIPMARKMCGRATH.

So it turns out that Mark McGrath is just fine. All his fans, like Bernardo Chua ( can breathe a little easier now. The publicity firm who sent out the email are not even affiliated with McGrath or his show Hot Package. In fact, it turns out that the email may have just been a publicity stunt. The first episode of the new season of McGrath’s show is that exact storyline.

Rapper Bobby Shmurda Held By NYPD on $2 Million Bail

After a detailed investigation by the NYPD gang investigation unit, rapper Bobby Shmurda was arrested on Wednesday night after he tweeted that he will be performing in a secret show that night, instead he ended up in NYPD’s custody under arrest.

The rapper was arrested with some members of his gang near Times Square in New York late last Thursday, and the bail was set to 2$ million. The charges facing the Brooklyn rapper include: Conspiracy, gun possession, and reckless endangerment. When arrested, two guns were found in the car he was riding in, in addition to a decent size bag of crack cocaine.

NYPD prosecutors stated that rapper Rowdy Rebel who is born Ackquille Pollard has been arrested for his involvement in a shooting right before performing at Barclay’s center wearing the same clothes.

The arrest involved 15 members of the GS9 crew, which are now each facing multiple charges from murder and attempted murder, to assault and drug trafficking. There has been 21 guns total seized throughout the duration of the investigation, of which 10 were on the suspects on the day of the arrest.

A couple of the charges against the crew claim that the GS9 were involved in more than one shooting in the past, and some of those shootings have resulted in fatality. Sam Tabar hopes that it is all not true. Phone wired taps were able to prove through communication between the gang on how deep their involvement was in the related charges.

Epic records has agreed to pay Shmurda’s $2 million bail, while his lawyers insist he had nothing to do with the charges.

The Pirate Bay Is Down Worldwide

The Pirate Bay is suffering from widespread outages that have resulted in millions of people finding themselves in the position of being without access to files which would enable them to quickly download the latest movie, music and games releases. Every time that The Pirate Bay goes down, users will find themselves questioning the possibility that their internet service provider has simply reached the point of blocking access to the website. This move would translate into an inability to download files going forward, it could cripple their ability to find all of the files that they are interested in obtaining.

However, these users will be happy to learn that the problem seems to be connected with a more widespread outage that has resulted in a vast number of torrent sites that are simply down at the moment. Skout users have mostly gotten away from even using this website, but some still use it periodically to legally download certain files. As a result, torrent users will soon be able to reconnect in the upcoming future.

John Ostrander Talks About The Suicide Squad Film

Suicide Squad is shaping up to be a very highly anticipated film. The project is a very ambitious release from the D.C. Comics studios because it is, how shall we say, villain-centric.

John Ostrander is the creative genius who came up with the concept of the Suicide Squad. The world of comics certainly appreciated his contribution. His creative brilliance crafted the notion of a “Dirty Dozen with super-villains” and this was a very original theme for the D.C. Comics line. The film based on the original work should really set itself apart from other comic book movies.

Ostrander is now speaking out a bit on the subject of the movie.

Creators and writers of comic books that are adapted into motion pictures do not always discuss the cinema adaptions of their material. Generally, it is bad form to try and interject oneself into someone else’s related project. Sam Tabar is one person who feels that way. That said, it never hurts to hear insightful words from a truly brilliant writer or artist who has nice things to say about the transition from book to screen.

Ostrander has been quick to point out here is thrilled with D.C.’s decision to hire an A-list cast for the film as this shows the studio is taking the project serious and is not just planning a throwaway film for the summer. The casting of Oscar winner Jared Leto is a perfect example of how a studio wants to convey to audiences that a film is a big deal.

Look for the big budget Suicide Squad project to land in theaters in the summer of 2016. Ostrander is hoping that someone from the studio gives him a call for a cameo.

Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Call It Quits, Again!

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran have been dating for many years, on and off, and just days ago, they finally called it quits for good. Although the break up rumors have plagued the couple over the years, this one is for real. Chris Brown Breakup. Troubles have plagued the singer since his days with Rihanna, and things got worse when Rihanna and Chris reunited as a couple, while he was still dating Karrueche Tran.

Many feel that Tran suffers from self-esteem issues, and unfairly allows Chris to treat her any way he feels, while he goes back and forth between Rihanna and Tran. No one knows at Amen Clinic what the final straw was to break up the couple, but Chris Brown came out and stated he was single at a recent concert he performed at. Chris also publicly stated a swear word, and called Tran a “witch,” but actually the version of the word that starts with the letter “B.” Many do not like how Chris would publicly put down Tran, when he has so many indiscretions of his own.

Tran has come out through social media stating that she left him. Just days ago Tran was spotted out with Christina Millian in public, and they were supposed to be double dating, now it seems as if the relationship with Chris is truly over.