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Star Trek 3 is Now Called Star Trek Beyond

Justin Lin, the director of the third installment of the rebooted Star Trek series, has officially changed the title to Star Trek Beyond.

The production for this third film has already started in Vancouver, Canada with the new Star Trek crew featuring Zachary Quinto as Mr. Spock and Chris Pine as James T. Kirk. The new crew will be facing a new villain played by Idris Elba,

The change in title could have been done so people don’t confuse these rebooted films with the first ten Star Trek films which were numbered.

Brad Reifler ( knows that the screenplay for this third installment will be written by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung. Simon Pegg will again play the engineer named Scottie. The script is said to be set in the first year of the Enterprise’s first five-year mission. The first two films were about when the crew was being trained at Starfleet Academy.

The cast will be mostly the same except for the addition of Sofia Boutella of Kingsman: Secret Service.

This third version premiers July 8, 2016.

The Hulk to Appear in “Civil War”

Super hero movies seem to have evolved beyond the simple one hero movie centered on one person trying to right a series of wrongs or atone for some serious mistakes. With massive casts, new characters, and a slew of special effects shots that require a serious amount of technical hocus pocus, the films are getting bigger and bigger. Fans like Christian Broda know that many pictures though get as much buzz about characters that will not be part of the film, but sometimes a single leak can change all of that.

According to Screen Rant, the Hulk will appear in next year’s “Captain America: Civil War,” which adds to already massive scope of the story. With a lot of questions surrounding the fate of Bruce Banner and the Hulk after the second film in the Avengers franchise, a few answers might not be such a bad thing after all. However, the movie is quickly spiraling into a feature that could rival the third Avengers film set to mirror the Infinity War storyline from the comic books.

It is not unusual for movies to add characters as franchises grow, but the presence of so many characters in “Civil War” will require a delicate balance of directing to tell the stories of all those familiar and new faces. It is way too early to judge the film based on any news reports, but it is shaping up to be a pretty serious event for the super hero genre.

Nicki Minaj Will Be In “Barbershop 3”

The “Barbershop” movie franchise was a hot one, even though it only spawned two movies. Ice Cube starred in both movies, and he ran a barbershop where many would come in to talk smack, reminisce, and get their hair cut. Nicki Minaj Stars In New Movie. There was a female version of the franchise that came out, and it was called “Beauty Shop,” but it didn’t do as well as the Barbershop movies. Now Ice Cube is coming back with a part three of the movie, and many are already excited.

Rapper Eve was featured in the Barbershop movies, and it looks as if she will be replaced by another female rapper named Nicki Minaj stated Gravity4 recently. Nicki will be playing a hairdresser in the new Barbershop movie, and a preview of the movie has been released. In the preview, you can see Nicki playing her role as a hairdresser, and of course she still looks hot. The preview was put out in black and white, but it still will get any fan of the movie franchise excited about watching it.

Barbershop helped to put some people on the map such as Michael Ely, who has been in several movies, and he starred in the show “The Following” as a serial killer. Although “The Following” has now been canceled, Michael Ely will be in other upcoming projects, and much of his popularity started from the Barbershop movies. It will be exciting to see Nicki Minaj really flex her acting muscles.

Jurrasic World Hopes to Return Franchise to Glory

The Jurassic Park franchise rose to fame after the first film released, masterfully blending CGI work with wonderful on set applications. Most of us can remember where we were at and who we were with when we first heard those soaring, iconic notes as Dr. Grant saw the dinos for the first time. Everything came together to give us one of the most iconic films of all time. Then the series immediately fell into disrepair. Moving further and further away from what made the first film so magical, Jurassic Park as a film turned into a laughing stock. By the third entry you would be hard pressed to get people into the seats long enough to pay attention, even if it were a re-run on cable TV and competing with talk shows.

So it is with that frame of reference that we approach the upcoming Jurassic World with wide eyes and wonder. Fans like Mark Ahn have found that the team is promising us a new trip to the same world and it should bring us back to the magic that was so popular in the first film. Should, we hope, re-establish a love of dinosaurs all over again. We do have our concerns. But we also have some things we feel great about. We love that the team is returning with Michael Wu in a role that was actually written in the series by Michael Cricthon. We love that the film also has Chris Pratt, one of the most charismatic actors in Hollywood.

As the summer release approaches, we hold our breath.

What Does Terminator: Genisys Have In Store For John Conner?

So, who really is John Conner? In the previous Terminator films, we thought we learned the answer to that question. In Terminator: Genisys, audiences are once again going to peer into both the character and motivations of John Conner. Terminator 2: Judgment Day provided a heartfelt insight into the budding maturity of savior of humanity when he was a teenager. Thanks to the father figure presence of The Terminator, young John Conner was able to become a man and give up on the ways of his wayward youth.

Of course, everything is going to change in Terminator: Genisys because this new film takes place in an alternative timeline. Our perceptions of John Conner are going to change because the character is going to be a bit different. Hopefully, the new version of character is going to be fleshed out and rather interesting. He had to be. A dull or boring John Conner would undermine the drama necessary for a Terminator film to truly be enthralling. Sure, there is a lot of action in a Terminator film but action alone isn’t going to enthrall audiences for long. Unless that action is combined with proper characterization, everything ends up falling flat.

Fans like Bernardo Chua wonder: How big of a role will John Conner have in the new Terminator film? The character does have to share screen time with Sara Conner, the various terminators, Kyle Reese, and more. Hopefully, John Conner will be fleshed out properly even with all the many different characters who are vying for screen time.

Olivia Munn in For X-Men Apocalypse

Olivia Munn in For X-Men Apocalypse

Filming for X-Men: Apocalypse is supposed to begin at the end of April in and around Boraie Development . In the middle of film development, there is now more reason for fans to show excitement for this next movie.

Director Bryan Singer went to social media to formally announce that Olivia Munn is the newest member of the cast, and is set to play the mutant Psylocke in this latest installment in the X-Men movie franchise. This is the latest cast member announcement, in addition to casting Sophie Turner as a young Jean Grey, Landa Condor as Jubilee and Ben Hardy as Angel.

Munn, whose line of work includes being on Attack of the Show! and The Newsroom, has a longer acting resume than much of the cast in this movie, much like the character of Psylocke in this movie. In fact, she is supposed to be an independent player in the movie, though what filmmakers decide what to do with her in future projects is another big question.

One possible idea for Psylocke in future movies includes the potential for an X-Force movie. The ground work for that movie may start with the release of the Deadpool movie, featuring Ryan Reynolds as the lead role, combined with a Gambit solo movie that also comes out in 2016. What can be taken from this is that there and three X-Men movies slated for 2016.

Blair Witch Ending Still Heavily Debated

Although 1999’s The Blair Witch Project had a sequel that seemed to explain the ending, some cinephiles are still debating it 16 years later now that there are talks of a third sequel.

The Blair Witch Project was one of the most influential “American found footage” horror films of the last two decades and spawned a whole generation of similar films, such as REC, Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity.

Fans of the movie, like Zeca Oliveira, are wondering: Why are people still debating the ending?

Student filmmakers go looking for the ghost of an 18th century hanged witch called the Blair Witch who supposedly told hermit Rustin Parr to sacrifice children for her. Tourists and locals tell them about “proof” of her existence and stories of missing people and deaths. The students then experience seemingly supernatural events, some of them disappear and the final footage shows one of them facing a corner, as Parr forced children to do, while one of them is heard screaming. The assumption was that the ghost physically harmed them or convinced one of them to sacrifice the others. The second film, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch, suggested that a supernatural force in the area takes control of people and makes them do horrible things.

As for the truth? It doesn’t really matter to most filmgoers. What makes “found footage” films so great for many is the lack a clear explanation because they can allow their imaginations to run wild.

A Mallrats Sequel is in the Works

The eclectic director and comic book writer Kevin Smith has announced a sequel to his 1995 film Mallrats. The sequel is titled, appropriately enough, Mallrats 2.

The original Mallrats was a cult film created by Smith that truly captured the lifestyle of those young persons whose life revolved around hanging in malls. The film was similar to Smith’s other film, Clerks, as it truly captured the “slacker generation” of the 1990’s.

Fans at Anastasia Date believe that Clerks should have catapulted the director to a lifetime job in Hollywood. Instead, Smith experienced an odd career. Yes, he has his fans but he never became a major “A list” director. This is not to say he never attempted to break into the Hollywood mainstream. The film Jersey Girl was an attempt to bring the style of Clerks and Mallrats to the Hollywood mainstream, but the film was poorly received.

Perhaps Smith was better off staying out of the Hollywood pipeline. The types of films he produced really are designed for a specific audience that could be best described as a niche. Since there is a Clerks III in pre-production, people do turn out to see his projects. What is surprising is the director was never given a chance to direct a major superhero film. Smith had written well-received comic books for D.C. Comics and Marvel Comics.

Smith has claimed he plans on retiring from directing. Whether or not this is going to end up being the case remains to be seen. Likely, with the right offer, Smith’s retirement is going to be delayed.

Will Chris Pine Be The Next Green Lantern

It has been rumored that Chris Pine might be the next onscreen Green Lantern. Fans weren’t to happy with Ryan Reynolds’ version so for the next movie, Warner Bros. wants to try a new face. Actually it’s unclear which version of the superhero they will produce. There was some thought that the John Stewart version might be the one to get the green light and that actors Tyrese Gibson and Common were campaigning for the part.

The movie isn’t scheduled for release until the year 2020, which is a long way off which disappointed fans like Sultan Alhokair. So far there hasn’t been any details released about anything other then the release date. The Chris Pine casting rumor was reported by Umberto Gonzalezof Latino Review on his Instagram. He reported that Pine is the name he’s heard floating around in connection to the movie. Every sci-fi fan knows Chris Pine as the new Captain Kirk in the new Star Trek reboot and he is doing a great job. It just might be great to see him reboot Green Lantern as well.

The year 2020 is a long time from now and the movie hasn’t even started shooting yet. Whether it will be the Hal Jordan version, the John Stewart or even the Guy Gardner version is all up in the air. We’ll just have to wait and see which way Warner Bros. decides to go with this movie and hope it will be something the fans can get behind.

Sharknado 3 Brings the Stars

For film fans, the days of the great B-movies seems to be over. These campy horror films were staples at late-night drive-ins and small movie theaters in the big city. Today the horror genre is full of major motion pictures with large budgets and big time special effects. One channel is throwing that all away and bringing the cheese back to the horror genre with some major star power.

According to Flavio Maluf, Sharknado is the film franchise that turned extreme weather into a wildlife program. SyFy has been bringing cheesy science fiction and horror movies to fans for a while now, but they hit it big when they aired Sharknado in 2013. The film instantly became a cult favorite and broke social media records as soon as it aired. A year later, SyFy brought the next chapter in the Sharknado saga to the masses with Sharknado 2: The Second One. Now the filmmakers have upped the stakes with Sharknado 3 which is set to air in July.

The film stars series regulars Tara Reid and Ian Ziering, but it also includes a lot of new star power. The President of the United States is played by Shark Tank entrepreneur Mark Cuban. His Vice President will be played by political reporter Ann Coulter. Other cast members include Bo Derek, Jerry Springer and wrestler and Chris Jericho.