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How to Handle Management

One of the most important factors when it comes to running a business is also one of the most mishandled factors. When it comes to running a business, one needs to know how to manage his workers. This is a big issue for business owners because it is important to find a middle ground or a balance in order to make things workout in the favor of the business owner. If the business owner is too nice, then people will walk all over her and run her business into the ground. Also, if one is too domineering as a business owner, then that can cause people to walk out. Fortunately, there are people to look to for an example.

One example of a good manager is Susan McGalla. Susan McGalla has found the perfect balance as a manager. For one thing, she is clear in what she expects, and she is clear in the consequence that the worker will face if she is not meeting her expectations. She is also very levelheaded when dealing with people who work under her. Management can eb a very stressful job to take on and it could really overwhelm someone if she can’t take it.

One very important aspect of being a business owner is fairness. Susan McGalla is a shining example of fairness. For one thing, she does not play favorites. Playing favorites can cause a lot of disharmony in the workplace for the manager, and even her favorite worker. Susan McGalla understands all of the pitfalls that could result from playing favorites at work. Instead, she looks at the problem at work. She follows a procedure that is fair. She is also willing to work with her employees if they are struggling to meet an expectation. She looks at the task and responds according to the task, not to the person.

Management should also be very professional. There should be no personal feelings involved in the management of people. In other words, even if the manager has personal feelings for or against her worker, she does not act on it in the workforce. Susan McGalla keeps her personal feelings out of the workplace and treats her employees according to their performance and what they do for the company overall. She talks to them in a professional manner and deals with them according to the procedure that she has set up in dealing with an unsatisfactory performance.

Susan McGalla also knows how to keep a level head. She does not resort to insults and sarcasm and mocking. Instead, they make sure that their employees have an understanding. They also do not blow at their employees due to the fact that the employees could take certain actions against the employer or manager depending on the circumstance. She does the best she can in order to make sure that the employee feels welcome on the job. She is also there to help the employee adjust and do the job in a way that is best for the company.