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Slyce Has An Outstanding Fourth-Quarter 2015

Slyce is a company poised for great things in the future. The Toronto company was launched in a quiet manner. The early plans for the company focused on releasing an image recognition and search program that expanded upon Amazon Flow. The new software would work with affiliated retailer to help customers locate merchandise via matching images. The idea of writing text in a box and hoping for good results was passe.

Slyce was founded in very early 2013. The company has since grown exponentially. The release of the company’s fourth-quarter 2015 report shows just how successfu Slyce has become.

There are three wheels to the report. The report details, investment capital, new products, and strategic partnerships. On all three fronts, Slyce has achieved much.

Slyce has raised an additional $7 million. In doing so, the company is sure to further expand its already impressive lineup of apps and programs. The fourth-quarter report reveals a significant number of impressive new products. These items are sure to help attract more retailers to work with Slyce.

Several huge name retailer have, in fact, signed deals with Slyce. As more and more top retailers sign on with the company, the more Slyce’s presence will grow in the industry. Retailers and consumers are sure to become more familiar with the name. As long as Slyce continues to release quality apps and software, the company is going to continue its path to becoming an industry giant.