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Honest T2 Trailer Hits Every Major Point!

Today, Thursday, June 25, people are still talking
about the Tuesday upload of Screen Junkies’ “Honest” trailer for Terminator 2: Judgment Day. The staff at Screen Junkies quickly noted that the movie was marketed as an entertaining “adorable kid and their pet robot” story even though the dark tone of the film series is about stopping an apocalypse. They also noted that hard R-rated films used to be marketed to children when the film was released in 1991.

They then pointed out the paradoxical nature of the story. Essentially, the only reason John Connor was born and became the leader of the Resistance in the future is because Skynet tried to kill him in the past and the Resistance sent a soldier back in time to save his mom and that soldier became his father. If Skynet had not sent anyone back, then the Resistance would have had no reason to send back the soldier. Yet, John Connor, Resistance leader, somehow existed in the first film before his father ever went back in time.

On Twitter Beneful noted that they also went on to mock the film’s inconsistencies like the T-800 not understanding crying while having “detailed files on human anatomy.”

The best point of the trailer?

In 1991, film trailers gave away important plot points. Twenty years later, the practice hasn’t changed: The Terminator: Genisys trailer gave away many startling plot revelations this year.