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Brian Mulligan’s Career Sets A Good Example

Brian Mulligan has been in his line of work where he has been developing his career for a period of not less than thirty years now. He has served in various organizations globally in different capacities. He is one person who is always committed to his work and hard worker. He is currently at the top of Brooknol Advisors company serving as the CEO.

Brooknol Advisor is an organization that deals in sports advisory, media as well as an entertainment company. Mulligan has been privilgd to work in various positions in this company including COO, CFO as well as the CEO of many other well known entertainment companies. While working in these different organizations he gained experience that has served to his advantage as he leads Brooknol Advisors to higher levels than he found it.

Brian is a talented man and possesses a lot of experience in quite a number of fields. These fields include media, international entertainment, property structuring, theme parks and many other ventures. This experience that he had made him beat all the other people that he was being compared with. This explains why he has been able to climb through so many ranks of leadership in his company to the senior most post of CEO. Currently, he is sits in many organizations board meetings such as international entertainment, media round table, digital round table and as well as many other businesses in sports.

He has been an award winning person starting with the famous one in hollywood the 50 most powerful person and others like the one for investment banking for leading and lastly the most prominent person in investment banking in holly wood. Apart from just being involved in entertainment and sports industries he has been doing quite well in charities and politics of the day. One of the charities that he has been involved in include the one that is referred to as ‘A Better La’. He has also been very active in contributing money in charities for learning institutions such as City of Hope, St. Jude, MCA charitis and several others. In CPA section he has earned a lot of certificates such as FINRA 63 & 79 licenses. Other areas of sports that he has been involved in include coaching football and basketball. He has also served as a commissioner of Youth Basketball.

Some of the transactions where he has played a key role in their implementation that gone to as much as $175 billion.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga are Over

Kylie Jenner and Tyga could have been closer over the past year. It seemed that anywhere Tyga was Kylie wasn’t far behind. While Tyga denied that he and Kylie were and item anyone watching them knew that they were clearly more than friends. Not only was Kylie much younger than Tyga but she was his ex’s little sister. Not ever his onetime friend Drake was supportive of the relationship, but neither Kylie nor Tyga seemed to care.

Fans at STX Entertainment know that, while for the most part Kylie and Blac Chyna never spoke, lately they have been getting catty on social media, taking subliminal jabs at each other about who is with Tyga and who is getting gifts. This week Chyna amped it up when she posted screenshots of Tyga trying to get back together with her. Naturally Kylie was not happy about seeing Tyga begging his ex to be with him again, and now the two are over.

Sources say Blac Chyna is actually enjoying the drama. Seeing Kylie have a fit over Tyga’s texts was just the revenge she needed after watching him skip through town with her for months. Are Tyga’s texts cheating or has he been honest with Kylie the whole time? Who knows, regardless the photos are still on Chyna’s page so she has nothing to hide.

Weekend Box Office Round-Up

The movies in the theater over the past weekend seemed to be a little weak based on the box office numbers from

The number one movie from the past weekend is “Chappie”, the robot sci-fi thriller by Neill Blomkamp. The film earned $13-13.5 million over the weekend. Both of Blomkamp’s other sci-fi films, “District 9” and “Elysium” had a much higher opening weekend take when they were released. The film stars Dev Patel, Hugh Jackman, Sigourney Weaver, and Sharlto Copley. Zeca Oliveira has read that it is set in a dystopian future where robots are the law, until a group steals one and reprograms it to feel emotion. The film opened across the world in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, France, and Germany.

The biggest flop over the weekend was Vince Vaughn’s new comedy film “Unfinished Business”. The film opened to a disappointing $1.8 million over the weekend. The film stars Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco, and Tom Wilkinson who are all business associates who go on a business trip to Europe that turns into a disaster.

I can’t say I’m surprised about “Unfinished Business” not doing well in its opening weekend at the theater. Based on the previews, the film looks like a typical slap-stick, raunchy comedy that Vince Vaughn is usually associated with. I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel like film tastes are changing and those types of movies are not the big hits like they used to be.

Best Shows so Far in 2015 – Is TV Becoming Better than Movies?

This year’s movies have been decent so far but the TV shows available to viewers have really turned things around. From Broadchurch to How to Get Away with Murder (HTGAWM), every show has opened with a bang and some new additions have just opened everyone’s eyes to new possibilities of TV shows. Here are the best TV shows of 2015 so far –

• HTGAWM – Viola Davis’ performance has been the best thing on television since this began and you only need to watch the first episode to understand why. Shonda Rhimes has created something that lovers of law and crime shows will cherish for the years to come.

• Broadchurch (Season 2) – The first season was a roller coaster for everyone and while the critics may have been disappointed in the second season, you would be lying if you say that you are not enjoying the slow build-up of the drama. Fans like Susan McGalla know that Eve Myles has been another revelation this season.

• Agent Carter – You can never stop praising this show too much because it has single handedly silenced every critic who dared to question it. Hayley Atwell is amazing as Agent Carter and this show is set after the events of the first movie – when Captain America supposedly dies (but is later found by Iron Man). The writing of the show is so good that everyone is glad to finally have a great female character.

‘Elementary’ deserves an honorable mention for introducing the wonderful character that was ‘Kitty’ in all our lives.

Taylor Swift’s Sultry New “Style” Clip

Global pop star Taylor Swift’s music videos are often fun and spirited displays. Take the video for the lead single from her latest album “1989,” “Shake It Off.” “Shake It Off” had a jovial and cheerful clip that perfectly matched the tone of the classic pop anthem.

The album’s third and newest video “Style” is a different story, however, according to Reportedly influenced by Swift’s past relationship with famed One Direction vocalist Harry Styles, “Style” is markedly more sultry and melancholy in feel. The same goes for the video, as fans like Ricardo Guimaraes BMG are aware. More on Guimaraes is available on The clip depicts Swift’s “up and down” interactions with a lover. The video shows Taylor and her love frustrated by their positive earlier associations with one another. In the end, the twosome get back together.

“Style” isn’t the sole 1989 tune that’s a reference to singer Styles. The name of the song, however, is a very clear hint at the pair’s prior romantic involvement. The airplane necklace the blonde chanteuse wears in the clip is believed to be a present Styles gave Swift while they were still dating. British actor Dominic Sherwood plays Swift’s boyfriend in “Style.” Kyle Newman served as the video’s director. Newman has directed films such as “Fanboys” and “Chewie.”

Swift, in a wise move, made the “Style” video public as New York Fashion Week was going on. The clip leaked on the internet right before it was supposed to premiere on the popular morning program “Good Morning America.” Swift responded to the leak by rapidly putting the official clip on her Vevo channel.

Tom Rothman: Successor For Pascal?

Amy Pascal is one of the most well known women in Hollywood. Pascal has presided over many famous films, and she is respected by everyone who knows the movie business. When word of Pascal’s future departure in May got out, immediately everyone wondered who would be able to replace her. After all, she has grown to become great friends with people such as Will Smith, and has produced many great films including Spider Man. One name that keeps popping up to replace Pascal is Tom Rothman.

Rothman was let go from Fox studios after working with the company for nearly 20 years. In that time, he worked with director James Cameron on classic movies such as Titanic. Tom Rothman is also well liked by many people in Hollywood, has a vast network of supporters, and has great work experience in the television industry. Rothman’s vast experience makes him the heavy favorite to replace Pascal who was very successful in her own right.

Whenever a giant in an industry gets fired, moves, or retires, there is always a legitimate worry that they are going to leave a void that cannot be replaced. Amy Pascal has had a great career in Hollywood, has made great connections, and has been extremely successful in the industry. Pascal is considered a role model for many women, as she has continued to have success in a male dominated industry. However, Tom Rothman is among the leading candidates to replace Amy Pascal, according to an LA Times article, and some consider him the favorite. Rothman will have a great challenge in front of him to replace Pascal, but many feel like he is up to the challenge and will continue the success that Pascal started.

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