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Active Dogs Need Premium Foods From Beneful

The way that my dog runs all day in the yard I am not surprised that she needs extra calories in her diet. We thought she was sick when she was acting lazy and lethargic one week, but the vet told us that it was just the food that we were feeding her. We took our vet’s advice because we trust the veterinarian, and we decided to switch her to a higher quality dog food. I have always heard such great things about premium dog foods, but we never really looked into them for our dog until we needed to get her on a new food. When we looked into the premium dog foods, the first thing we found was an article from the Daily Herald.
News From The Daily Herald

The news article that we found from the Daily Herald showed us exactly why we should trust premium dog food companies to make a good quality product that we can feed to our dog. We looked into all of the brands that the article mentioned. It mentions PurinaStore in the article. Purina makes a food that is premium called Beneful. Beneful is the dog food that we ended up picking for our dog because of its high quality ingredients that are listed in plain sight on the packaging. They use natural ingredients, and they use real meats in their products. This is something that other brands lack in their ingredients. Some brands use meat by products in their recipes, but Beneful uses real meats and real vegetables in all of their products.

What is so great about buying this product from WalMart is that it gives me the confidence to let the dog play outside for long hours because I know that the dog will have the energy that she needs to play. Beneful makes a bunch of great foods that you should try offering to your dog. If your dog needs the extra energy, then I recommend getting the Beneful Dry Dog Food ( Playful Life. If you want to read that article from the Daily Herald, here it is.