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Penguin the Magpie Finds a Human Family

In late 2013, Penguin the magpie was abandoned outside a public library in Sydney, Australia. A little boy named Noah, then 9, found the magpie lying on the ground and named her Penguin because of her coloring.Cameron and Sam Bloom didn’t know how to care for the few week old magpie, and they decided to ask the advice of a friend, a veterinarian. The Blooms and their three children, Reuben, 13, Noah,11, and Oli,9, cared for Penguin until she was up and around. Penguin loves flying around the area all day long, but she’s around when the children go to school in the mornings and the children return home from school around 3 in the afternoon. Penguin stands in the driveway, singing as the boys arrive home.
The magpie usually joins the family at meal time so she can have some of the table scraps.Christian Broda ( has learned that the bird loves snuggling and playing with the children. Penguin is learning how to speak and mimic the human voice. The pet loves to perch on top of the boys’ heads and on bicycle handlebars. The bird enjoys getting into bed and sleeping with one of the boys. Cameron finds it hard to believe Penguin became a permanent member of the family. The boys enjoy her more than having a dog for a pet. Someday Penguin will have a family of her own, but not today.

Skout Shows Importance of Online Friendships

PR Newswire released a piece in honor of the first ever International Online Friendship Day about how Skout released a very interesting article showing exactly how big of an impact online friends make in the average person’s life. Skout is a global app reaching millions of people in nearly 200 countries. Last year alone over 500 million connections were made through the app, revolutionizing the way people are able to meet and connect with strangers, internationally or in their own community.

The story, originally reported by PR Newswire, showed the incredible impact that apps like Skout, that promoted engagement with others in a digital space, have made on how we interact with others. For instance, the survey showed that the majority of the world prefer to discuss intimate details such as their sex life online, rather than with friends they see face to face. Statistics show this statement applies to 60% of Brazilians and Germans, and about 50% of Americans, Brits, French, Filipinos and Australians. The study also showed that women were more likely to have online friends, with a whopping 56% of women having one of more “close friend” whom they never met in real life. Men weren’t far behind, however, and the survey also pointed out that about 44% of men shared the sentiment. Speaking to the importance of online friendship, Skout’s survey stated that 60% of the respondents in the U.S. claimed to be more honest with their online friends than with the friends they interacted with in real life. Technology has truly helped break down geographical barriers and among the many results, are new friendships.