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Favorable Business Report on Slyce’s Fourth Quarter 2015

Slyce Inc. is the leader in Image recognition technologies. The 4th Quarter results for Slyce for fiscal year 2015 were announced. Along with their earnings the report highlighted some of their major activities during this period. Slyce has partnered with the online shoe retailer, SHOES.COM, which also owns both and Slyce’s smartphone Visual Search was incorporated into to enable mobile shoppers to submit pictures of randomly found shoes for women, whether from being seen on the street, in magazine pictures, or from snapshots of advertising flyers. The results of these image recognition are products that are the closest matches for what was seen. Purchase of the resulting shoes is then a simple matter of a few clicks or taps on the smartphone.

Neiman Marcus had already done the same type of integration of Slyce alternate search technology. They added the same technology for other products they sell, called ‘Snap. Find. Shop.’ through their NM app. This app includes the capability to submit 3D imagery for search results across their entire product line. The items available for this new type of search include shoes, jewellery, women’s apparel, handbags, pet accessories, and home furnishings. All are found without any use of textual search descriptions and are available for purchase immediately from the connected device.

Many millions of dollars were committed by investors to support Slyce’s further innovations and connections in the retail markets. The product development department at Slyce beefed up their technology in their core competency of Visual Search. The engineering involved new uses for this alternative type of online Search. Part of this effort was the development of unified new Software Development Kits (SDKs). Other enhancements were accomplished for 3D Object Recognition, better automation for the process flow, a new 2D Content Management System for use of printed imagery as input, and Coupon Author, which optimizes the redeeming of mobile digital coupons.