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Doe Deere Shines

Business women Doe Deere is passionate about beauty and art. She is the owner of her own makeup line Lime Crime. She believes every women can say something beautiful and different with cosmetics. Once in a band and also a former model Doe knows about fashion and creating the right look. Her strong personality and dazzling looks give inspiration to all her followers.

The Unicorn Queen as she is called has develop a line of makeup that is different from all the rest. Blue lipsticks and lime green liquid liner is a world of fun for the girls who love to create unique looks. Doe is from Russia and came to the states to follow all her dreams. She realized how most makeup lines were lacking in daring colors and so she decided to create her own brand. Lime Crime is jam packed with stunning bold colors that should be in every girls makeup collection.

Doe feels that every girl can create unlimited looks with her cosmetic brand. Easy to use and cruelty free she gives countless look ideas in her website. Doe Deere packages her cosmetics in pretty glitter and unicorns. The nail polishes are rich and creamy and are available in lovely vivid colors like yellow, lavender, and light blues.

The collection has a bright young feeling to it but can be used by females of all ages. Lime Crime products onĀ is all about fantasy and creating a story with makeup. The online store is so enjoyable. It is loaded with information and facts about fashion and diverse look ideas. Each and every color is special and different and many customers send in photos of themselves wearing the makeup products. There is a vibrant hair color line that offers pretty shades like green, mermaid and purple.

Doe loves playing with makeup and hair colors herself and has been featured in many pictures throughout the internet. She really enjoys what she does and is looking forward to the future of her business. Doe Deere is a professional who has given makeup lovers and opportunity to embrace whimsical looks with cosmetics. Making a daring statement is important to Doe and motivates her customers to think outside the box. She is all about self confidence and adores shocking everyone who sees her. Her store features creative stories that showcase her makeup.

There is also blogs about fashion and the newest developments in beauty. Doe Deere makes certain that her makeup is special to all that use it. This is just one particular thing that is important to her. She loves her cats and enjoys spending time with them. Lime Crime delivers colorful cosmetics alternatives for women and fashion. Doe hopes to one day be a house hold name in make-up all over the world. I can see many fashion designers using Lime Crime in their runway shows. This serious but highly creative entrepreneur is always working on expanding her brand and name. Doe Deere as already accomplished a lot in her business and loves empowering women.