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Tyrese Wants to Join Empire Cast

Over the past few month Fox’s popular hit show Empire has had everyone going crazy. From the moment in hit the air it started it’s steady climb to the top, and each week the rating for the show only grew. Fox exec Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG explained how great the ratings were and after just one episode the show was already approved for another 3 seasons and everyone who is anyone wanted to join the cast.

Empire is the story of a family at the very top of the music industry as they deal with all of the dysfunction that any family comes with. You have the parents who are at odds, a conflicted relationship between a father and his gay son, as well as two brothers just want to be recognized for their talents. The show stopper of course is Cookie Lyon (Taraji) the determined mother who is fresh out of her 17 year prison stay, back to get what is belongs to her. Watching Empire always takes fans back to the “Hustle and Flow” days especially since Taraji’s ex husband is played by Terrence Howard.

The chemistry between the two on screen is undeniable, however it also leaves some Baby Boy fans wishing that Tyrese had a shot on the show as well. In the minds of many fans, Tyrese married Taraji 14 years ago and they are living happily ever after as Jody and Yvette. Now Tyrese says he is actually interested in joining the show to give the fans what the reunion they have been craving.