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Success Academy Efforts of Closing the Gap between the Rich and Poor Kids Recognized


Success Academy has earned a good reputation for setting the bar for education standards in charter schools in New York and America at large. The network has over the recent past helped kids from humble backgrounds to access quality education that was previously seen to be a preserve of the affluent folk. In recognition of these impressive academic performances, the network was awarded the $250,000 Broad Prize during the National Charter Schools Conference in Washington, D.C.


Founder’s Take


CEO Eva Moskowitz, who is also the founder of Success Academy, exuded confidence that zip codes will cease to be the destiny shaper for American kids. She said that there were many possibilities for children, opportunities that can only be realized through education if stakeholders agreed to reinvent and strategize on schooling. She revealed that plans were underway to expand the network to 100 schools that will have the capacity to accommodate approximately 50,000 learners. Today, the network serves about 14,000 students. This move will propel Success Academy to the same status as the Atlanta or Boston school systems. By so doing, the network will have successfully redefined success in charter schools. The award received will be used to initiate college readiness programs within the network.


Magical School Set-up


Ms. Moskowitz believes that a school set-up should be magical. Magical to the point that if kids were given an option of not going to school, they would still opt for school. She said that that belief is what Success Academy is working towards achieving. Speaking during the conference, she said that the network is planning to start sharing academic materials with other charter schools countrywide. In order to make this possible, the network will soon be launching a digital platform that will be hosting relevant content, such as pedagogy, training, and curriculum.



Closing the Gap


The winner of the Broad Prize is selected by a selection committee that is selected by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. The organizers praised Success Academy for managing to close the gap between the rich and the poor. Former education secretary John B. King, who was one of the committee members, said that America ought to work towards closing such gaps.