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Success Academy Charter Schools Expand to an Online Platform

In an effort to improve the American education, Eva Moskowitz founded the Success Academy Charter Schools. Today, the network of schools provides education to thousands of students. She is, however, not seeking to expand the charter schools beyond New York. However, Eva has come up with an online platform aimed at expanding the network’s footprint beyond New York. The online platform enrolled from the charter schools headquarters offers free access to the curriculum and the development strategies employed by the teachers at the 41 Success Academy schools. According to Eva Moskowitz, it was their responsibility to make accessible, the learning materials offered at the charter schools. The materials would further enable students and children trapped in the old system to learn how to read, write, and do basic mathematics. It was a project aimed at ensuring that the schools became a part of the solution to the education crisis.


The Success Academy track record has minimized the gap and improved the academic outcomes mainly on the low-income students. The School was recognized for their programs that enhance college awareness with a prize of $ 250,000. The schools also experiment with different approaches to education. The findings get shared with the vast education community. According to Eva, the online platform offers the charter network’s literacy curriculum up to the fourth grade. The network also aims at opening a training facility for teachers. Additionally, Success Academy intends to set up a lab school for students up to eighth grade.


Teachers who sign up to the online platform will get invitations to in-person training, conferences, and workshops at Hudson Yard facility. The attendees will have a live show of how the knowledge becomes effective in a classroom. The online platform will include videos, books recommendations, and step- by- step guidance of lessons, planning templates and a think literacy curriculum. Success Academy also shares their valuable collection of the books in their libraries. The books will give parents a clear picture of the best books to buy.

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