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Healthy Varieties of Beneful for your Dog

I’ve pretty much only used Purina for all of my dogs for the past decades for their dedication to quality, health, and (from what it seems) taste. Lately, I’ve narrowed my selection down to the Purina Beneful line, as they have something for each one of my dogs, past and present. These are some of my favorite Beneful dry dog foods:

Beneful “Originals” is made with real beef accented with spinach, peas and carrots. This is the classic Beneful blend that most owners pick up. It has everything that I have come to expect from Purina, bites that are nutritious and full of antioxidants and consist of a mix of both chewy and crunchy nuggets. Most dogs and owners will find everything they need from this formulation, and if your dog doesn’t like the beef, try the Originals with real chicken or with real salmon.

The Beneful “Healthy Weight” formulation is made with real chicken accented with apples, carrots and green beans. A very different composition of fruits and veggies than the others on this list. I would alternate with this Beneful blend when my dog outweighed my kindergartener, as it has a special calorie-conscious recipe that still provides all the day’s nutrients for a big dog. It can be eaten everyday for a quicker (but healthy weight reduction) or split in proportion with one of the other Beneful blends on, or according to taste.

The Beneful “Healthy Puppy” blend (made with real chicken accented with peas and carrots) was easily one of the most popular dry foods I could get my puppies to eat. Its loaded with calcium and DHA, this ensures our little ones grow up with healthy bones and eyes, and everything else they need for their growing puppy brains and bodies. Easily chewable as well, nothing that will damage their tender gums.

Beneful “Playful Life” (made with real beef and egg accented with blueberries and spinach). This one’s for the high energy breeds and individuals, this Beneful on facebook formulation not only is made with genuine meat like the others, but also includes real egg in the kibble for a protein fueled boost that will give them energy all day.

The Beneful “Incredibites” line (with real beef accented with carrots and peas) is the perfect formulation for small dogs, this blend is rich in protein and other nutrients in specially-sized smaller chunks. If your smaller dog doesn’t like the beef, try it in chicken.

Explaining Beneful’s Large Range of Products

Most dog owners that have tried Beneful for their dog or dogs know that Beneful has probably been preferred more than any other dog food or at least as much as others. Purina Store, the producer of Beneful, makes a number of different dog foods under different labels and brands, but none are as quite as good as Beneful. Beneful brand dog food is a little more expensive than other brands of dog food but this is because of the great ingredients that are consistently incorporated into Beneful brand dog food.

Beneful Playful Life is intended for older dogs or those that need more protein in their diet to make sure that they will be a healthy dog and grow to their fullest potential and live as long as possible. Playful Life has four main ingredients: egg, beef, spinach, and blueberries. This is one of the few brands of Beneful dog food that employs blueberries into the array of ingredients, as not all dogs need this blend of nutrients.

Beneful Originals come in either chicken, beef, or salmon, with the same blend of vegetables. Beneful Originals is by far the leading brand of dog food produced by Beneful or even Purina. Originals is well-rounded for most dogs and recommended for any dog that has a normal diet. There are other types of Beneful brand dog food intended to properly supplement the diet of dogs who need special attention and ingredients.

Incredibites are a new blend of chewy dog food kibbles and crunchy ones. There are a few different flavors, including beef and chicken, which both have a blend of vegetables and nutrients that are considered acceptable for most dogs. Incredibites are now available in the majority of supermarkets and pet food stores including stores that carry horse feed and farming equipment.

There are a few different kinds of Medleys made by Beneful that are included in the Prepared Meals line of products. Baked Delights are the premium dog treats that many dog owners have been raving about. Dogs actually perform tricks better when given Baked Delights as compared to other types of dog treats that are not as tasty to dogs on average. Not every dog will fall in love with Beneful, but the developers at Beneful have geared this brand of dog food around the micronutrients and macronutrients that dogs need to grow to their full potential.