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Healthy Pet Food Manufactured Using New Innovations

The CEO of Freshpet Inc., a dog manufacturing company Richard Thompson is highly obsessed about the products manufactured by his company. The company uses fresh ingredients and also ensures that meals have not stayed for long in the shelves before they are distributed. In fact, the manufacturing chief of the company Mr. Michael Hieger took a slice and tasted a slice to prove the safety of their products. Freshpet Inc. is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and is the only company known for producing refrigerated pet food. Freshpet Inc. is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of pet food in an industry that has about $23.7 of investment. The company has won the hearts of many dog and cat owners who prefer to give their animals high quality and fresh food. Today, traditional pet-manufacturing companies are improving their marketing strategies as a result of stiff competition that has been brought by upcoming companies like Freshpet and others. Freshpet products are manufactured in a similar way like those made for people, and they are a bit costly as compared to other lower priced foods available on the market. Although, the company’s products are costly, its sale in the past year increased by 37 percent. According to the Chief Executive Officer, Richard Thompson, he expects the company to make profit in 2016 after three years of making loss. He is very confidence their brand will succeed in future as it has show a positive potential so far. The company has about 15,000 stores that are used to display branded refrigerated products.

About Beneful

Beneful dog food is a high quality pet food manufactured by Nestle Purina Petcare. Beneful is available in a number of products like dry food, wet food as well as dog treats. In the year 2012, Beneful was ranked fourth among the most popular brands of dog food, with annual revenues of over $1.5billion. Beneful brand was first introduced in the market in the year 2001. The branding was done based on its nutrition and appearance. The company introduced Prepared Meals in March 2006, and they featured eight flavors and they were packed in containers which were used as dog food bowl.