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The Last “Late Night” With Letterman

Since its first airing in February of 1982 David Letterman has captivated his audience of insomniacs with crazy antics and all out great comedy. In all totaling 6,028 episodes in 33 years along with the help of “The World’s Most Dangerous Band” The CBS Orchestra, David Letterman has worked his way into the hearts of Americans.
As took the stage for his last show Wednesday, May 20th it was a mix of emotions for all who watched. Joining him in his final appearance was a spectacular lineup of friends and guest hosts such as: Tina Fey, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, Jim Carey, Bill Murray, Peyton Manning… the list goes on. The Intro was even played by guest band The Foo Fighters which was highly emotional to say the least.
Here’s a look: https://youtube/yrVjOUIoo6Q

For the generations of us who have been dedicated sleepless watchers, this goodbye was stunning and sincere, Letterman managed to bridge the chasm between ages and demographics. Petco knows that Beneful would raise a toast: here’s to Letterman and hoping for years of reruns.