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Securus Is Great For Checking On Our Son

Securus has been helping us check on our son because he is in prison in the midwest. The jail is very far away from us, and we cannot get out there to visit him very much. We are using Securus and their app because it is so simple. We have it on both our phones, and we make video calls to our son to see how he is doing. We both make our calls at different times, and we know it helps him to hear from us when we make our calls. Watch the Securus Youtube video for more information.
We are really happy to pay for Securus because it helps us see our son. We are not just making a regular telephone call to the jail, and we are not wasting our time trying to drive over a day to get there. He is happy to hear from us, and we make the calls from anywhere. We have been able to make calls to our son when we are on lunch at work, and we have been able to make calls together on the weekends. It is so much easier for us to look after our son, and we know that we can always check on him until he gets out next year.

The Securus calling system was new to us, but we were very happy to hear about it. We have been using it easily, and we have been making sure that your son is alright while he waits to get out. We can still make regular phone calls if we need to, but we prefer the video calls. The video calls are really easy to make, and it helps us out when we are looking for ways to check in with out son. Securus has helped keep our family together [click here:] through this very hard time.

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