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Class Dojo Is An Effective App That Connects Students With Their Parents And Teachers

Technically Class Dojo is a communication app, yet in reality it is so much more. Class Dojo took into consideration the wide use of laptops and smartphones people are using for conversation and created an app to promote communication between students, their teachers, and their parents. The app allows for discussions regarding a student’s activities, their development and conduct at school, and their academic studies.

The students customize their avatars and can become a googly-eyed monster or any customization they choose. When a student shows an excellent attribute, they are awarded dojo points. This is similar to a class reward jar and is one of the many reasons Class Dojo has become the management tool for the classroom for teachers and parents. Teachers can read the student’s conduct and accomplishments with one click of the app which saves a lot of time.

The app records all the student’s actions within the classroom allowing the teachers to easily send reports to the parents. After the parents are connected to the Class Dojo app they get an email at the end of every week with a reminder to look at the reports for their children. This ensures the parents know exactly what is happening within the classroom. They can look at the information on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

The Class Dojo app helps teachers organize and set up their classrooms. They award negative or positive points to each student’s avatar with a behavior list that can be customized. The app is compatible with smartphones, laptops, desktops, and interactive whiteboards. The teachers use the points to creatively reward their students for good behavior and the students enjoy receiving these points. The app has effectively established communication between students, parents and teachers throughout the school day and helps the student’s development at school and at home.