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Sylvester Stallone Movies Worth Seeing


Sylvester Stallone is one of the most interesting and inspirational stars of his time. He has starred in dramas and action films. His filmography is filled with many fan favorites. He has worked along other stars such as Kurt Russel, Wesley Snipes, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Demolition Man


This is one of the more memorable films that Stallone has starred in. He plays as a cop in pursuit of a notorious outlaw. He catches the outlaw, but they both are frozen. They wake up in the future to continue their war.




Cobra is another iconic film. It is a pure action film starring Sylvester Stallone. This is one of the movies that fans mention when they talk about Stallone films.




This is one of the iconic feel good movies of Sylvester Stallone’s career. As a matter of fact, this is the series that have launched him into stardom. One thing that is interesting about the Rocky series is that they are great representations of Sylvester Stallone’s stage of life. He has recently starred in a spin off film.  The entire series is also home to some of the best fighting movies you can find anywhere.




This is perhaps another iconic role amongst Sylvester Stallone movies. If Rocky was the film that has launched him into stardom, the Rambo series is the set of films that have established him as an action star. Rambo and Rocky seem like two sides of the same coin. However, as with Rocky, Sylvester Stallone is also working on another Rambo film.

Visual Effects in Movies

Visual Effects have undergone quite an evolution when it comes to movies. However, the effects are not necessarily better, they are just different. Some would argue that the visual effects of the older films were a bit better than they are now, due to the techniques that were used compared to today’s techniques.

These days, a lot of the effects are achieved with the use of CGI. A lot of the movies effects even to this day are rather cartoon-y, which often takes the audience out of the movie. There are other methods being experimented with in order to improve the effects in film. However, one major factor in effects is the people behind the effects. One of these people is the CEO John Textor

John Textor runs Pulse Evolution Corporation. He has lead the digital production in films such as Transformers, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and plenty of other big name movies. Among the effects that are used in the films are de-aging effects as well s other digital type effects.

Some of the films that have believable effects use practical effects or at least incorporate them into the visual effects along with CGI. Fortunately, some of the big name directors are making a return to practically made movies. They are getting a grasp as to what types of films audiences want to see. They are also looking into making the types of films that they themselves would want to see with compelling stories and believable effects.

30 Years of History to be Told in the New Star Wars Books


If you are a die hard Star Wars fan impatiently waiting for the new film to hit theaters and gobbling up every little scrap of info on the film, there is some good news for you from Imaging Advantage. In a story seen here it is being reported that a series of 20 books set between the end of Return of the JedI and the upcoming The Force Awakens is set to be releases soon.

Disney World Wide Publishing and Lucusfilm Press have joined forces to produce novels, sticker books and other publications to fill in the 30 year gap in the timeline of the movies. They are hinting that the books will be full of Easter eggs for the die hard fans and foreshadowing of the events that are coming in the new trilogy. With Disney now at the helm of Star Wars, the continuity contained in previously published books is now in question. These will be the official cannon for the ongoing galaxy far, far away.

This comes as Disney explores its options with expanding the universe. With the animated television show airing on the Disney Channel and a new series of comic books hitting the stands, the announcement of the books just adds to the lore and history of the franchise. All of the books are set to hit store shelves before the December premiere of Episode VII.

Sir Michael Gambon to Retire from Stage Acting


A recent article in the online edition of The Guardian reports that the noted English actor, Sir Michael Gambon, will be retiring from stage acting. He is doing so since, at the age of 74, is having difficulty remembering his lines. For a time, he was receiving his lines through an earpiece, but he says this doesn’t really work, especially in a play where there is a lot of movement and action.

Gambon will continue to act in film and television roles where he can recite lines a little at a time in separately filmed segments.

In my opinion, Gambon is handling this career transition very well. said he’s being candid with the public as to why he’s leaving the stage. He’s also leaving before he does damage to a production and his reputation by making mistakes on stage. In short, he’s courageous. While Gambon’s time on stage may be over, he leaves behind a tremendous legacy of achievement and fans like Haidar Barbouti.

The Crow Still Can’t Fly

The on-again, off-again reboot of The Crow seems to be dormant once again. Luke Evans of Dracula Untold fame has chosen to leave the project. Without a top star, it is extremely difficult for the production to continue. Sure, another actor could be selected to play the role of the back-from-the-dead superhero. The trouble is a lot of actors and even directors have joined and departed the project.

Something is really wrong in the land of the crows.

The Crow is not only a remake of a popular cult film. The Crow first saw life as an independent comic book. Considering the original film was produced in 1994, six full years before the first X-Men movie, an argument could be make the producers were ahead of their time looking closely at non-mainstream comic book heroes and stories as the basis for a motion picture production.

Considering the film has amassed a huge cult following and comic book movies are super hot these days, a remake of The Crow was a no-brainer.

The trouble is “remaking” and “rebooting” require “producing”. The production of this film is not troubled. The pre-production of the project has been a nightmare. For whatever reason, this is just not a film anyone seems to be able to get off the ground. Perhaps we won’t see a new version of The Crow until another production company procures the rights. Fans like Marc Sparks will have to wait find out what happens.

“Home Alone” Questions Linger 20 Years Later

Anyone who is alive today should remember the movie “Home Alone.” The movie was an instant hit, and is usually played every year on TV or cable. Home Alone. The movie also was the starting point of fame for Macaulay Culkin, although his fame has dwindled today. There are many questions that lingered about the movie that were never answered. One question in particular was how they could’ve possibly left Kevin McCallister behind, and not realize that he didn’t have his own ticket?

According to businessweek, in a slow-motion replay of the milk spilling incident, you can see the father clean up the milk with red paper towels, says Susan McGalla. If you pause the video after the towels are thrown into the garbage, you can see a plane ticket with the name “Kevin,” written at the top of it, which was accidentally thrown in the garbage. This solves the mystery as to why Kevin never had his own plane ticket. It doesn’t answer all the questions about his being left behind, but it’s a start.

Another burning question is, who picked up the tarantula off the face of the bad guy? If you look closely, the hand is too big to be that of Kevin McCallister, so it’s a puzzle as to who actually picked up the spider. One question that is very common too, is why didn’t the pizza man call the police, after he thought he was being shot at?