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Eric Lefkofsky, More Than Just A Name Associated with Groupon- Tempus Helps Patients Suffering with Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is a name that most people have not heard of. If you are one of those people, I bet you have heard the name Groupon in the past. If you love to shop and are a avid shopper, you most likely have used this site to help you to save money in the past. If you have used this site before, you should also check out his other business venture, Tempus.The awareness of cancer runs deep as more people are affected by it today than ever before. There is more cases of cancer than there was before. If you have cancer or know someone who does, Tempus should be checked into.

The patients doctor will gather information that will be analyzed to come up with a treatment plan that is aimed specifically to each patient. In the past, the doctors would use a treatment plan that has been used by most to treat each patient with cancer. If you were told you had cervical cancer, your treatment plan was standard to those who all have been treated for cervical cancer. With Tempus, each patient will have their DNA tested and analyzed to come up with a plan that is aimed specifically to each patients DNA.

Eric Lefkofsky stepped down as the CEO of the Groupon business back in 2015 in order to focus the majority of his time on Tempus. With the new business, the focus is to meet with the majority of well known hospitals to build a database of information that is needed for each patient. The doctor or hospital will have access to software that is used to help to treat each patient. The doctor or hospital will log into their database to view all information that pertains to each patient. Instead of all patients being treated the same way and with the same medications, the patient is given their own treatment plan. This helps to allow more patients to live longer than once before.With Tempus, it is possible for more people to receive the right care for their cancer than there has been in the past and for this reason alone, more people need to know about Tempus and this will help more doctors to be aware of what treatment plans are out there for their patients.

The Best Wines Come From UKV PLC

There is always a demand for good quality wines from around the world. And this demand is growing all the time. Hence the number of wineries, along with the vineyards, is increasing in accordance with the world.

The spiritual base has always been England for the wine merchants. This is because it has a reputation of being aware of the demands and needs of the wine market. Some of the finest wines come from England and are supplied all across the world. UKV PLC is a well-reputed vintner. They have earned a reputation in this field. In addition, they provide perfect guidance to investors along with the consumers of fine wines. UKV PLC provides services to all those members of this who have to source wines for meeting their own specific needs.

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There is a wide range of services being offered by UKV PLC, all around the world. They provide ample guidance to all those who want to source the best wines. Since UKV PLC employs knowledgeable staff hence it is able to provide the best recommendations to its patients regarding those wines which will meet all their specific needs.

Another market of interest that is growing at a tremendous pace is of wines being bought for investment purposes. A number of clients of UKV PLC invest in the wine market. This is why the company buys and stores wines for all these customers. They may be located at any place in the world. In addition, UKV PLC provides services to those customers from across the globe who would like to enter this wines market in the UK for investment purposes.

How Malini Saba managed to avoid Obstacles to become a Top Businesswoman.

Malini Saba is an entrepreneur who is internationally recognized for the tremendous accomplishments that she made in business. She is also generous and is involved in various charity undertakings that are meant to support communities across the world. Saba was born and bred is Southern Asia. She has strived for several years to become successful in business, and many entrepreneurs use her as a role model. Her engagement in business kicked off by setting up businesses in different regions of the world. She faced a couple of odds, and they include being oppressed by corrupt individuals who were focused on getting rid of her business. The challenges made her some losses, but she did not quit pursuing her dream.


Saba and her business affiliates kept on trying, and they started other enterprises. The new ventures had their challenges, but they worked hard to ensure their success. After persisting for several years, her companies became prosperous, and she us now benefiting from her efforts and endurance. Malini is one of the female entrepreneurs who has made significant achievements, and she is the proprietor of the leading resource businesses such as real estate, energy, and rice fields.


Saba is also a charitable person who has been involved in activities that support women. She created the Stree: Global Investments in Women, which has been working towards bettering the living conditions of women live in areas that are not economically stable. Her generosity shows that besides working hard to build her businesses, Malini also cares for other people. She is committed to empowering women to have enhanced lifestyles.


Since the 90s, Malini has been actively investing in different companies. She purchases shares in businesses that are in various sectors, and they include Silicon Valley, PayPal, Sycamore Networks, and Netscreen Technologies. Her investments were fruitful, and they have generated significant profits for her. Saba believes that capitalizing in commodities is a profitable business since it involves fewer risks and high returns.


The entrepreneur is also a good mother who has devoted herself to raising her daughter. She has been creating time to be with her family, unlike other women who are involved in many undertakings. Saba does not hire nannies to take her role as a mother. She makes sure that her daughter is in school and has created a strong bond with her. Malini Saba is well respected because of her intelligence, hard work, and kindness.


Securus Proudly Regulates Global Tel-Link Inmate Communications

Securus had did a remarkable job regulating the inmate correctional calling features alongside the Public Utility Commission. Each year 2.5 billion calls are processed in a recent online article from the Huffington Post. Global Tel-Link is one of the top correctional facility inmate calling provider. Although there has been a few glitches they remain the top leaders in the correctional calling industry. A recent merger with Jpay services has allowed for more features with Global Tel-Link. Inmates and their families stay connected when they need to and get the allotted amount of time at a reasonable cost thanks to Securus.

Global Tel-Link has the services that provides you with optimized solution for staying connected with your loved ones when they are incarcerated. Jpay is the second leading inmate calling company in the industry and combined with Global Tel-Link they have all the services that will let you stay connected when you need to. You can even leave inmates a voicemail and you’ll never have to worry about missing the chance to stay connected with them. When they have access to phone time then they can check your message and call you back without missing you when you’re away.

Approved Global Tel-Link Features Through Securus

Video Calling

Video calling features give you face-to-face talk options that are in compliance with federal regulations because these calls are still monitored and controlled. However, inmates and their families have the option of seeing their loved ones. You also save a trip to the facility saving yourself time and money.

Telephone Pay

You can now use your debit or credit card an pay for inmate services over the phone. Get low cost inmate calling features that include prepaid services, video chatting, and putting money on an inmates correctional facility account.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

The Significance of Online Reputation Management Today


It’s not hard to recall the days when managing your online reputation was simply a matter of making several phone calls to the aggrieved parties, apologizing and possibly replacing a product with a new or better one. Today, any business person knows that apart from having to exchange products, there are new challenges as the customer is online keeping an eye on what you are doing all the time.

Building a solid business brand can take many years, but a negative review can bring it all down overnight. The answer to today’s problems can be found in Online Reputation Management (ORM). Today the scope of ORM is no longer merely restricted to getting rid of any negative customer comments. It now entails the development of an online strategy that will positively impact on how your entire business brand is perceived.

Why is ORM critical?

Any business stands to gain much from positive customer reviews. However, the damage that can come from negative and bad publicity can cause up to 5 times more damage, especially if such is coming from peers and friends.Negative and bad reputation will not just affect how customers perceive your business but it also has the potential of negatively affecting your bottom line in a very short period.

Efforts directed towards managing your business online reputation must not only focus on your local market, but also on the wider global impact. Even a small business today may one day decide to go international and this may become hard if your reputation out there is already damaged particularly on social media.

Negative comments and reviews that extend beyond useful criticism, those that borders on accusations, have the potential of generating negative perception, as your prospective customers can easily be swayed by such opinions.

Take Action

Today, among the easiest solutions when it comes to building a solid online reputation is by engaging the services of professional reputation management firms. An outfit like The Search Fixers ( can easily come up with a good online reputation for your business, making sure that you draw the right kind of customers.

Besides, The Search Fixers (@TheSearchFixers) are experts at fixing and restoring damaged online reputations. If your business desires, their online reputation repair services can assemble and manage all your business social media accounts. This will not only ensure you get good publicity but it saves you time.

Nothing is more pleasing to a business owner than to see the fruits of all their labors. On the other hand, nothing can bring down all your efforts faster than a damaged online reputation. This is what makes it extremely vital to manage your online reputation and if possible engage professional reputation managers like The Search Fixers to fix a bad online reputation.

Dick DeVos Expands His Empire With Distillery Acquisition

The DeVos holding company, Windcrest Group, is set to purchase Coppercraft Distillery within the next 6 months. Prior to meeting Dick and Betsy DeVos, Coppercraft’s present owner, Walter Catton III, had been looking for an investor to expand the distillery’s business operations. This meeting was a perfect match because Coppercraft is not just confined to the manufacturing of spirits it also includes a large 50 seat tasting room along with plans to add a kitchen to pair custom appetizers with its cocktails. All of this activity is located in the Michigan township of Holland. Coppercraft is also in the process of building up its inventory for the start of the Tulip Time Festival which runs every year May 7th through the 14th in Holland Michigan. 

Coppercraft distributes its spirits to over 100 locales across the State of Michigan in addition to supplying customers in Colorado and Illinois. The spirits that are sold through Coppercraft contain a number of specialty drinks which include Genever and Citrus Vodka to the more traditional aged spirits of corn, rye and wheat whiskeys and apple jack. Coppercraft is also planning to expand its reach into handcrafted Beer and wines. 

Dick DeVos was born in grand Rapids Michigan the son of the co-founder of the Amway Corporation. Starting as a young man, he spent many years of his early career working in several executive positions with Amway including acting as the company’s president from 1993-2002. During that time, Dick held the responsibility for all aspects of the company’s operations in the 50 countries it operated in. His leadership was a success because in his final year in office Amway reported sales of $4.5 billion. In addition, during his tenure Amway open many new markets, and tripled international sales which exceeded its domestic sales. This was a dramatic first for the company. Read more about the Amway heir here:

Dick has also been a leader in many Michigan community organizations and associations. He has been active in initiating an Education Freedom Fund which was responsible for awarding over 4,000 scholarships to underprivileged Michigan children. The West Michigan Aviation Academy which is a specialty high school with an aviation focus and various other philanthropies, including his own foundation. Some of these include regional health care centers, a heart hospital, medical schools a convention center and a downtown revitalization project. 

In addition to all the work he has done to improve the lives of others, he has also been a Republican candidate for the Governor of Michigan. Dick regularly gives to politicians and his family’s givings have even been referenced in House of Cards which he addresses in this MLive article. He has also written a New York Times best-selling novel, “Rediscovering American Values” become a national champion sailor, and a qualified jet aircraft and helicopter pilot.

Congratulations to the recent Melges 32 Gold Cup participants and winners—what a thrilling race against incredibly talented sailors!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, February 15, 2016

He has been happily married to his wife Betsy for 35 years and he and his wife have seven children and 5 grandchildren. 

Learn more about Dick on New Netherland Institute’s profile of his career and life.

White Shark Media Doesn’t Just Listen They Take Action

People and companies learn from their mistakes or errors they make along their growth journey. It is also a common understanding that not all errors will be identified through self-evaluation and that in some instances; it takes third party interference through corrections for an individual or company to realize the mistakes and faults within them or their systems. White shark media understands these two theorems. The company doesn’t, therefore, ignore client complaints or recommendations and neither are two treated similarly.
Just like in any other company, client complaints just like compliments are not uncommon. What makes white shark media different is the approach it takes in handling them. With white shark, they are first of all accepted and appreciated as an indicator of the company’s impact on the society. The company then embarks on addressing them not just to solve the current situation but to ensure they don’t recur in future to the same or another party. Here are two key complaints received by White shark media in the past that serve as an example of how the company deals with its customer complaint.
I am no longer in touch with my marketing campaign reports.
This has been common with new clients or those with less experienced in online marketing strategies. This mainly includes the small business owners who either aren’t able to review their marketing campaign or just those that don’t know how to interpret it. Initially, some felt that the reporting system adopted by the company was somehow complicated.
To solve this, the company resulted to first orienting each and every client before launching the campaign. This implies that the client gets an idea of what they are to expect with their campaign before it even starts. Going forward, they are better equipped with the report as it grows.
Inadequate communication between clients and content managers
Some other clients felt like white shark media’s communication process was bureaucratic. They weren’t in direct touch with their marketing campaign experts. They felt the process of linking with their campaign managers was long or tedious.
In response, the company adopted a raft of measures to ease communication between clients and their content management experts. Firstly, the company initiated the monthly status calls between clients and managers where they get to link up and review the campaign reports for the last 30 days. To further make the communication easy, the company came up with direct lines forms of communications where clients can directly contact their content managers whenever need be.

Behind the Rainbow Woman

The time for “tried and true” came to an end in the summer of 2008 when Doe Deere – a makeup visionary – founded Lime Crime. Lime Crime, operating under the slogan “So Bright, Its Illegal”, is an online cosmetic company devoted to produce, with enthusiasm, a line of magical, colorful, and cruelty-free cosmetics. The idea of the company was impregnated by Doe Deere’s believe that beauty is not what “looks best” or “natural” but rather what feels right at that moment. It began back in 2004 when she registered an account on eBay (Limecrime) for a new DIY fashion line. She would model her fashion in a way that depicted her enthusiasm for bright colors. When cosmetics failed to satisfy her colorful imagination, she decided to bring to the market a unique unapologetically bright product. Lime Crime product categories include lipsticks, nail polishes and eye shadows.

Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She was born on 15th of June 1981 in Russia but raised in New York City where she natured her colorful passion in cosmetics. To her, cosmetics are beyond wanting to look beautiful, but are a way to feel free and to allow those women with a wild definition about themselves to self-express. Doe grew her online store among criticism that lipstick wouldn’t do well since customers preferred testing the products before purchase. She knew better not to give up on such a bright idea. She patiently natured her inspirations until she got the perfect story behind her brand and each of her product.

Having started humbly and soaring high the heights of success, Doe is passionate in helping other women around the world realize their dreams. She supports women-owned businesses and entrepreneurship and speaks fondly of the subjects in public events such as Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour and PHAMExpo. Doe has been a mentor to many female entrepreneurs even over social media like Twitter.

Lime Crime cosmetics redefined the boundaries of color and convention and now women who share a colorful imagination as Doe have a way to express themselves. Lime Crime cosmetics products are available in many store both online and brick-and-motor. The brands to select from and ways to combine them to fit your preference are limitless. For instance, candy future lipstick collection offers 10 core colors, with 9 complementary colors to put throughout the year. Lime Crime products covers every ultra-feminine girl out there.

James Dondero: A force in the business world

James Dondero is a huge leader in the business world. He has been in the credit marketers industry for more than three decades. He is the co-founder of the widely established Highland Capital Management.His company is worth over 20 billion dollars. James Dondero specializes in the areas of common stocks, emerging markets, derivatives, investment grade corporates, and much more. Many other individuals that are in the business look up to him.He is widely known in the enterprise, and everyone look to him for career advice. His career had first taken off when he was a partner with Mark Okada in the credit sector. He had made significant investments like investing in vehicles like the Collateralized Loam Obligation.

Before he was the co-founder of his company Highland Capital Management, James Dondero was a part of the team at the Protective Life’s GIC. During his time at the company, he was responsible for raising a considerable amount of money. It was noted that he had raised more than 2 billion dollars in assets. Between the years 1985 to 1989, he had worked at American Express. While he was working at American Express, Dondero was able to manage 1 billion dollars on fixed incomes.

He receives his education from the University of Virginia. His primary focus while at school was accounting and finance. He graduated with honors.He is the owner of two prestigious accomplishment. He has the designation of Certified Management Accountant and he is also the Chartered Financial Analyst.

Dondero is the Chairman of V. Cornerstone Healthcare, as well as CCS Medical and Nexbank. He is a core member of the American Banknote and MGM Studios. He is also an extremely active philanthropic.There are many different organizations he support. He supports organizations that have to do with education, veteran affairs, and public policies.Throughout his career, he has donated millions of dollars to all of the various charities.

He is a businessperson that many should inspire to become if they choose the same career path. He apparently has figured out the right formula for someone to be successful and had longevity. He had the skills and determination to help build a billion dollar business. He is proof that a person is more likely to gain success if they start early on in their field. He was always great in the business world, and as the years went on, he became a force to be reckoned. When his time is over on this world, he would indeed leave a legacy.

Learn By Example With 50 Sparks


Mark Sparks, the serial entrepreneur responsible for over sixty start up businesses has written a book, “ They Can’t Eat You, My unorthodox path to outrageous success.” The book details Mr. Sparks journey from an average high school graduate; to the head of Timber Creek capital, a private equity company holding several portfolios. The book gives a journal of lessons and insights learned along the way.

After graduating high school in 1975 with only a C+ average, Mark Sparks experienced success and failure with numerous startup companies; these businesses range from cell phone companies to insurance holding companies, all of which Mr Sparks was the principal. Sparks made hugely successful and profitable companies during of his 34 year journey; and then at times experienced losing everything, to only to come back again with even stronger companies. This native of Austin, Texas seems to have a golden touch for getting start ups running and financially sound but not all his ventures have been successful. Sparks speaks of failing stating that “Don’t get me wrong, I love to win but you just can’t win them all! Its life!“

Sparks builds companies by taking the initial idea, adding capital and establishing a business model and systems for the company to thrive. He credits his successes to having a “no fear” attitude toward each venture and the real learning experiences have come from the failures. He has said there are volumes more lessons learned from the failures than the successes. After 34 years of being the ultimate entrepreneur, Mark Sparks is still actively involved in launching new businesses but now also makes time for philanthropic activities. One organization he is passionate about is the Samaritan Inn, a facility that provides help to individuals striving to make a new start.

It is in that same spirit of giving that Marc Sparks has written “They Can’t Eat You.”

Giving lessons learned over the years to up and coming entrepreneurs striving to get their business started. In the book he offers what he calls “Fifty Sparks.” Fifty essential rules or insights of wisdom that anyone can use to lay the groundwork and foundation of any business venture with or without a college degree.