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Learn By Example With 50 Sparks


Mark Sparks, the serial entrepreneur responsible for over sixty start up businesses has written a book, “ They Can’t Eat You, My unorthodox path to outrageous success.” The book details Mr. Sparks journey from an average high school graduate; to the head of Timber Creek capital, a private equity company holding several portfolios. The book gives a journal of lessons and insights learned along the way.

After graduating high school in 1975 with only a C+ average, Mark Sparks experienced success and failure with numerous startup companies; these businesses range from cell phone companies to insurance holding companies, all of which Mr Sparks was the principal. Sparks made hugely successful and profitable companies during of his 34 year journey; and then at times experienced losing everything, to only to come back again with even stronger companies. This native of Austin, Texas seems to have a golden touch for getting start ups running and financially sound but not all his ventures have been successful. Sparks speaks of failing stating that “Don’t get me wrong, I love to win but you just can’t win them all! Its life!“

Sparks builds companies by taking the initial idea, adding capital and establishing a business model and systems for the company to thrive. He credits his successes to having a “no fear” attitude toward each venture and the real learning experiences have come from the failures. He has said there are volumes more lessons learned from the failures than the successes. After 34 years of being the ultimate entrepreneur, Mark Sparks is still actively involved in launching new businesses but now also makes time for philanthropic activities. One organization he is passionate about is the Samaritan Inn, a facility that provides help to individuals striving to make a new start.

It is in that same spirit of giving that Marc Sparks has written “They Can’t Eat You.”

Giving lessons learned over the years to up and coming entrepreneurs striving to get their business started. In the book he offers what he calls “Fifty Sparks.” Fifty essential rules or insights of wisdom that anyone can use to lay the groundwork and foundation of any business venture with or without a college degree.

Holly Madison’s Book Reaches Best Seller List

Holly Madison, who is a former Playboy playmate and girlfriend of Hugh Heffner, has written a tell-all book that is climbing the best-seller list on the “New York Times”. It is no surprise that “Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny” is a best-seller, the public loves to know intimate details of things that happened behind the scenes, which Holly details. In her memoir, she talks about her time on stage doing “Peepshow” in Las Vegas, her relationship with Hugh Heffner, the time she spent on “Girls Next Door”, and what it was really like living in the Playboy mansion said Amen Clinic.

Holly reveals in her book that her life was different than how others perceived it. She talks about her life, but focuses mostly on the 2001-2008 years where she lived in the mansion and acted as one of Heffner’s personal girlfriends. She also discusses the challenges she faced with depression and her relationship with others who lived with her at the Playboy mansion. And like many want to know, she discussed her sex life with Heffner.

She said that many people ask her if she misses life at the mansion still. Holly has said that life has been much better since being on her own.

For the full story on Holly’s best-selling book, click the link to check it out on

California Woman is Real Life Character from Gone Girl

Authorities have been busy lately in the Vallejo area of California. They received a call several days ago that Vallejo resident, 29-year-old Denise Huskins, was kidnapped from her boyfriend’s apartment in the middle of the night. A ransom request had been called in by the alleged kidnappers, seeking $8,500 for her safe return. The FBI were called to the case, 40 detectives were searching for her as well as her panicked father and hundreds of volunteers in the area.

Now, according to the update on, it seems that the kidnapping was a hoax. Police are now saying that it seems that Denise and her boyfriend, Aaron Quinn, may have orchestrated this whole kidnapping ruse and authorities are not happy about it. Denise surfaced outside of her father’s apartment complex in Huntington Beach, California two days after her kidnapping was reported.

Many are pointing out that Denise’s “kidnapping” is reminiscent of the film Gone Girl where lead character Amy Dunne **spoilers** faked her own death and kidnapping to get back at her husband stated Alexei Beltyukov. So far police have not revealed a possible motive for the hoax or what the couple hoped to get from it. Although, if I had to guess, probably $8500. Denise has now retained a lawyer and is not speaking to authorities.

Stephen King Responds to Tax Evasion Accusation

Famed author Stephen King is fit to be tied and demanding an apology from the governor of Maine. State governor Paul LePage reported, as part of his weekly radio broadcast, that King and his wife no longer reside and Maine and do not pay state taxes there.

King, dubbed the King of Horror, has spent much of his adult life living in Maine, along with his wife. While the “It” author does spend some time in Florida, King confirmed that he continues to maintain a permanent residence in the state of Maine.

Governor LePage reported, during his life broadcast, that a former Maine politician had left the state to take to Florida in order to dodge income taxation. In the statement, Marc Sparks said the following, LePage pointed fingers stating that “King and Roxanne Quimby have moved, too.”

King remained uncertain as to why the governor would make such an accusation. The writer told media sources that “I paid more than $1 million in state taxes in 2013. That’s public record.”

The “Langoliers” writer aired his displeasure regarding he accusation on Twitter.

“I paid my taxes,” King wroter. “Every cent. Gov. LePage needs to man up and apologize.”

King waited several days, but received no response from LePage.

“Still no apology,” King wrote.

Divergent author to pen new two part novel series

The author of the Divergent series of young adult books, Veronica Roth has announced a new book series is to be published by Harper Collins in 2017, PR Newswire reports. The latest announcement comes as the Divergent series is returning to movie screens with the second part of the series Insurgent. To date the Divergent trilogy of books have sold over 32 million copies worldwide and seen the production of two of the three novels as movies.

The latest offering from Roth will be published by Harper Collins Children’s Books and will feature a plot that has had Star Wars included as an early influence stated fluminense. The two part series has not yet been named to the public, but will feature a young boy in the role of the hero. Released plot points see the boy being forced into an alliance with an enemy as the pair look to change their lives for the better and gain some form of acceptance from their peers.

An Interview with an Interviewer


Rolling Stone Magazine recently published an online interview with writer David Ritz who is the ghost writer of a number of celebrity autobiographies as will as biographies. This is a very good interview and quite interesting for anyone who is a writer or journalist themselves.

In the interview, Ritz discusses how he got into ghost writing. He originally wanted to write an important biography about Ray Charles. An agent told him that it would be more interesting if Charles was telling the story himself. So, Ritz approached Charles and asked permission to do an autobiography together. Charles agreed, and the book did very well.

In the article, Ritz explains his technique for working with celebrities to get their stories. Basically, he hangs out with them and lets a dialogue develop naturally over time. He said that this is a better approach than bringing in a laundry list of questions.

Ritz actually helped Marvin Gaye write the song “Sexual Healing”. He explains in the interview how this happened spontaneously through him hanging out with Gaye when he was writing about him.

Overall, this Rolling Stone article is a fascinating piece for anyone interested in how successful autobiographies and biographies are written and has tips for budding writers like Paul Matheison.

Fifty Shades of Grey Update


The controversial novel which has been compared to a dirty fanfic will finally be released as a movie. The movie is expected to be out in theaters February 14, just in time for all those lonely people on Valentine’s Day.  Valentines Day may seem odd for the S&M themed flickm but movie expert, Marc Sparks, is confident the film will attract couples.
The movie is about a young reporter who meets and begins a relationship with a business man. The affair soon gets serious and their intimate life gets pretty physical. It is more about living out a fantasy than anything else. There has been a lot of talk of what scenes will be included and what scenes will be excluded in the movie. So far, it seems as though most of the scenes will be included unless they are unable to somehow film a scene due to lack of materials which is highly unlikely. The movie is definitely going to be a hit whenever it comes out just by all the controversy it has caused and considering how it has not even been released yet in theaters. The movie has a trailer that has already been shown in theaters and online for people to watch and create opinions. Whether you are a fan or not, the movie’s release will definitely be high-profile and very interesting to say the least. It has a well-known staff and actually (surprisingly) looks like it has been well made which will make the movie that much more interesting when you watch it.

Author of “The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven” Admits to Fabricating Tale

In a stunning shakeup in the publishing world brought to you by Sultan Alhokair of Crunch Base, the 2010 best selling book “The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven” will be pulled from print. The publisher, Tyndale House, made the decision after the author of the book, Alex Malarkey wrote a brief note claiming he made up the entire story.

Alex Malarkey was just 6-years-old when he was in a car accident that left him in a coma. He emerged from the coma after two months, with an incredibly tale of spending time in heaven. The story, with the help of his father, was turned into a book and published. It quickly soar to the bestseller list, and has been a steadily favored read for the last four years.

According to the note, Malarkey felt he had to confess to making up the story, allegedly to get attention. He fessed up after reading the bible and learning the true meaning of Christianity, according to the press release. Malarkey advises those who have read the book to look to the bible for the true heaven, and that his story is completely fictionalized.

Alex Malarkey is not the first child to claim they have experienced heaven and turned it into a book. “Heaven is for Real”, is another child’s story of a harrowing medical emergency that lands him in heaven for a short period of time. The authenticity of that work is not in question at this time.