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The Significance of Online Reputation Management Today


It’s not hard to recall the days when managing your online reputation was simply a matter of making several phone calls to the aggrieved parties, apologizing and possibly replacing a product with a new or better one. Today, any business person knows that apart from having to exchange products, there are new challenges as the customer is online keeping an eye on what you are doing all the time.

Building a solid business brand can take many years, but a negative review can bring it all down overnight. The answer to today’s problems can be found in Online Reputation Management (ORM). Today the scope of ORM is no longer merely restricted to getting rid of any negative customer comments. It now entails the development of an online strategy that will positively impact on how your entire business brand is perceived.

Why is ORM critical?

Any business stands to gain much from positive customer reviews. However, the damage that can come from negative and bad publicity can cause up to 5 times more damage, especially if such is coming from peers and friends.Negative and bad reputation will not just affect how customers perceive your business but it also has the potential of negatively affecting your bottom line in a very short period.

Efforts directed towards managing your business online reputation must not only focus on your local market, but also on the wider global impact. Even a small business today may one day decide to go international and this may become hard if your reputation out there is already damaged particularly on social media.

Negative comments and reviews that extend beyond useful criticism, those that borders on accusations, have the potential of generating negative perception, as your prospective customers can easily be swayed by such opinions.

Take Action

Today, among the easiest solutions when it comes to building a solid online reputation is by engaging the services of professional reputation management firms. An outfit like The Search Fixers ( can easily come up with a good online reputation for your business, making sure that you draw the right kind of customers.

Besides, The Search Fixers (@TheSearchFixers) are experts at fixing and restoring damaged online reputations. If your business desires, their online reputation repair services can assemble and manage all your business social media accounts. This will not only ensure you get good publicity but it saves you time.

Nothing is more pleasing to a business owner than to see the fruits of all their labors. On the other hand, nothing can bring down all your efforts faster than a damaged online reputation. This is what makes it extremely vital to manage your online reputation and if possible engage professional reputation managers like The Search Fixers to fix a bad online reputation.

Online Reputation Repair Services Can Help Local Businesses


Companies cannot afford to ignore their online reputation, even if they are a local business, since it does not take long for negative reviews and blog posts from irritated customers to hurt a business. Imagine a potential customer looking for your plumbing company’s phone number on Google, since no one using phone books anymore, and they see negative reviews and articles that put your business in a bad light. The consumer will see these results and think twice about calling your plumbing company. In fact, they will probably call one of your competitors. That’s why it’s imperative to fix bad reviews.

Unless people are posting blatant lies, or they are purposefully trying to ruin your business, there isn’t much you can do about damaging reviews. These are people’s opinions about your company’s service, and the first thing you can do is apologize for poor service. Learn from your customer’s criticisms and your business will eventually recover. Unfortunately, small, local businesses might not stay afloat while they wait for good reviews of their new, improved service, since less than one-quarter of consumers write positive online reviews of businesses that they have patronized. That’s why you may need internet reputation repair.

Airlines and other enterprise-level businesses can churn out press releases and articles to fix negative search results and consumer experiences posted online. Small business typically turn to a online reputation repair service, such as The Search Fixers, to help them recover from negative press. The Search Fixers’ reputation management consultants are similar to a public relations firm; they have their U.S.-based copywriters create positive press for businesses. You can’t stop consumers from posting negative reviews on Angie’s List or Yelp, but you can get The Search Fixers to highlight the positive aspects of your business via press releases and blog posts that can fix bad online reputation. When consumers search for your local business on Google, they will see balanced, factual information because of their reputation management services.

People also share their experiences with businesses on social media. They will recommend a good local firm to their friends, or warn people away from a local business where they had a bad experience. Besides trying to improve your online reputation, you should also look at the complaints, and correct the problems. This will help insure your next online reviews are positive ones.

Brian Mulligan’s Career Sets A Good Example

Brian Mulligan has been in his line of work where he has been developing his career for a period of not less than thirty years now. He has served in various organizations globally in different capacities. He is one person who is always committed to his work and hard worker. He is currently at the top of Brooknol Advisors company serving as the CEO.

Brooknol Advisor is an organization that deals in sports advisory, media as well as an entertainment company. Mulligan has been privilgd to work in various positions in this company including COO, CFO as well as the CEO of many other well known entertainment companies. While working in these different organizations he gained experience that has served to his advantage as he leads Brooknol Advisors to higher levels than he found it.

Brian is a talented man and possesses a lot of experience in quite a number of fields. These fields include media, international entertainment, property structuring, theme parks and many other ventures. This experience that he had made him beat all the other people that he was being compared with. This explains why he has been able to climb through so many ranks of leadership in his company to the senior most post of CEO. Currently, he is sits in many organizations board meetings such as international entertainment, media round table, digital round table and as well as many other businesses in sports.

He has been an award winning person starting with the famous one in hollywood the 50 most powerful person and others like the one for investment banking for leading and lastly the most prominent person in investment banking in holly wood. Apart from just being involved in entertainment and sports industries he has been doing quite well in charities and politics of the day. One of the charities that he has been involved in include the one that is referred to as ‘A Better La’. He has also been very active in contributing money in charities for learning institutions such as City of Hope, St. Jude, MCA charitis and several others. In CPA section he has earned a lot of certificates such as FINRA 63 & 79 licenses. Other areas of sports that he has been involved in include coaching football and basketball. He has also served as a commissioner of Youth Basketball.

Some of the transactions where he has played a key role in their implementation that gone to as much as $175 billion.

Reveiwing Recent Hit Magic Mike XXL

Magic Mike XXL is a follow up film of the hit movie Magic Mike. The film picks up where the original left off and is able to seamlessly carry the plot from the original movie. The story line is set that the main character Mike and his group set out to have one last great performance after he has decided to end his stripping career. The movie itself has received rave reviews from audiences who were thrilled for a follow up of the original Magic Mike. The cast members from the first film were happy to work on this second movie and many were back for the new movie. A newcomer to the set of this second film was Crystal Hunt who played Lauren in the film. She captured the role in Magic Mike XXL perfectly, and she left fans pleased with her performance.

Crystal Hunt is an American actress who has starred in a multitude of roles throughout her professional career. Beginning at just age 2, Crystal was already launched into being onstage through her participation in beauty pageants. Her love for being onstage and captivating audiences did not soon fade away after this. Throughout her youth, Crystal was able to land many roles in television commercials. She then was able to eventually move into television and film roles.

Perhaps Crystal’s best known role is that which she played from 2003 – 2006 on CBS’s soap opera Guiding Light. In this role she played the character Lizzie Spaulding. It was during this time frame that Crystal really began to grow as an actress and blossom in her professional career. From this point forward Crystal became much more well known and sought after in the world of acting. Crystal continued to pursue her acting career and landed many more successful roles. Some of her best known roles are those in The Derby Stallion, Sydney White, NYC Underground, 23 Blast, and of course her role in Magic Mike XXL. Crystal also went on to be part of another soap opera, One Life to Live where she played the role of Stacy Morasco.

Crystal has also ventured into other business and professional opportunities outside of acting. She has produced a film entitled Talbot County with Dania Ramirez. Another business venture Crystal has partaken in is opening up a pet boutique in her hometown of Clearwater, FL. Crystal Hunt has achieved great success in her acting career, and has shown she has talents in other fields as well. Whether it be on screen or behind the camera, Crystal Hunt will most definitely use her talents wisely.

Boy Meets World Fans Rejoice

The hugely popular Boy Meets World made its comeback last year with Corey and Topanga staring again in the newly named Girl Meets World, which focuses around their son and daughter. A new picture has sent old fans into a frenzy, Actor Ben Savage posted a picture to instagram that depicts many of the old cast members together again.

The new series this year will feature special guest appearances from nearly every member of the original show. The latest news is that Shawn Hunters brother on the show Jack, actor Matthew Lawrence, could make an appearance in an upcoming episode after being pictured with the cast. One of the fans favorite characters will also be making an epic return, Mr Feeny. Mr Feeny played many roles during the show including teacher, principle and guiding role model. He has so far only appeared as a figment of Cory’s imagination but is expected to return and make a full guest appearance on the show.

Although still unconfirmed, Cory’s brother Eric was pictured on set generating huge excitement that he may yet still reprise his role in the popular show. According to International Business Times there will also be a return for Mr Turner, who was a teacher at the school and briefly took in Shawn. The excitement amongst old fans at FreedomPop wireless witnessing the potential return of their favorite characters is continuously reaching new heights.

Tyrese Wants to Join Empire Cast

Over the past few month Fox’s popular hit show Empire has had everyone going crazy. From the moment in hit the air it started it’s steady climb to the top, and each week the rating for the show only grew. Fox exec Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG explained how great the ratings were and after just one episode the show was already approved for another 3 seasons and everyone who is anyone wanted to join the cast.

Empire is the story of a family at the very top of the music industry as they deal with all of the dysfunction that any family comes with. You have the parents who are at odds, a conflicted relationship between a father and his gay son, as well as two brothers just want to be recognized for their talents. The show stopper of course is Cookie Lyon (Taraji) the determined mother who is fresh out of her 17 year prison stay, back to get what is belongs to her. Watching Empire always takes fans back to the “Hustle and Flow” days especially since Taraji’s ex husband is played by Terrence Howard.

The chemistry between the two on screen is undeniable, however it also leaves some Baby Boy fans wishing that Tyrese had a shot on the show as well. In the minds of many fans, Tyrese married Taraji 14 years ago and they are living happily ever after as Jody and Yvette. Now Tyrese says he is actually interested in joining the show to give the fans what the reunion they have been craving.

Olivia Munn in For X-Men Apocalypse

Olivia Munn in For X-Men Apocalypse

Filming for X-Men: Apocalypse is supposed to begin at the end of April in and around Boraie Development . In the middle of film development, there is now more reason for fans to show excitement for this next movie.

Director Bryan Singer went to social media to formally announce that Olivia Munn is the newest member of the cast, and is set to play the mutant Psylocke in this latest installment in the X-Men movie franchise. This is the latest cast member announcement, in addition to casting Sophie Turner as a young Jean Grey, Landa Condor as Jubilee and Ben Hardy as Angel.

Munn, whose line of work includes being on Attack of the Show! and The Newsroom, has a longer acting resume than much of the cast in this movie, much like the character of Psylocke in this movie. In fact, she is supposed to be an independent player in the movie, though what filmmakers decide what to do with her in future projects is another big question.

One possible idea for Psylocke in future movies includes the potential for an X-Force movie. The ground work for that movie may start with the release of the Deadpool movie, featuring Ryan Reynolds as the lead role, combined with a Gambit solo movie that also comes out in 2016. What can be taken from this is that there and three X-Men movies slated for 2016.

Gale Gadot Gets Into Amazing Shape for Wonder Woman Role

Gal Gadot has released some new photos showing off her impressively lean and muscular physique. The actress had to work hard to get in shape for the role of Wonder Woman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and all my friends over at Amen Clinics can’t stop raving about her.

Reportedly, the producers of the film and the studio execs want their superheroes to look like MMA fighters. This is why both Batman and Superman are going to be noticeably bigger and more ripped than what we are previously accustomed to seeing on-screen with these two heroes.

Maybe after the film is released Gadot could try her hand at MMA?

She wouldn’t have time even if she wanted to. Right after completing this film, the actress will star in the Wonder Woman solo film. That means she isn’t going to be afforded any time off from the weights and treadmill. All that gym time is a must when an actor or actress’ dream to become an on-screen hero is about to come true.

Prior to the filming of The Punisher, Thomas Jane worked out a near ridiculous five hours a day in order to pack on the necessary muscle mass for the role. For Wolverine, Hugh Jackman, performed a grueling workout that helped him look like an amateur body builder.

Playing a superhero on film does mean you end up with fame that will last, well, forever. That is definitely going to provide inspiration for putting a lot of effort into scheduled gym time week after week.

Dr. Jonathan Veitch: a Force for Good

Becoming the president of Occidental College in July, 2009, was just the beginning for Jonathan Veitch. Dr. Veitch has a long and distinguished academic career leading up to his appointment as president of the Los Angeles based Occidental College.

Dr. Veitch is a California native, born in 1959 he attended Loyola High School in southern California prior to his acceptance to Stanford University. Here he graduated with a bachelor’s degree, which lead him to receive his doctoral degree in the history of American Civilization from Harvard University.

Following his graduation from Harvard, Dr. Veitch became a professor at the University of Wisconin and then a dean at the New School’s Eugene Lang College. This sterling career was highlighted by his appointment to president of Occidental College, but marked only the beginning to his dedication to education and serving the community.

Dr. Veitch has focused on improving relationships between the college and the community. In past years, local residents had to contend with parties at frat houses and other student homes. President Veitch has worked on expanding the campus in a manner that will allow the college to reuse some of the existing buildings. This will allow for a denser campus which could reduce the amount of disruptions that the local residences experience.

The vision of a well integrated college and community was highlighted on the first anniversary of Dr. Veitch’s presidency. Occidental university held a public forum for LA activists to share their visions for LA’s environmental future. This sort of dedication to the well being of the community as a whole typifies Dr. Veitch as a person. His feverish devotion to academia as well as his concern for the well being of his students is well tempered by his concern for society as a whole. His appointment as president simply highlights his capacity to be a force for good, and Occidental College will be the primary beneficiary of that drive.

Tom Rothman: Successor For Pascal?

Amy Pascal is one of the most well known women in Hollywood. Pascal has presided over many famous films, and she is respected by everyone who knows the movie business. When word of Pascal’s future departure in May got out, immediately everyone wondered who would be able to replace her. After all, she has grown to become great friends with people such as Will Smith, and has produced many great films including Spider Man. One name that keeps popping up to replace Pascal is Tom Rothman.

Rothman was let go from Fox studios after working with the company for nearly 20 years. In that time, he worked with director James Cameron on classic movies such as Titanic. Tom Rothman is also well liked by many people in Hollywood, has a vast network of supporters, and has great work experience in the television industry. Rothman’s vast experience makes him the heavy favorite to replace Pascal who was very successful in her own right.

Whenever a giant in an industry gets fired, moves, or retires, there is always a legitimate worry that they are going to leave a void that cannot be replaced. Amy Pascal has had a great career in Hollywood, has made great connections, and has been extremely successful in the industry. Pascal is considered a role model for many women, as she has continued to have success in a male dominated industry. However, Tom Rothman is among the leading candidates to replace Amy Pascal, according to an LA Times article, and some consider him the favorite. Rothman will have a great challenge in front of him to replace Pascal, but many feel like he is up to the challenge and will continue the success that Pascal started.

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