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Wengie Describes How to Make Money on YouTube


This video addresses the question of how much someone who uploads videos to YouTube gets paid for the videos that are viewed by the public. Wengie first talks about the misconceptions that a lot of viewers have that making money is easy when you use YouTube. She talks about how she has a degree in accounting and how she was able to land a full-time job as a social media consultant years ago, which in turn helped her to learn the ins and outs of YouTube videos.


Wengie stresses in this video that making money with your own YouTube videos is not as simple as you may think. It takes a whole lot of time not only making the videos to put up, but also editing, formatting, uploading and then sharing them to all of your separate social media accounts. This type of career means making bigger and better videos to keep the attention of your audience and to get the views you need.


While she doesn’t come right out and say how much she personally makes from her videos, Wengie does give a rough idea of the formula that YouTube uses to pay those who are in this field. The basic formula depends on the amount of views that each video gets and she states that not all views are even counted. While some videos could bring in $600, others could bring in thousands. However, there are many variables and she states that it is hard to give an exact figure.