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Aquaman and The Flash to Receive Cameos in Batman v. Superman

From day one it was revealed that Jason Momoa’s Aquaman would garner an appearance in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Batman v. Superman is intended to be the film that launches the D.C. Comics’ shared universe. This is why Wonder Woman gets a sizable role in the film. Now, word has it that The Flash (Yes, The Flash!) is going to get a cameo in the film as well.

Do not look for either Aquaman or The Flash to receive a lot of screen time says Madison Street Capital. Without going into much detail, the heroes are only given fleeting screen time. They are not going to receive a supporting actor role. Gale Gadot’s Wonder Woman, however, does play a major role in the film. This makes sense since the Wonder Woman solo film comes out right after D.C. Entertainment’s Suicide Squad film.

Establishing The Flash and Aquaman, even briefly, is important since they are going to both be a major part in the eventual Justice League movies. The Flash really does not need a lot of promotional help. The hit television series most assuredly has made “The World’s Fastest Superhero” a household name. Aquaman is pretty much a b-level hero and has been so since his debut decades ago.

Then again, so was Ant-Man and audiences are really anticipating the debut of that Marvel hero’s film. At this point, anything with a Marvel or D.C. superhero is bound to do good business.