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New Brazilian Authors That Inspire the World

Every country’s distinct way of expressing the uniqueness of their culture has, through centuries, been writing. Nothing has that kind of power; to break boundaries, to change minds or to destroy nations. Writing remained the world’s greatest weapon that can do what no other weapons can – spread ideas.

In modern time, it can be achieved not only through its tridimensional form – books, but it can have a more widespread and active approach – through its virtual dimension. New age brings us Internet writers, bloggers, dreamers, idea-makers, thinkers that enrich our virtual lives.

Modern Brazil has been growing stronger in its cultural influence and as it is a mixture of cultures, races and religions, it is also world’s true goldmine of literature. Widespread use of the Internet and the digital revolution overall, followed by a wave of translations to English, has put Brazil on the pedestal of contemporary writing and literature. This article aims to represent the inspiring new forces on the current Brazilian writing scene.
Vanessa Barbara, a journalist and a writer, published her book “Noites de alface” in 2013, which is a novel dealing with daily life and its difficulties. She is also the site editor for the A hortaliça, translator for Conapnhia das Letras and a columnist for few newspapers

Thais Herédia is a journalist with experience in economics and politics, and works as news editor for the TV Globo . Her opinion is highly respected, and she constantly publishes articles at G1-TV Globo portal.

Michel Laub is the author of five novels and won few prizes. His famous novel Diário da Queda is worth mentioning, since it portrays difficulties in the author’s life that affected every major change in his life.

Jaime Garcia Dias is a well-known journalist and blogger with growing influence and highly visited personal blog. His interests are economics, world politics, travel and health. If you are interested in some ecological subjects such as food waste, or health-related topics such as improving your diet, being active and lowering sugar intake, you should refer to his personal blog.

Ricardo Noblat is a former editor of few journals and is now a famous Brazilian journalist with his personal blog, Blog Do Noblat, on the internet site Globo. The blog has numerous politics-related articles that express the opinion and expertise of this respected author.

Unique Makeup By Doe Deere

Makeup is something that all women like to have on hand. Many women have a makeup collection that they keep in their homes. Other women have a traveling makeup case that they take with them when they are going to work or on a trip. However they store their makeup, they love using it to make themselves look prettier.

Makeup Cases For The Home

Vanities are nice places to store makeup. A vanity has a mirror that can be used for the application process too. Storing the makeup is easy when a woman uses small containers to separate the different types of makeup that she has.

Cases That Can Be Used To Put Makeup In When Traveling

There are all types of makeup cases that can be used for traveling. They come in all different shapes and sizes. A woman can also choose from a wide array of colors. Prices vary with these types of carrying cases. These cases usually have different compartments in them so women can separate their makeup so they can find it quicker. Most women shop a sale in order to get a great price on them, and they use coupons if they have them.

How Much Does Makeup Cost?

The cost for makeup depends on what brand a woman buys. It also depends on what type of makeup she is purchasing. Since she will have a wide choice to pick from, she will want to shop around until she finds the kind that she likes the best. When she wants to buy online, she may find that she can get some really great deals on makeup, especially if she buys in certain quantities.

What Brands Should A Woman Purchase?

This depends on what brand she likes. There are many different brands that she can pick from. Some women like to study the ingredients that are put into the different brands and that will give them a better idea of which brand they wish to go with.

Doe Deere Has Unique Makeup For Women

For women that are looking for a different brand of makeup, they can look into the Doe Deere brand. She has a line that includes makeup for eyes, lips and cheeks. They can add some of this to her makeup to their collection so they have even more to choose from.

Keeping makeup organized is a good idea. It’s important for a woman to know the makeup that she has on hand so she can use it on a regular basis.

Should Sony’s The Interview Be Pulled Due to Disrespect of World Leader?

The controversy continues over the release of Sony’s movie The Interview. In the latest round of the debate, President Obama is quoted saying, “I think they made a mistake”, based on the article Obama: Sony Made “A Mistake” President Obama expressed that he wants everyone to go to the movies and not let these computer hackers get the best of us.

However, despite all of the talk about forced censorship of the movie by these hackers, an insightful question remains. Shouldn’t everyone respect Sony’s decision to pull the plug on a movie that shows disrespect toward a political figure of another country?

 I thought Andrew Heiberger made an excellent point that he shared earlier on LinkedIn. His thoughts are that we, as Americans, take pride in our freedom of speech. Certainly, we want to be able to show artistic expression on many different topics.

However, is it in poor taste to show disrespect in a movie to world leaders such as North Korean leader Kim Jong-un? If another country made such a movie targeting our U.S. President, we would certainly want to take some form of action.

 Sony still wants to release the movie in some format other than through the movie theaters. Maybe one day we will see it on demand. Despite all the hecklers out there, Sony made the right decision for everyone’s safety. By chance, the moviemakers will have better insight going forward and leave out world leaders in satirical films.

Terry Richardson Creates Fashion Icons

Terry Richardson is a photographer that works in fashion to create new icons. The icons that come before his lens are often unknowns when he gets started with them, but he can create pictures that are going to make them look better than ever. The best way to make sure that people are enjoying the fashion world is to look through his pictures and learn how to spot the beauty in every photo.

His Style

The style of the pictures that come from Terry’s camera are often very different from the standard fare that people in fashion magazines. When Terry takes pictures for the leading magazines in the world, he creates spreads that are going to look better than anything else. These spreads make the clothes look great, but they make the models look even better. These styles change based on the clothing, but Terry is able to position the model in a way that makes them look like an icon, and that’s the reason that he’s worked so consistently for GQ.

The Longevity

The longevity of Terry’s career is something that has allowed him to adapt to all the different people in the industry. He has worked diligently to make sure that people are able to get the best pictures possible, and he has made sure that those same people are able to work with him again by finding the best way to make these pictures look their best.

The People

Terry Richardson is one of the most respected people in the fashion industry. Everyone who has worked with him wants to work with him again, and he has graced the covers of many fashion magazines over and over. He is familiar with the top of the fashion industry, and he has stayed there because he is connected with everyone in the industry. Not to mention working with major celebrities like Lady Gaga, for several photo books and even music videos.

Terry Richardson is one of the best people in the world to take fashion photos because he knows that people will love his photos. The icons that Terry creates change the fashion world with their incredible names and faces that everyone in the world is familiar with.