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Goettl Pushes For A New level Of Success Within Local Communities

The success of the Goettl brand in recent years has been down to the innovations of newly installed owner Ken Goodrich who has sought to become a major part of the local community in the areas served by the Goettl brand. The Goettl brand now understands the importance of involving the community in the work of Goettl as Ken Goodrich hopes to, once again, become a business that is looked to for local community leadership; technicians from Goettl recently provided an elderly local woman with a new HVAC unit to replace the outdated one she has been using for a number of years.


Goettl does not only look to aid its customers with service and maintenance of HVAC units and systems, but the company also seeks to develop a range of new systems that are impressive for their ability to save on utility bills for all customers. Ken Goodrich understands the history of Goettl’s success was always based on keeping customers as happy as possible, which is a tradition he has attempted to continue over the course of recent years with a major focus placed upon customer service over focusing on the individual profit made by each technician working for the brand.


The Goettl brand was established in 1939 by bothers Adam and Gust Goettl who had moved to Phoenix, Arizona in a bid to find success during the Great Depression; the development of HVAC technology by Goettl was so great that Ken Goodrich states his technicians are still servicing and repairing Goettl brand units manufactured over 30 years earlier.


Despite once holding more than 100 HVAC patents Goettl now focuses on bringing the best repair and servicing options to its customers who can be sure they will always be comfortable when their HVAC systems are cared for by Goettl brand technicians.


The Generosity of Geottl

Goettl is a company that specializes in air conditioning and has made a complete turnaround within the last five years due to the new ownership of the company that has emphasized the importance of customers service and helping the customer with any installment that is necessary. The current owner of this company is Ken Goodrich who is a well respected individual within the business industry and is known for owning many successful businesses. Mr. Goodrich has put in special time and effort into Goettl due to the fact that he has fond memories of working with his father within the air conditioning company.

Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber: Good Deed Brings Cool Relief

Ken Goodrich has emphasized the quality of customer service and how each customer should receive more than what they paid for. Though it is a business that is being run, Mr. Goodrich believes that the business should attract loyal customers and that the business should offer the finest quality products and services at the best possible price that does not break the bank. Goettl Air Conditioning now offers some of the finest customer service within this industry and offers high quality installments that even require pictures to be taken of the installation to prove that the installment is worthy of the company name. The customer service now also includes a free checkup where the professional checks on the installment to make sure that it is working properly.

Though Ken Goodrich is running a successful business, he also a prominent member of the community who also wants to make space for Goettl to be a member of the community. In recent news, Goettl has given back to a particular woman who is 94 years of age and lives in Nevada. This woman currently lives in a small home with only two small units keeping her cool that have recently died. With no other options and no other payment method from her already limited social security, Jean Jackson was forced to endure the heat until Goettl came to the rescue.

As a member of the community, this business wanted to give back and to prevent Jean Jackson from suffering. Heat, especially in Nevada during the summertime, is something that has been found to be harmful to the body and to the mind. As a result, Goettl installed a new system within the home of Jean Jackson that was free of charge despite the worth of the installment which was found to be $14,000 total.