Eric Pulier Demonstrates How Technology and Culture Can Work Together

Technology is capable of some amazing things. But many people forget that this is only possible when guided by equally amazing people. Technology in and of itself isn’t just a tool, it’s a static one which won’t move forward. It’s only through motivated entrepreneurship that technology can enable new and amazing things. And one of the best examples of this ideal can be found with Eric Pulier.

Pulier’s talents can be seen from an early age. He was born into a time when computers were still fairly rare. But he still saw the potential in them. Even as a young man in high school he was able to leverage this new technology to make a profit. And that trend would continue throughout his life. It’s simply that the means by which this was accomplished would change.

Perhaps the biggest impact on Pulier’s life can be seen in a field that might not seem to have much in common with technology. When he went on to Harvard his studies would lead him to a focus in English and American Literature. And this is what really makes Pulier such a force to be reckoned with in the tech industry. He has a focus which covers the entire world. He’s not developing technology simply for the sake of technology. Instead he has a viewpoint more aligned with futurism. When he looks at technology he sees a way to move society into a better place.

This is also one of the reasons why so much of his work has focused on medical technology and education. In fact, his very first commercial push after graduation came from the founding of a medicine and education centered company. He quickly brought this company, People Doing Things, into commercial success. This also marked a turning point in Pulier’s life. He saw that one could take a great idea, nurture it into success, and then allow it to grow under new leadership. This would give him the chance to pursue multiple dreams without being tied down by any single success.

Pulier, like many other great minds, had a multitude of different ideas on how to improve the world. By acting as a venture capitalist and entrepreneur he’s been able to help multiple ideas flourish into their full potential. While at the same time being free to continue his inspirational journey into new successes and ideas. And this demonstrates how great minds are able to not only move technology forward, but society as a whole.

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