Rocketship Education: Personalizing Learning

Rocketship school is a public school that was started in a church in California. The school has made tremendous efforts towards improving its services to the community. The school has learned ten lessons during their first decade. These lessons are as highlighted below.

For starters, personalized learning begins at home. The school was able to extract a lot of headlines in their growing period since they are the pioneers of this system. The school advocates for the great use of technology to aid better learning. However, the school believes there’s more than technology in learning. The school has achieved much by changing the standard form of the student in a teacher’s classroom to a teacher in a student’s home. The teachers, students, and parents have been bound together by a stronger relationship as a result of these home visits.

Breaking the dynamic form is not easy, and the school needs to initiate more demand. The school is under pressure to build a K-12 system. A lot of parents and people funding have made this proportion putting the institute into a temptation. However, the school is hesitant since it feels hard to see their students leave in fifth grade without having any solid plans for the future which is undermining to their future. Rocketship school invests more in creating demand.

Rocketship recognizes the force of parents in running the school. A parent leadership program was initiated to help parents express their political, leadership, and accountability views. This program is tailored to help deliver quality public school systems. Also, the school believes diversion of teachers creates culturally responsive learning. All students despite their ethnicity are welcomed at Rocketship education.

The school has learned that personal conviction is the best measure of determination. Preston Smith, the co-founder, also has his two kids attending the school. Doing so was an act of self-belief in the great performance of the institution. Many parents have brought their kids as a result. Moreover, the school believes the meaningful inclusion of all kids is the best way to serve society. The school created a program for kids with disabilities.

Learning never stops. Rocketship education helps students to set weekly goals and consistent learning. The school has also learned to create a continuous learning tradition by involving teachers of the same mindset. The school is strengthening its tradition and improving the student’s performance. Also, teamwork is a great tool in moon shooting their program. Lastly, every stakeholder must take pride being in a public school to revitalize education.

Rocketship Education is a chartered school in California. It was founded by Preston Smith and John Danner in 2007. The school offers elementary education and serves middle-income communities. The school is steering a powerful movement in the community to transform the community into a land of fortunes.

George Soros Voicing Opinions That Matters and Shapes a Better Tomorrow

George Soros is one of the wealthiest men on the planet with the fortune of over $25 billion. Over the years, George Soros has been able to make a name for himself as a political activist, thought leader, author, businessman, political contributor, lobbyist, and philanthropist. He is also one of the greatest philanthropists to have walked on the planet and has given away a total of $12 Billion till date for various charitable causes. The best part is that his philanthropic efforts are not limited to one cause or one region or country, but engulfs the entire planet. The charitable foundation that he started by the name of Open Society Foundation looks for opportunities to not only the United States but across the globe, where they can make a difference. It is partnered and associated with hundreds of international and local charities working round the clock to make a positive difference in the regions they serve and what George Soros knows.

Even when George Soros is in his late eighties, he continues to be an active political commentator, speaker, businessman, and a philanthropist. He keeps a close watch on what is happening in our society and doesn’t pull back on giving his comments over it, even if the power that doesn’t like what he stands for. George Soros has seen the world transform right in front of his eyes and living through both the World Wars has given him a political perspective that only a few people today can boast of having and read full aritlce. George Soros aims to build a world that is fair, just, and equal for all, irrespective of what color their skin is or what community or country they belong to. George Soros also believes that basic needs like food and education should be the right of the people and the governments should form policies that take care of the marginalized section of the society and learn more about George Soros.

George Soros is the man who helped provide education to thousands of black students during apartheid in South Africa and continues to fund the education of thousands of students from across the globe who cannot afford it due to lack of financial resources. George Soros believes that education is the best gift one can give as it would help in transforming theirs and their communities’ future and Follow him George has been vocal about supporting the Democratic causes from the very beginning and funds the democratic leaders financially, and it is why he is often termed as the bogeyman by the right-wing party. George Soros recently announced that it would be supporting the businesses started by the immigrants, minorities, and the refugees financially and has pledged to give $500 million for the cause. George Soros believes that it would help them in transforming their dreams into reality and support the country’s economy as well in the future and more information click here.

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The Importance of a Picture on Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble App

The most important factor in finding a date is in the photo. For people who are hoping to sell themselves without a photo for whatever reason, this is not going to work. For one thing, many people are going to think something is not right with the profile. They need to know that the person they are talking to is an actual person. For one thing, it does seem dishonest to not upload a photo on a dating app. Even with a full profile with paragraphs worth of information, a lack of picture can cause people to back away from it.

This is not to say that a picture is automatically going to get attention. The best thing to do is be creative with the picture that one is taking so that he will give off more of a hint of his personality. Also, make sure that it is a good picture. Consider it like meeting a person offline. It is important to to make sure that a good first impression is being given. After all, a person that takes a lot of pride in how he looks is going to give off the message that he cares about himself and encourages others to care about him as well.

All of the above is important for Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble app as well. Whtiney Wolfe has designed her Bumble app for women to use in order to initiate with others that they are interested in. Men are not allowed to initiate an interaction with a woman. However, they can talk to another man.

Whitney Wolfe has gone on to expand her Bumble app to include other purposes. One of the purposes behind the expansion is for women to make friends with one another. Another purpose to look at is the BIZZ app for women who want to be entrepreneurs or are looking for a way to find work. Whitney Wolfe has shown that she is very passionate about helping women in more ways than just getting them into relationships. Whitney Wolfe is not only an innovative entrepreneur but also a good role model for women.

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Academy of Art University is Taking Art to the Next Level

Last month the School of Fashion, which is affiliated with the Academy of Arts University, held their annual fashion show at the Skylight Fashion Square during New York Fashion Week. What makes this even a one-of-a-kind event is that attendees get to take a look at new talent showcasing their creations. Students from around the globe, from China to Maine and other places in between, ten graduates showed off their products. These included five womenswear lines, two menswear lines, and two collaborations. Some of the more well-known talents who showed their creations include Sara Kozlowski and Ms. J Alexander. Sara is the Director of Education and Professional Development at CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America).

For the students who showcased their designs, this event is obviously a big deal. All the work they have done throughout their stay at the university comes down to the 15-minute presentation they did at the fashion show. The event was broadcast via live stream which meant that people from around the world were also able to see it. Jayne Foster, the Graduate Director at the university put it best when she said that “These are the designers who will inspire and lead the next generation of creatives”.

The Academy of Arts University was founded way back in 1929, in San Francisco. The university is located in an area with many things to do nearby. It is one of the oldest and largest institutions of its kind. The college boasts over 12,000 students and employs approximately 1,300 teachers. The university is not a state university, it is run as a for-profit institution. The college was first founded by an artist and magazine editor named Richard Stephens.

The sheer number of creative courses available under one roof makes this place a unique institution. Whether it is fine arts or film and fashion or landscape architecture, architecture or acting, students can find a wide range of creative disciplines to choose from. For those of you who may not be able to attend a classroom, there is always the option of taking online courses as well. Associates, Bachelors and Masters degrees are available wherever applicable. The school motto ” Built by artists for artists” best describes the Academy of Arts University.

Find them on Twitter at @academy_of_art

Eric Pulier Demonstrates How Technology and Culture Can Work Together

Technology is capable of some amazing things. But many people forget that this is only possible when guided by equally amazing people. Technology in and of itself isn’t just a tool, it’s a static one which won’t move forward. It’s only through motivated entrepreneurship that technology can enable new and amazing things. And one of the best examples of this ideal can be found with Eric Pulier.

Pulier’s talents can be seen from an early age. He was born into a time when computers were still fairly rare. But he still saw the potential in them. Even as a young man in high school he was able to leverage this new technology to make a profit. And that trend would continue throughout his life. It’s simply that the means by which this was accomplished would change.

Perhaps the biggest impact on Pulier’s life can be seen in a field that might not seem to have much in common with technology. When he went on to Harvard his studies would lead him to a focus in English and American Literature. And this is what really makes Pulier such a force to be reckoned with in the tech industry. He has a focus which covers the entire world. He’s not developing technology simply for the sake of technology. Instead he has a viewpoint more aligned with futurism. When he looks at technology he sees a way to move society into a better place.

This is also one of the reasons why so much of his work has focused on medical technology and education. In fact, his very first commercial push after graduation came from the founding of a medicine and education centered company. He quickly brought this company, People Doing Things, into commercial success. This also marked a turning point in Pulier’s life. He saw that one could take a great idea, nurture it into success, and then allow it to grow under new leadership. This would give him the chance to pursue multiple dreams without being tied down by any single success.

Pulier, like many other great minds, had a multitude of different ideas on how to improve the world. By acting as a venture capitalist and entrepreneur he’s been able to help multiple ideas flourish into their full potential. While at the same time being free to continue his inspirational journey into new successes and ideas. And this demonstrates how great minds are able to not only move technology forward, but society as a whole.

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