Norman Pattiz’ Announcement of the New Show, All of The Above With Norman Lear

The entertainment industry is replete with rich history, culture and monumental moments. In the past, there were the great shows that feature the legendary entertainers of the world, with Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole making in the list. One of the enjoyable, entertaining and fascinating entertainment legends today is the World War II veteran and director, Norman Lear. He is also a producer of many stunning sitcoms in the past, and right now his fans will certainly enjoy the news that he is going to make a podcast show to create an avenue for him to share his stories.


In the article from Yahoo Finance, PodcastOne Founder and Executive Powerhouse Chairman Norman Pattiz finally announced that Norman Lear, the star of many great movies, will now helm the podcast show All of the Above with Norman Lear. The show will be a vibrant avenue for him and his fans to share stories, conversation, music and politics, and everything else that Normal Lear wants to share to the world. His wisdom has a lot to offer to his listeners, and with the help of his sidekick that will partner him in the show, Mr. Paul Hipp, he can truly entertain a lot of listeners.


This show has seen a lot of following already, with celebrities like Amy Poehler and America Ferrera as the show’s previous hosts.


About Norman Pattiz

The show with Norman Lear wouldn’t have been possible without the skillset and passion of PodcastOne’s Founder Norman Pattiz, who is the man who makes sure that people enjoy quality content from his podcasts.


He also makes sure that all the content he offers gets filled with in-depth wisdom and material that not only helps people go through their mornings with delight but also educate them with the aid of the knowledge of celebrities. All of these wonderful content is made possible because of Pattiz’ more than forty years of radio syndication experience.


It’s also worth noting that Norman Pattiz is the founder who is responsible for the growth and improvement of Westwood One. It is today America’s most ominous distributor and producer of sports and entertainment media. Westwood One is also the umbrella media network that handles a lot of media channels in the U.S., which include CBS News, Mutual Broadcasting System, March Madness and Summer Olympic Games. Learn more:


With Norman Pattiz’ leadership, many of today’s great entertainment continue to delight viewers and listeners in almost all the broad aspects of the entertainment industry. Pattiz also founded Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010.



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